15 Best Law Firm Website Examples with Cool Design 2023 

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Are you looking for law firm website examples to build one for yourself or your client? Look no further; we’ve got you covered!  

The law firm website’s design can be helpful in turning website visitors into clients. Also, it’s important to showcase your previous accomplishments, skills, and services effectively. 

However, before designing your website, it’s necessary to examine the most successful law firm websites currently in use. 

Thus, this article presents a selection of the finest law firm website designs to help inspire you to create your own distinctive site. 

So, let’s get started!  

What are the Must-Have Features of a Law Firm Website? 

Before we get into our list of law firm website examples, let’s explore what a law firm website should have.  

Here’re some of the important features a law firm website must possess: 

  • Clear and User-friendly Navigation: A law firm site must have straightforward and user-friendly navigation. It helps visitors quickly find the information they’re looking for. 
  • Appointment: It lets your client or new visitors book an appointment with the available lawyers within the available time slot.
  • Testimonial Section: It shows how you served your past clients and to what extent they were satisfied with your service. This leaves a good impression on potential clients.
  • Portfolio of Lawyer: Displaying lawyer profiles and achievements lets your audience know about each lawyer in your firm before choosing one for their case.
  • Contact Information: A contact form or a contact number helps your audience to ask queries and communicate with you.  

Having said that, let’s find out which website got into our list of the best law firm website designs. 

15 Best Law Firm Website Examples with Cool Design

1. Axiom Law   

Axiom Law has multiple practice areas such as technology, financial services, life sciences, industrials, and consumer services.  

The site has a modern and highly professional design. It mostly has black, grey, and white colors for the background and fonts.  

Axiom Law

By the way, you can also easily change the fonts of your website. 

Similarly, the buttons and other icons of the Axiom Law have some orange accents. Its layout is clean and straightforward, with clear navigation.  

It has placed the phone number and sign-in button at the top of the home page. The home page also has a section to display lawyers’ profiles and a contact form. 

Overall, the design is professional, clean, and well-organized, reflecting the company’s innovative and modern approach to law practice. 

You can also build such a law firm website using the Zakra theme and its demo Law Firm.  

2. GJEL Accident Attorneys   

As the name suggests, GJEL Accident Attorneys looks after cases of accidents.  

The design of the website is clean, modern, and visually appealing. The website features a responsive design, making it easily accessible across all screen sizes. 

GJEL Accident Attorneys

The website’s homepage features a large header image. It also has a call-to-action button inviting visitors to call for a consultation.  

The sticky header is well-organized, with clear and concise navigation, allowing visitors to easily access information about the firm’s services, testimonials, blog, etc. 

If you want a similar design for your law firm website, you can use the theme Spacious and its demo Spacious Pro Lawyer.   

3. Becket   

Becket is a website that protects religious freedom for all individuals and organizations, regardless of their faith tradition.  

Becket One of the Best Law Firm Website Examples

The homepage’s header features its logo banner and highlights the organization’s cases, areas of practice, research central, legal hub, and more. 

It also features a section showcasing the cases it has worked. The website has a fresh design with a simple color scheme dominated by shades of blue and white.  

4. Weightmans

The service areas of Weightmans are environment, education, emergency services, finance, healthcare, social housing, and so on.  

Weightmans has relatively large fonts and a header on its website. It has placed the client login, event, products, contact, and a search bar at the top.  

Weightmans One of the Best Law Firm Website Examples

The body part starts with the background image and a call-to-action button in its foreground. It directs to the page showing the services. 

It also has a section for displaying news and social updates. Besides, it uniquely displays the cookies setting icon at the bottom-left corner.  

5. Groom Law Group   

Groom Law Group is a law firm that serves employers’ sponsors, health services, retirement services, litigation, and policy. 

It has a sleek, modern, and easy-to-navigate design focusing on a user-friendly interface. The site has a video background below the header. 

Groom Law Group

Also, the header has menus like Services, Attorneys & Professionals, and so on. The other menus are placed under the hamburger menu. 

A section as Resources is also available that displays the events, news, and publications. The footer has a few social icons and a call-to-action button to sign up for their newsletter.  

6. Gair Gair Conason   

Gair Gair Conason has some of the finest attorneys that advocate on the case of personal injury.  

The website seems greatly professional with a large picture of lawyers together. It displays the award and the recognition in a slider.  

Gair Gair Conason

Further, it has several small sections lying vertically on the right side. It consists of a few YouTube videos, a section displaying location, contact details, and so on. 

Along with that, the homepage also displays the blog, client reviews, and a large footer. It also has embedded a Google Map just above the footer, showing the location. 

7. Chudnovsky Law   

Chudnovsky Law has experienced attorneys fighting for the case of criminal defense and professional license defense.  

Its website provides a clear and concise overview of the company’s services and expertise through the website. The homepage portrays everything about the firm.  

Chudnovsky Law

The use of black and white images, minimalist typography, and a consistent color palette contribute to a professional appearance. 

Also, the strategic placement of phone numbers with calls-to-action ensures a positive user experience. In addition, it has social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and more.  

Create a similar law firm website using Flash theme and its demo Flash Pro Lawyer  

8. Much   

Much is another law firm that serves a large number of sectors like class action defense, construction, commercial litigation, private equity, and more.  

Much’s unique layout slides the website horizontally to display other sections as you scroll down. It also has a stylish hamburger menu in the header.  


Likewise, the search button is placed as a pop-up from the right side. Although the design seems unique, the website is easy to navigate. 

It’s one of the best law firm website examples to refer to. You can also play around with the menus and other stuff to experience the design.  

9. Bend Law Group   

Bend Law Group’s focus is on the areas of general counsel, funding and investment, and intellectual property.  

It has a pleasing design. The transparent header has a giant firm name and a phone number just below it.  

Bend Law Group

The homepage contains minimal stuff like a background image, its publication, a small section describing itself, and a footer.  

The primary color scheme is predominantly black and blue, with white color fonts. Moreover, it includes additional pages such as services, clients, blogs, press, and so on.  

10. Goodwin   

Goodwin’s expertise lies in life sciences, private equity, real estate, technology, financial services, and additional industries like healthcare.  

Its minimalist layout prioritizes ease of use and readability with a white color theme. The background pattern is also quite elegant with the block patterns.  

Goodwin One of the Best Law Firm Website Examples

The homepage features a large search button in the middle of the page to help visitors search for the services.  

It also has a pentagon shape design inside which the firm’s services are placed. You’ll see its description on the left side as you hover over it.  

The footer is simple, with the subscribe button and links to other pages and social platforms.  

11. Kanoski Bresney   

Kanoski Bresney’s practice areas are personal injury and workers’ compensation.  

The website mainly uses a combination of red and black colors. It looks like a magazine style-website with this color combination.   

Kanoski Bresney

The website’s name and contact number are placed at the top, so that it’s clearly visible to anyone. Besides, the call-to-action buttons like contact, chat, and live help pop up from all sides. 

It also has sections displaying FAQs, featured blogs, free case evaluations, and more.  

To design a similar kind of law firm website, you can use the Astra theme. It has a demo as an Injury and Accident Lawyer

12. YLaw   

YLaw is a group of family lawyers that serves for various family matters. However, it also provides legal services for corporations, immigration, and so on. 

YLaw features a transparent, sticky header with menus representing their lawyers, services, locations, blog, and payments.   


The home page has a stunning picture of the lawyers and a section explaining their services. It also has a section showing the initial consultation fees of the lawyers.  

Further, you can find a button to book the appointment, followed by some testimonials. The footer has its phone number in a large font.  

Zakra theme also has a similar type of design in its demo Lawyer. You can easily import and use it to create your law firm website.  

13. Levine Family Law Group   

Levine Family Law Group serves as mediation, full representation, legal coaching, second opinions to hire an attorney, and so on. 

Besides, it has one of the best law firm website designs. It has a soft mint color theme giving a soothing vibe.  

Levine Family Law Group

It has also placed marriage, divorce, and family icons, representing their services. Scrolling down the home page, you’ll see a series of boxes with snippets of articles.  

Below the blog sections, there is a section showing the reviews. And on the footer, it has clearly shown the contact number and mailing address.   

14. Locks Law Firm    

Locks Law Firm solves cases involving trauma to benzene exposure, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and nursing home abuse and neglect.  

The website has a full-width background above which lies the website’s content. The header has a large number of navigation menus.  

Locks Law Firm

It also has a form for a free case evaluation. Below is a section of the latest news and their practice areas. 

Meanwhile, the website also embeds a YouTube video from the client, talking about their experience with the firm. The footer is all about the contact information. 

15. FMBK Law  

Lastly, we have FMBK Law as one of the law firm’s website examples. It serves as family law, civil litigation, probate and trust litigation, and estate planning.  

It has different background images across the home page, over which the content overlays.  

FMBK Law One of the Best Law Firm Website Examples

Besides, it also has a section displaying its areas of expertise and about the firm. In addition, it has a unique way of displaying lawyers’ profiles with hover effects.  

As you click on their profile, you’ll see information like name, sector, and email address. Also, it has a link to view the profile that directs to the lawyer’s profile page.  

The footer of the site is simple with copyright info.  

How to Create Your Law Firm Website? (Using Zakra) 

With all these law firm website examples, you might wonder how to create a similar one. Here’s how.  

First, you must choose a website-building platform to create your law firm’s website. There’re multiple platforms like WordPress, Wix, Webflow, and so on. 

Here, we’ve chosen WordPress. It’s because WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform for creating any website without requiring coding knowledge.  

WordPress Banner

If you’re unsure about using WordPress, you can read our article on whether WordPress is good for a business website or not

It also offers multiple WordPress themes for the law firm. Similarly, it also provides multiple WordPress plugins to extend the functionality of your WordPress site.  

You can choose a suitable theme and start creating a law firm website. In this tutorial, we’ll be using the Zakra theme. 

Zakra Theme

Zakra is a multipurpose WordPress theme suitable for almost every kind of website. It offers multiple demos that are easy for customization.  

It also has templates designed for law firms and lawyers that you can use to create a law firm website.  

Step 1: Buy a Domain Name and a Hosting Service  

First, you need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar. You can choose the registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy, and so on. 


After that, you must buy a hosting service from the hosting company.

You can choose WordPress hosting services from reliable and trustworthy companies like SiteGround, Bluehost, and so on.  


As you buy the hosting services, it automatically installs WordPress for you. And even if your hosting service doesn’t have such features, it’s easy to install WordPress manually.  

By the way, many of the hosting services also provide a free domain name for the first year. So, choose the hosting service wisely.  

Step 2: Install and Activate Zakra Theme 

The next step is installing the WordPress law firm theme. As mentioned above, we’re using Zakra in this tutorial.  

For that, log in to your WordPress dashboard through the login URL and use the login credentials.  

By default, your WordPress website will have a default theme installed. So, you have to change the theme

Thus, to install and activate the Zakra theme, follow our tutorial.  

As you activate the theme, import the demo for the law firm’s website. As said earlier, it has useful templates such as Law Firm and Lawyer

Zakra Law Firm Demo Site

Now, import any of the demos using the ThemeGrill demo importer plugin. For your convenience, we also have a guide on importing the demo site.  

Step 3: Customize the Zakra Theme 

One of the features of the Zakra theme is it’s highly customizable. So, you can start giving your personal touch to your law firm.  

To start customizing the theme, from your dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Customize.  

Navigate to Appearance and Customize

You can change your post layout, create a custom homepage, and do many more things.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide to customize the Zakra theme.  

Step 4: Publish Your Law Firm Website 

You can create new posts or pages as you finish setting up your site and customize the theme.

And if you’re satisfied with all the changes, you can publish your law firm’s website.  

That’s all! For a more detailed guide, follow our article on how to create a WordPress website.  

Wrapping It Up! 

That’s all from us on law firm website examples. We’re confident that the article gave you a lot of insights into what kind of design you could adopt for your law firm’s website.  

After analyzing the above design, we can conclude that the law firm’s website should be designed to display its contact information clearly. 

Growing your client or customer through a website can be a breakthrough for your business. You just need to get the correct design.  

And for that, WordPress has made everything easier. You can instantly create any kind of website, including a website for a law firm.  

So, choose a theme like Zakra and create your law firm website in WordPress. You can customize the theme for any design without requiring any designer by your side. 

For more such articles, visit our blog page. We have articles like WordPress security checklists, removing theme names from the footer, and many more.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates about our company and WordPress-related products.  

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.
15 Best Law Firm Website Examples with Cool Design 2023 

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