Free vs. Pro

Boost your site with Premium features integrating Zakra Pro Addon.

Premium Support
Spacing (Margin and Padding)LIMITED
Hook For Developers
WooCommerce Compatible
Page Builder Support
Gutenberg Compatible
Dynamic Customizable Areas (Menu, Widget, Text/HTML)46
Widgets Area (Sidebar)1214
Load Google Font Locally
Header FeaturesFreePro
Sticky Header
Transparent Header
Header Buttons12
Customizable Header Top Bar (Menu, Widget, Text/HTML)
Header Top Bar Layouts and Styling OptionsLIMITED
Header Top bar (Full Width)
Header Top bar (Responsive Visibility)
Header Main Area Layouts35
Header Main Area Mobile Layouts
Header Main Area (Full Width)
Header Main Area Styling OptionsLIMITED
Header Media Position and Visibility
Mobile Logo and Size
Mobile Header Button
Footer FeaturesFreePro
Widget Areas
Footer Widgets Layouts411
Footer Widgets Styling OptionsLIMITED
Footer Copyright
Scroll to TopLIMITED
WooCommerce Elements Styling
Related Products
Dedicated LayoutsLIMITED
Dedicated SidebarsLIMITED
Widgets Optimized
Product Catalog
Shop Filters
Enable / Disable Add to Cart Checkout Panel
Product Result Count
Sales Badge Customization and Styles
Product Layouts
Related Products Customization
Product Image Size Customization
Enable/Disable Product Elements (Title, Rating etc)
Sales Badge Customization and Styles
Menu FeaturesFreePro
Menu Styling Option
Dropdown Menu Styling Options
Mobile Menu Layout and Styling Options
Container LayoutFreePro
Container, Content and Sidebar width
Grid Layout
Masonry Layout
Thumbnail Layout (Normal / Alternative)
Thumbnail Image Size
Post Styling Options
Excerpt Length
Excerpt More Text
Read More Position
Read More Layout23
Read More Styles
Post Pagination Styles
Post Author Bio
Related Posts
Meta Layout22
Breadcrumbs and Page Header OptionsLIMITED
Post Content and Meta Order
Infinite Scroll Pagination
Layout (Sidebar)FreePro
Centered (No Sidebar)
Left Sidebar
Right Sidebar
Full Width
Unique Layout for Page, Archive, Post
Unique Layout for Category, Tag, 404, Search Page
Unique Layout for WooCommerce PagesLIMITED
Global StylingFreePro
Base Colors
Link StylingLIMITED
Button StylingLIMITED
Site Identity
Google Fonts
Font Weight
Font Size
Line Height
Base TypographyLIMITED
Site Title and Tagline Typography
Primary Menu Typography
Widgets TypographyLIMITED
Headings Tag Typography
Mobile Menu Typography
Header Buttons Typography
Blog Posts TypographyLIMITED
Post Meta Typography
Page SettingsFreePro
Layout (Sidebar)
Custom Sidebar Widgets
Container, Content and Sidebar Width
Transparent Header
Header Main Area LayoutsLIMITED
Header Top Bar LayoutsLIMITED
Primary Menu Layouts and Styling OptionsLIMITED
Page Header / Breadcrumbs Layouts and Styling Options
Footer Widgets Area Layouts and Styling Options
Footer Bottom Bar Layouts and Styling Options

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