How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress? (Step by Step)

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Would you like to create a contact form in WordPress?

But as we know WordPress does not have a contact form onboard by default. To set up a contact form on your WordPress site you can search for a suitable WordPress contact form plugin and install it right away.

Why Create A Contact Form in WordPress?

If we were to say you absolutely need a contact form, then that would be a lie. Your website can be informative and thus have absolute added value for you, your company and your users. And all that without a contact form.

However, including contact forms in your WordPress site is a bonus for you and for your users.

With a contact form, you take the hurdle of giving users of your website important feedback, booking an appointment with you or inquiring about a product. It’s a way that your website visitors can easily connect with you.

Very few will look for your e-mail address under your contact details and write you an e-mail.

In addition, users probably not only express feedback, but also wishes and thus have the opportunity to contact you directly and easily if there are any problems.

So having a contact form is a win-win situation.

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress?

In this article, we want to introduce the easy drag-and-drop form builder “Everest Form”.

It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for contact forms. It has already been downloaded over 100k times on WordPress to integrate forms into websites.

It is easy to use, individually expandable, and free of charge. You can also purchase premium add ons for more styling and features.

create a contact form in wordpress

Install the Plugin

You can install this plugin on your site by logging into your WordPress dashboard and going to Plugins »Add New.

Search for “Everest Forms”. To download and install the plugin select “Install” and the plugin will be downloaded and installed.

Of course, there are other ways to install a WordPress plugins but this is the most easiest one of all.

Create and Edit the Form in WordPress

After the installation, you’ll find the new menu item “Everest Forms” in the WordPress dashboard. You can select “Add New” which leads you to a series of both free and paid templates.

Next, you can either edit the standard form according to your wishes or create a new WordPress contact form with fields under “Start From Scratch”.

Here we have selected “Simple Contact Form” for this tutorial. After selecting a template you can see various options fields which you can simply drag and drop and place it in your form.

Incase if you want to change Field label, Meta Key and Description etc you can go to Field options and change it according to your preference.

Change the Form Settings

Everest Forms provides General and Email Settings for each form. To change the settings you can click on the Settings tab next to the Fields tab.

In General, you can change form name, submission message, layout, redirection, enable anti-spam honeypot, enable ajax form submission etc.

For more details on this settings for general, you can visit this documentation page of Everest Forms.

Below General you can see settings for Email. There you can find various settings for sending email notifications for your form. Again for more detailed instructions, you can visit this link.

After all the changes are made through settings, click on SAVE.

Embed the Form in the Article or Post

Once your form has been created, you can embed the form into article or post. To create a contact page, firstly go to Pages on WordPress Dashboard, from there Add New. Afterwards, you can see a new page has been created. Click on the Add Block icon. You can search for Everest Forms in the search bar. Or you can find Everest forms in the widget section.

On the drop-down menu “Select a Form” you can see the form that you earlier customized. Just choose your form and that’s it. Your contact page is all set to be to embed in your site.

Accordingly, best part of Everest Forms is that it allows you to add your contact form by using shortcodes. To add a form through shortcodes, first, go to Everest Forms>>All Forms and copy the shortcode of your contact form.

create a contact form in wordpress with shorcodes

After that, go to your editor and click on the “Add block” icon. You can search for the Shortcode block and paste the shortcode that you copied earlier. Now you can see that your form isn’t visible in the editor but do not worry, you can see your contact form displayed perfectly in the frontend.

In the end, the final result will look something like this. If you want you can always change the styling and add other elements as per your requirements.

And that’s it, your contact form is all ready .


Creating and integrating a WordPress contact form creates an absolute win-win situation. Don’t miss this one. We chose Everest Forms because we simply think it’s best.

Incase, if you want to check and try other contact form plugins then you can check this article which is as good as Everest Forms.

You have many options to edit and design the forms. However, if you integrate a contact form into your WordPress site, make sure to answer the inquiries promptly. Because good customer service is always good for your business!

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How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress? (Step by Step)


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