How to Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer? 

Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer

Wondering how to remove theme name from WordPress footer? If so, you’ve landed on the right page, as in this article, we’ll talk about different methods to do so. 

While you use a WordPress theme to build a WordPress site, it usually comes with a copyright footer that includes the theme’s name. And there might be times that you wish to use your own footer or just remove the theme’s name.   

Thus, this article discusses 3 different methods to remove the theme name from the WordPress theme. 

Let’s get started! 

Is it Legal to Remove Copyright Information from WordPress Footer? 

Yes! It’s legal to remove the copyright footer from the WordPress theme. Since WordPress is an open-source platform licensed under GNU-GPL License, it’s free to use, modify, distribute, and redistribute. 

WordPress Banner

That means you can make any changes in the header, footer, or any pages of your WordPress site. WordPress doesn’t consider that as breaking any law or illegal. Hence, you can legally modify the WordPress themes and templates.  

However, you should back up your WordPress site using backup plugins before making any changes. That makes it easy to restore your site even if you make any mistake while removing the theme name from the footer. 

The theme name appears in the website’s footer along with other copyright information. It gives the audience idea about the theme you have used for creating the site.  

If you’re using default WordPress themes like Twenty-Twenty-Three, you might find a copyright saying, “Proudly Powered by WordPress”. While for other themes, you might see the theme name or the company that built the theme. And it’s legal to remove Proudly Powered by WordPress and the theme name.

Before we discuss how to remove theme name from WordPress footer, let’s briefly talk about why it is necessary to remove it. 

Why is it Necessary to Remove Copyright Footer from WordPress Theme? 

As WordPress offers many themes for you to use on your website, there’s nothing wrong with using them. But it’s also not compulsory to flaunt the theme you’ve used to build your WordPress website. As a sense of credit, you might not remove it, but there are a lot of advantages of removing the theme name. 

Let’s look at a few of them: 

  • To Create your brand presence: While going online with your business, the sole focus should be promoting your brand rather than the theme provider. So, remove the theme name to help visitors be familiar with your business and not other brands.  
  • For Personalization: Removing the copyright footer from the WordPress theme allows you to create a customized look. So, your audience recognizes your brand instead of the theme company.  
  • To maintain professionalism: Your site looks more professional if you add your custom link on the footer without the theme name. 
  • For security: Removing the theme name from the footer lessens the chances of hackers breaking into your site since they won’t know that your site is built on WordPress.

With that said, let’s look at the ways to remove theme name from WordPress footer.

How to Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer? 

Many of you might be unaware of the fact that you could remove the theme name from the WordPress footer. While some might’ve tried removing the theme name from the website’s footer, but couldn’t do it.

Well, there are three different methods to do so easily. Let’s look at those methods: 

Method 1: Remove the Theme Name from WordPress Footer Through Customization 

The first method to remove the theme name from the WordPress footer is by using the Customization tool. The tool is available on your WordPress dashboard. We’ll also show you a step-by-step process to use the tool.  

To demonstrate this method, we’ll be using the Zakra theme.  

Zakra Theme

Zakra is a multipurpose theme suitable for any kind of WordPress site, including a blog. It offers over 80 templates that you can instantly use to create a WordPress site

Thus, let’s see how to remove theme name from WordPress footer using Zakra theme.  

To remove the theme name, you must first install and activate the theme. If you’ve already done so, that’s great. Otherwise, you can follow our tutorial on installing and activating the Zakra theme.  

The next step is importing a demo of your choice from the theme. Zakra has multiple demo categories such as business, blog, eCommerce, LMS, and so on.  

You can import a free demo or buy a premium one and install it on your WordPress site. For that, you’ll get a notification saying Get started with Zakra after you’ve installed the theme.  

Get Started with Zakra Button

Click on it, and it’ll automatically install the ThemeGrill demo importer plugin.  

By the way, you can also install the plugin through the Plugins tab.  

Plugins Tab

Now you’ll see the interface with all the available demos from the Zakra theme. Choose one suitable demo for you. 

Choose a Demo

For this tutorial, we’re using Agency 03 demo. After you’ve chosen the demo of your choice, hover on it. It shows you the two buttons: Import and Preview.  

Import a Demo

Thus, click on the Import button and proceed on.  

A new dialog box appears when you click on the Import button. Read it carefully and hit the Confirm button if everything seems fine.  

Dialog Box

After you import the demo, you can visit your WordPress site by clicking on the Live Preview button. 

Live Preview Button

As you scroll down to the footer, you’ll see the theme name saying “Powered by Zakra and BlockArt”

Copyright Info with Theme Name for Zakra

That’s exactly what we’re going to remove.  

To remove the theme name from the WordPress footer, visit your WordPress dashboard. Next, navigate to Appearance >> Customize.  

Navigate to Appearance and Customize

Since we’re customizing the footer, click on the Footer and then Footer Bottom Bar.  

Customize Footer

Here, you’ll see the Text/HTML for Left Content.

Footer Copyright

Under its text box, remove the theme name, and you can see the live changes in the interface at the right.  

Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer

After you remove the theme name, hit the Publish button at the top.  

Publish Button

Thus, you’ve successfully removed the theme name from your WordPress site. You can now check by visiting your WordPress site. You’ll see no theme name.  

Website After Removing Theme Name

Besides removing the theme name, you can also edit or remove the site name and add your custom name. At the same time, you can also remove the page title and customize the header, menus, widgets, etc.  

Method 2: Remove the Theme Name from WordPress Footer Using the Block Theme 

The next method to remove the theme name from your WordPress site’s footer is using a block theme.  

Block themes, also known as Full Site Editing (FSE), consist of templates made entirely of blocks. They were introduced along with WordPress version 5.9 with the sole intention of making the theme fully customizable 

Here, to show how to remove theme name from WordPress footer using a block theme, we’re using the eStory theme. eStory is a block theme by ThemeGrill, best suitable for blogging websites. It’s fully customizable and flexible.  


eStory also has three starter sites that fit blogs, news, magazine, and small business sites. Besides, it’s 100% Gutenberg-ready and has more than 25 block patterns.  

If you haven’t installed any theme on your WordPress site, you can simply install the eStory theme. If you have already, that’s even great! 

To install the eStory theme and import its demo, you can follow the same procedure as mentioned above for the Zakra theme. 

After you complete importing the demo, visit your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance >> Editor.  

Navigate to Appearance and Themes

Now, you’ll see a new interface, which is an editor. From here, scroll down below until you get the Copyright info with the theme name.  


Copyright Info for eStory

Simply hover on the footer and click on it. You can now edit the footer right from the editor. 

Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer Using eStory

You may remove the footer completely or remove the theme name. It’s all your choice. Once you complete editing hit the Save button at the top of the page.  

Save Button

It then shows you a dialog asking if you’re sure about the changes made. Hit the Save button again if you’re good with the changes. Otherwise, you can also cancel the changes.  

Save Button and Dialog Box

You can now go back to your dashboard and visit your site. It’ll no longer display the theme name on your website. 

How to Remove Theme Name from WordPress Site

Thus, if you have installed a block theme on your website, you can easily remove the theme name using the block editor. It’s really quick and easy.  

Method 3: Remove the Theme Name from WordPress Footer Using a WordPress Plugin 

WordPress offers a large number of plugins to add additional functionality to your WordPress site. And for removing the theme name from the WordPress footer as well, you can use a plugin as well.  

Let’s see how! 

Using Remove Footer Credit

Remove Footer Credit

Remove Footer Credit is the most popular plugin to remove the theme name from the WordPress footer. It’s absolutely free and easy to use.  

Besides, it offers minimal options to keep the process simpler and easier. At the same time, you also don’t have to modify the backend code of your website. You can inspect the code of the footer and remove or replace the theme name through the text box. 

Here’s the tutorial on removing the footer credit using the Remove Footer Credit plugin. And in this method, we’re using the ColorMag theme and its demo Main.  

ColorMag Theme

Below is the screenshot showing how the footer appears with the theme name on the ColorMag demo site.  

Footer in the ColorMag

To remove it, visit your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins >> Add New

Navigate to Plugins and Add New

A new interface appears on your screen, showing the featured plugins. On the left-hand side, you’ll see the search bar; search for the Remove Footer Credit from here.  

Search for Remove Footer Credit

Immediately, the search results show you the plugin. So, hit the Install Now button and then the Activate button.  

Activate Button

Thus, the plugins page on your screen shows you all the plugins installed on your WordPress site.  

Installed Plugins

Next, from your site’s dashboard, go to Tools >> Remove Footer Credit

Navigate to Tools and Remove Footer Credit

A new page appears on your screen that might look as below: 

Remove Footer Credit Interface

Now, open your website on a new tab and inspect its footer element. For that, you just need to right-click on it and choose Inspect. Since the method of inspecting elements differs with browsers, here we’re using Google Chrome

Inspect Website

On the left side, you’ll see the code of your website. Now copy the code snippet that highlights the theme name. Simply right-click the code of the elements you want to remove and select Copy >> Copy element

Copy Code Snippet of Footer

Next, go to the tab where you’ve opened Remove Footer Credit and paste the code in the text box under Step 1.  Remember that you should enter the text or HTML code for removing the elements of the footer one per line.  

Paste Code Snippet of Footer

Thus, copy the text or code snippet for each element by inspecting and pasting it under the text box of Step 1

Now in the text box under Step 2, you can enter your custom footer credit. After removing the theme name and adding your custom credit, hit the Save button.  

Save After Removing Theme Name

To check whether you’ve successfully removed the theme name from the WordPress footer or not, you can visit your WordPress site.  

How to Remove Theme Name from WordPress Site

Now compare the before and after images of this method. You’ll see the presence and absence of the theme name from the footer, respectively.  

That’s it. 

Wrapping It Up! 

Well, that’s all from us on how to remove theme name from WordPress footer. We hope our article has helped you remove the copyright footer from the WordPress theme. 

But remember that we used Zakra, eStory, and ColorMag themes to make the process more flexible and easier. It might not be the same process while using other themes.  

Different themes have different options for customization, and you should keep that in your mind. However, for the block themes, the process might differ only slightly. 

Thus, you can use any of the above methods to remove the theme name from the WordPress footer. 

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