17 Best Yoga Websites for Design Inspiration in 2023 

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Are you searching for the best yoga websites for design inspiration? Do you want to look at yoga website examples to build one for yourself? If so, you’re at the right place. 

Your yoga website’s design can be the first impression to your audience. A good design boosts the user experience, helping you to convert visitors into customers.  

So, it would be great if you’re extra careful while styling it. For that, you can take design inspiration from the existing yoga websites.  

Thus, this article lists the 17 best yoga websites to give you some insights into their design.  

What are the Must-Have Features of a Yoga Website? 

Before we get into the list of yoga websites, there are a few things that you must add to your yoga websites.  

These elements will later help to convert your visitors into your customers. So, let’s talk about them in brief. 

  • Class Schedule and Booking: A clear and easy-to-use class schedule and booking system allows users to sign up for classes or workshops instantly. 
  • Teacher Bio Section: A section introducing yoga teachers, their backgrounds, and specialties is necessary to let your audience know them better.
  • Testimonials: A section featuring testimonials from satisfied students, offering a real-world perspective about your class, helps gain new clients. 
  • Blog Page: A blog page where the admin or the yoga teacher can share news, tips, and other related-posts is highly useful. It helps in content marketing. 
  • Gallery: For a visual treat, add a photo/video gallery showcasing the studio, its events, and yoga-related activities. This can play a vital role in converting visitors into customers.  
  • Responsive Design: A responsive website for viewing on all devices can provide a good user experience. It also positively impacts the ranking of your site on search engines. 
  • Secure Payment System: A secure payment processing system is necessary for conducting premium classes, selling books, or other money-related activities.  
  • Contact Form: An accessible contact form, including an email address and phone number, would be helpful if your users want to contact you personally.  

That being said, let’s find out which yoga websites have made it to our list of the best ones. 

17 Best Yoga Website Examples for Inspiration 

1. Yoga Journal

First on the list of the best yoga websites, we have Yoga Journal – a magazine-style yoga website. It has a home page full of blog articles related to yoga.  

Yoga Journal

The content area has different sections for displaying featured articles, the latest posts, and so on. It also provides the link to its journal Outside+.  

It has a hamburger menu at the top-left corner, opening a new page for navigating different menus. The same menus are in the home page’s header.  

Besides, it has a membership scheme to take various yoga courses from different yoga instructors.  

You can create a similar yoga website using the magazine theme – ColorMag.  

2. Yoga International  

Yoga International features the home page with navigation menus on the left sidebar. It has a beautiful hover effect on the icon of the menus.  

Yoga International One of the Best Yoga Websites

The website’s design is modern yet has a clean and spacious layout. Further, the call-to-action buttons and brand names are also on the header bar.    

Moreover, it offers filters on the yoga classes page, making it easy for the users to join the class of their choice.  

Additionally, it has a separate page for displaying teachers’ info as per their domain.  

It’s possible to build a similar yoga website using the Flash theme and its template, Fitness.  

3. DoYogaWithMe  

The website DoYogaWithMe has a header bar that takes up a small space. It has navigation menus with a drop-down effect for displaying the submenus.


Also, a drop-down menu to select the level and yoga style is at the top of the page. It’s helpful to give visitors what they want immediately without any distractions.  

The website’s design seems to have placed every content exactly where it should be. The important sections are on the header and body parts.  

The footer has menus like testimonials, donate, and more that users might look at later.  

4. Yoga With Adriene   

Yoga With Adriene is a blog-style yoga website with a clean and minimal design. It uses just two colors on the background: white and light gray.  

Yoga With Adriene

It has the logo placed on the top-left corner and some navigation menus on the header bar. The header bar also has social icons.  

In the middle of the content, it has embedded a video tutorial from YouTube. The other contents include mostly about Adriene and her achievements.  

You can easily create a similar yoga website using the Zakra theme and its demo Digital Diary.  

5. Alo Moves

The website Alo Moves focuses highly on visuals and simplicity. It has a full-width video background below the header navigation.  

Alo Moves One of the Yoga Website Examples

The content for classes, yoga practices, instructors, and testimonials are divided into multiple sections. It has large fonts with eye-catching graphics.

Similarly, the site has many call-to-action buttons to convert visitors into customers. It’s also fully responsive, displaying a uniform design on all devices.  

If you’re fascinated by its design, you can build a similar site using the Inspiro theme.  

6. Ekhart Yoga   

Ekhart Yoga is a well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing yoga website. It has a primary color of mint green, giving the feeling of freshness and calmness.  

Ekhart Yoga

The color of the sticky header changes from mint green to white as you scroll down the website. It also features sections for testimonies and displaying pictures of yoga teachers. 

The navigation menu with the site’s name and logo is placed at the top of the page. The overall design of the website is straightforward and user-friendly.  

Want to create a similar website? You can try the Zakra theme and its demo Yoga Trainer.  

7. Yogi Times   

Next on the list of the best yoga websites, we have Yogi Time. It features beautiful slider image background, while the foreground features the link to their blog articles.  

You can use slider plugins to create such slider images on your website.

Yogi Times

It’s a blog website that guides you to live a healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga. Navigating the website is also easy with minimal and intuitive design.  

The content is arranged in a grid style, with clear headings and a mix of text, images, and videos. It also has a scroll to the top icon, making it easier to go to the top of the page.  

8. YogaUOnline   

YogaUOnline is similar to news-style websites. Thus, it has several sections displaying yoga-related articles.  


The main contents are divided into rows, which are further divided into multiple columns. It has focused more on simplicity and functionality rather than heavy designs.  

You can quickly create a similar news-style yoga website using our theme Zakra and its demo Kantipur News.  

9. Yoga Basics   

Yoga Basics is a magazine-style yoga website that delivers information related to yoga.  

Yoga Basics

The website’s content sits in the center while it has a full-width background behind it in light mint color.  

Most essential menus are placed on the header, while the footer contains menus like contact us, about us, terms, privacy, and so on. 

It also features a newsletter through which users can sign up for updates related to yoga news and articles.  

To build such a magazine-style website, you can use the theme, MagazineX.   

10. The Yoga Nomads   

The Yoga Nomads is a website that discusses everything related to yoga. From the best yoga mats to the yoga pose, you can get all the information from here.  

The Yoga Nomads

The header menus allow you to navigate across the website easily. It consists of multiple menus like courses, business, brands, yoga, a search button, and so on. 

The home page has many content sections, displaying articles about yoga, yoga clothing, and spirituality.  

A section displaying yoga teachers with their brief introduction is also on the home page. Below that, it has some tutorials like marketing courses for yoga teachers.  

11. Kino MacGregor   

Kino MacGregor, the website’s founder, is an international yoga teacher, author, and inspirational speaker. 

Kino MacGregor

The website portrays her story aesthetically and informs about the events, her newly launched book, and other yoga-related stuff.

It has a slider image on the top, after which a navigation bar is placed.  

The rest of the section includes a featured blog, a video, her books, and the link to her Instagram and Twitter profile.

You can create a similar yoga website using the blog or portfolio templates of the Zakra theme. 

12. Power Yoga   

Power Yoga is a yoga website with unique navigation menus. The website’s logo, which is in the middle of the header, is also quite fascinating.  

Power Yoga

The middle sections have a slider giving information regarding upcoming events. It has also embedded the YouTube video on the website.  

The other sections include the yoga classes, instructors, membership information, and a footer.  

If you want to create a unique website like Power Yoga, you may use the Astra theme and its demo Yoga Studio.

13. YouAligned   

YouAligned is another best yoga website with a slider image and a call-to-action button on top. It features a hamburger menu that lies in the left corner.  

YouAligned One of the Best Yoga Websites

It also has a patterned background occupying the full width of the website. The other contents of the website sit just above the background image.

The section below them is about the articles, its mobile app, and some posts from Instagram.  

You can use the Yoga demo from the Zakra theme to create an aesthetic yoga website.  

14. Yoga Trade   

We also have Yoga Trade on our list of the best yoga websites. It’s a website linking instructors, students, and yoga professionals with work trade globally.  

Yoga Trade One of the Best Yoga Websites

It has a search bar at the header allowing users to search for jobs, events, spaces, and more. Also, it allows users to take a membership and create a profile of themselves.  

Different sections regarding the opportunities, yoga trade spaces, global events, and stories lie in the website’s body part.  

To create a similar website, you can use the eStory theme and customize it accordingly.  

15. Black Swan Yoga   

Black Swan Yoga is a donation-based yoga website with a modern design and video background. It has a button to book a yoga class at the top-right corner.  

Black Swan Yoga

The section ahead of the header is all about the yoga studio, its classes, and the price for joining them. It also has a section displaying the location of its studio.  

Overall, the design is unique, modern, and inspiring.  

16. Elena Brower   

Elena Brower is a yoga teacher, author, and podcast host. Her yoga site has a sleek, professional, and aesthetically pleasing design.   

Elena Brower

It features a full-width transparent header with clear navigation. The header has multiple menus such as programs, podcasts, free gifts, oils, shops, calendar, etc. 

She has added links to her programs, books, podcasts, and mentorship on the website. The website consists of a bunch of her pictures as well.  

You can also create a similar yoga website using the Minimal Portfolio template from the Zakra theme.    

17. Kia Miller   

Lastly, Kia Miller is also one of the top yoga websites you can refer to for design inspiration. Its video background on the home page makes the site look elegant.  

Kia Miller

Likewise, the hamburger menu on the top-right corner represents the navigation menu. The same menus are also on the footer of the website.  

Also, it links YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram posts without using their logo but only their name and featured images.  

How to Create a Yoga Website? (Using Zakra) 

Now, if you were wondering where to get a tutorial on creating a yoga website, we’ve got your back. 

This section will show you a step-by-step guide for creating a yoga website with WordPress.  

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) that you can use to create a yoga website. The process is simple and quick with its multiple Yoga themes.  

So, here, we’ll be using the Zakra theme to create a yoga website. 

Zakra WordPress Theme

Zakra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has a large number of ready-to-use templates for multiple domains. It also offers a variety of templates for creating a yoga website. 

Hence, let’s look at the process of creating a yoga website using the Zakra theme. 

Step 1: Buy a Domain Name and a Hosting Service 

The first step in creating a WordPress website is buying a domain name and a hosting service.  

There are various domain name registrars, like NameCheap and GoDaddy, from where you can get a customized domain name.  


Similarly, you can choose a reliable hosting service from hosting companies like Bluehost, SiteGround, and Kinsta


Next, you’ll have to install WordPress on your hosting account. Now, some of the hosting service providers auto-install WordPress for you. 

On the other hand, even if you’ve got to install WordPress, it’s quite easy. A single click can install WordPress on your hosting account.   

Step 2: Install and Activate Zakra Theme 

Log in to the WordPress site using the login credentials you’ll get after installing WordPress. Here’s the guide to finding the login URL.

The fresh installation of WordPress will have a default theme, as shown below.  

Default WordPress Theme

Now, you’ll require to change the default theme and install and activate the Zakra theme.  

Here’s the full guide on installing and activating the theme.  

Next, import the demo site that matches your design for the yoga website. You can choose a template, such as Yoga Trainer, Yoga, or Gym, and import the demo through the ThemeGrill demo importer plugin.  

Step 3: Customize the Zakra Theme 

As you install the demo site for your yoga website, you can start customizing the theme.  

Customization is required to give the website a personal touch of your brand and feel. Also, the Zakra theme has various options for customization.  

By navigating to Appearance >> Customize, you can customize almost all the website’s contents.  

Navigate to Appearance and Customize

To explore more about the customization options in the Zakra theme, you can refer to our article on how to install and customize the Zakra theme.  

Step 4: Publish Your Yoga Website  

After completing the above steps, you can create new posts and pages and publish your yoga website.  

For a detailed guide, here’s our article on how to create a WordPress website.  

Wrapping It Up! 

To conclude, these were the best yoga websites for design inspiration. We hope now you have some ideas for creating your yoga website.

The design of a yoga website can greatly impact the overall experience for its users. Therefore, you should carefully consider every element, including the color scheme and font selection.  

As the philosophy of yoga relates to a peaceful and harmonious environment, you can align your design accordingly.  

Thankfully, WordPress and a theme like Zakra lets you create any design you think of. Thus, start creating your WordPress yoga website now. It takes no time! 

That’s all from us on the best yoga website designs. If you want to explore further about WordPress, visit our blog page.  

You can also read our articles on starting an online magazine and making money, creating a multi-column form, and so on. 

For further information, follow us on our social platforms: Twitter and Facebook

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.
17 Best Yoga Websites for Design Inspiration in 2023 
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