15 Best Wedding Website Examples with Pretty Design 2023 

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Are you searching for the best wedding website examples? Do you want to get some ideas on creating a wedding website? If so, this article is just for you. 

A wedding website can be a way to invite your friends and families to your wedding events. Or you can also keep your wedding memories safe by creating a wedding website.  

Thus, we’ve listed the 15 best wedding website examples in this article to give you some references to such websites.  

Let’s begin by understanding how you could choose the best design for your wedding website.  

How to Choose the Best Design for Your Wedding Website? 

If you’re an expert designer or even a developer, you might need to worry less about the website’s design. But suppose you’re relying on pre-made designs or templates. In that case, you should think concisely before choosing any design for the wedding website.  

Thus, we’ve listed some of the important points you should consider before choosing the best design for your wedding website: 

  • Design that fits your personality: Choosing the design that perfectly suits your personality helps to represent your wedding beautifully. Also, you wouldn’t have to change much of the design later.  
  • Easy for customization: Since you may want to customize your wedding site, choose designs that allow easy customization. Even better if it doesn’t require you to touch any code for customizing.  
  • Custom URL: Many website builders offer both custom and subdomain URL for wedding sites. But a custom domain is better, although you might need to pay for it. Using a custom URL makes it easy for people to find your site and provides credibility.  
  • Pinpoint your necessities: Making a list of every element you want to add to your site is the best way to get started. That can help you to find exactly what kind of design you want. 

WordPress, one of the best website-building platforms, has made all these easy. It has various WordPress themes and their demo sites helping you to create stunning wedding websites.  

One of the best themes with great designs is Zakra. It’s also one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes you can use to build any kind of website.  

Zakra Theme

Besides, it has varieties of templates for a wedding website. Further, customizing the theme is easy, and it’s also fast and secure.  

You can simply import one of its wedding templates and customize it to create your wedding website. The template Wedding, which looks like the image below, is one of the best templates you can use to create your wedding website.  

Wedding Demo Site

It’s simple yet elegant to flaunt your love story and wedding details. Meanwhile, you can also easily customize the template and add your content or design to it.   

Let’s now look at some of the best wedding website examples that we’ve collected.  

15 Best Wedding Website Examples for Inspiration in 2023 

1. James and Laura   

James and Laura One of the Best Wedding Website Examples

James and Laura have created one of the best wedding website examples with all the necessary information to attend their wedding. They’ve also integrated Google Maps to guide the guest to the venue. 

The wedding website has a custom logo at the top and a header navigation bar below the logo. The same navigation bar is also available in the footer. Besides, the website has a transparent background image. 

It also has an RSVP form. RSVP is a short form of the French phrase “Repondez, s’il vous plaît,” which translates to “Respond, if you please.” It’s a way of confirming your presence at the wedding or any other function.  

2. Ricky and Silvy    

Ricky and Silvy

Ricky and Silvy is another example of the best wedding websites. The wedding website is simple yet elegant, with a sticky header.  

The website has a small section displaying pictures of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Along with that, it also has a Facebook icon linking to their profile.  

It’s a single-page wedding website consisting of gallery, RSVP form, and accommodation information. You can build a similar wedding website using the Flash theme and its template, Flash Pro Wedding.  

3. Johnny and Christine

Johnny and Christine

Johnny and Christine created their wedding website showing their love story and how they decided to get married. The home page is simple, which displays information about the venue and a link to send the email.  

For gifts, they have added the tab as Registry that links to blueprintregistry.com. It has some necessary items for the couple to build their home. Guests can help them buy those items as a gift from the link. 

The other pages are about the ceremony, accommodations, dress code, and more. The accommodation provides enough information about nearby places to stay for a weekend or overnight.  

4. Sarah and Stephen

Sarah and Stephen

Sarah and Stephen’s wedding website has a header navigation bar on the left side of the web page. The header is sticky and lies vertically.  

The wedding website has a Registry tab to send gifts to the couple from their list of choices. They’ve created registries at some stores like Amazon, Target, and others and placed the links on the website. 

It’s another single-page wedding website built with Wix. However, you can also build a similar single-page website in WordPress using the theme Zakra and its demo – Wedding.  

5. Alice and Gene   

Alice and Gene

Alice and Gene have created a wedding website whose header navigation bar is aligned horizontally on the left side. It has a unique way of loading the website, which loads the webpage after forming a circle-like structure. 

The bride and groom’s initial letters are placed on the left side at the top. At the same time, the wedding date lies on the right, vertically. 

It also has a scroll-up button to go to the top of the web page. Moreover, the Gallery tab also uniquely displays some of the best moments captured by the couple and the location. 

6. Naomi and Aaron   

Naomi and Aaron One of the Wedding Website Examples

Noami and Aaron have created a single-page wedding website using Squarespace – a popular website-building platform. It has a classic design, with enough space for displaying photos.  

The choice of font and font color has made the website look clean yet elegant in every possible way. The website includes wedding information and pictures portraying the couple’s love and companionship. 

You can create a similar website using Squarespace.  

7. Liz and Chris    

Liz and Chris

Liz and Chris have made their wedding website by playing with a minimal number of colors. The website fonts use only light grey and black color.  

Meanwhile, the pictures of the couple have added more colors to the site. A large number of pictures from their engagement and adventures are added under the Photos tab. 

The header navigation bar lies just below the bride and groom’s name. It has a hover effect to display the sub-navigation in the header. 

8. Luke and Charlotte   

Luke and Charlotte

Luke and Charlotte have charmed their wedding website by adding slider images in the background. The wedding website displays most of the information related to the wedding through their picture.  

It has a Registry tab that links to more than 15 stores from where guests can buy gifts for the couple. It also has an RSVP form for sending the response to attend the wedding. 

The WordPress theme Suffice, and its demo Suffice Pro Photography can help you create a wedding website. You can also add a similar slider image in the background using the theme. 

9. Sofia and Ahmir   

Sofia and Ahmir One of the Best Wedding Website Examples

Sofia and Ahmir’s website is one of the best wedding website examples, with only the necessary tabs in the header. The tabs include When & Where which tells about the wedding venue and date, and an RSVP

As you scroll down, a brief introduction of the bride and groom is available, followed by the registry link.  The wedding website is a perfect example of minimal design without any distractions.  

10. Brooke and Stephen  

Brooke and Stephen

Brooke and Stephen’s wedding website is all about love. A picture of the cake with roses and audio of a romantic song has made the website even more beautiful.  

The sticky header lies at the left sidebar of their wedding website. It also has embedded video in the middle of the website, making it look elegant.  

Similarly, the website also includes an FAQ section with some relevant questions and answers. You can create a similar wedding website using the Astra theme and its demo site, Wedding Invitation 02.  

11. Karl and Gina   

Karl and Gina One of the Wedding Website Examples

Karl and Gina have created their wedding website with a theme of the sky with clouds. It uniquely displays the name of the bride and groom in a heart-shaped balloon.  

Meanwhile, they have also added the navigation tab as a hanging banner in the ultralight flight. The website displays all the other information like wedding date, venue, accommodation, and more in the form of postcards.  

It also has an up, down, and top button that lets you move from one section to another. The website makes you feel like you’re going on some adventures.  

12. Nikki and David   

Nikki and David

Nikki and David’s wedding website is like turning pages in the book, you keep scrolling, and a new section appears by replacing the previous section.  

The first half of the header tabs link to the home page, while the other half have individual pages. It also has a BACK TO TOP button added at the mid-section of the footer.  

Furthermore, they’ve added a Gallery tab to display their pictures and video. Also, the website embeds the video from Vimeo.  

13. Philip and Nicole

Philip and Nicole

Philip and Nicole, denoting their them as Phicole, have built their wedding website by adding visual stories. The website includes videos and pictures from their big day.  

They have displayed all the pictures from their engagement to the wedding day. The Photos tab has seven sub-tabs to show photos of different occasions.  

14. Helen and Josh   

Helen and Josh

Helen and Josh’s wedding website is all about animation. It uniquely invites the guest to their wedding by placing the animated version of the couple at the top of the tree. Each branch of the tree has some message to deliver.  

It’s a single-page wedding website without any navigation bar. The website is simple, displaying only some of the necessary information for their wedding.  

15. Anya and Deven    

Anya and Deven

The wedding website is all about the destination wedding of Anya and Deven. The website has a brief story about the bride, groom, and their relationship.  

The Location tab of the website has all the information about the direction, accommodations, and activities their guest can do during their stay. It also includes an RSVP form and a Gifts tab.  

How to Start Your Wedding Website?  

The examples above should give you some ideas regarding the wedding website. Now, you may be wondering how to start building a wedding website.  

Well, here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow to create your wedding website:  

Step 1: Choose a Platform to Build Your Wedding Site

Various website-building platforms provide most of the features to create a fully functional website. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Webflow are examples of such platforms.  

Therefore, you should first choose a platform where you want to build a website. You can compare those top website-building platforms and choose the one that suits your requirement.  

WordPress Banner

However, we recommend using WordPress as it’s highly customizable and offers almost everything required to build a website. WordPress also provides complete control over your content.  

It’s the most popular content management system (CMS) that covers more than 42% of the entire website on the internet. Best of all, licensed under GNU-GPL License, it’s free to use, modify, and distribute.  

Step 2: Purchase a Hosting Service and a Domain Name 

To build a website in WordPress, you must have a hosting account and a domain name. You can easily purchase a hosting service from hosting companies like Bluehost, Kinsta, or SiteGround. And you can choose these services as per your budget.  


You’ll get dedicated support if you buy a managed hosting service from Kinsta or SiteGround. At the same time, you also don’t have to install WordPress yourself. The hosting service providers look after everything.  

On the other hand, if you’re low on a budget, you can opt for a hosting service from Bluehost. Meanwhile, you have to install WordPress yourself. However, installing WordPress isn’t a complex thing. You can install it within a few clicks.  

Similarly, most hosting service providers also offer a free domain for up to one year. Thus, you can get the domain name and hosting service from the same company. Otherwise, you can buy a domain name from the domain name registrars like Namecheap or Domain.com.  


Step 3: Install and Activate a WordPress Wedding Theme 

The next step is installing a WordPress wedding theme. As mentioned earlier, we recommend installing the Zakra theme. 

With the Zakra theme, you can build a similar website as the examples above. Thus, install and activate the theme on your WordPress site.  

After that, choose a demo to use on your wedding website. You can simply import the demo using the ThemeGrill demo importer plugin.  

Zakra has over 80 demos for different categories like business, blog, eCommerce, and many more. You can then customize the theme to create your wedding website.  

Meanwhile, the theme is fully customizable from header to footer. You can edit the header, remove the theme name from the footer, and do many more things.  

Once you complete customizing it, you can publish your wedding website.  

Wrapping It Up! 

That’s pretty much it from us on the best wedding website examples. We’re confident that you now have some ideas about wedding website designs.  

Creating a wedding website is not a big deal if you choose the right platform. All you have to do is be sure about the designs you want. By now, we’re also hopeful that you can create a wedding website on your own. 

CMS platforms like WordPress makes the task of creating a wedding website easier. And themes like Zakra highly reduces your time and effort. You can start creating a website without touching a single line of code.  

You can also use other WordPress themes to create a wedding website. Flash is another WordPress theme with a Flash Pro Wedding demo, letting you instantly create a wedding website.  

If you still got some time, you can explore our blog page. We have amazing articles guiding you on changing link color in WordPress, making a donation page, and many more.  

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates. 

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.
15 Best Wedding Website Examples with Pretty Design 2023 

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