14 Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins for Custom Blocks 2022

Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress Gutenberg plugins and addons for Gutenberg? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Without any doubt, you can choose the one from our list of best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. 

The WordPress Gutenberg editor is like a page builder tool providing more flexibility for WordPress. For every element of your content in WordPress, it offers a block for easier manipulation. However, several plugins are made to provide custom blocks for Gutenberg and enhance it. And this article has the list of those Gutenberg plugins for custom blocks. 

We’ve not just created a random list of the best WordPress Gutenberg plugins but have handpicked top plugins based on our experience and research. But before we jump directly into the list, let’s discuss what a Gutenberg plugin is and why you require it. 

What is a Gutenberg Plugin and Why Do You Need It?  

As mentioned above, Gutenberg has a block-based approach for creating content in WordPress. It also works seamlessly with third-party WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins that make custom blocks for Gutenberg; these blocks are used to create content together with the default WordPress Gutenberg blocks. And those plugins are called Gutenberg plugins.  

Gutenberg Block

Gutenberg plugins provide many advanced, unique, and creative custom blocks for Gutenberg. These addons for Gutenberg expand the editing capabilities of Gutenberg. Besides, they offer the possibility to change the default Gutenberg design by implementing their own custom design. 

Some of the blocks those addons have are – customizable buttons, icons, stylish progress bars, slideshow, and so on. Therefore, you require addons for Gutenberg to get the capability of using these custom blocks in the WordPress website

 So, let’s move towards the list of best WordPress Gutenberg plugins. 

14 Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins for Custom Blocks  

1. Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt    

BlockArt Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

BlockArt is one of the most user-friendly WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. It has powerful features and provides a seamless experience while building a WordPress website. Besides, you can also use the plugin to create your own design.  

Further, the plugin has pre-built templates that you can import from, add your content to it, and use it. It also gives unlimited possibilities for layout. Some of the valuable blocks from the plugin are section, heading, paragraph, button, image, and spacing.  

Key Features 

  • Compatible with caching plugins 
  • Keyboard shortcuts available 
  • Allows to use blocks in the sidebar 
  • Live editing to see the actual design 
  • Show or hide block in desktop, tablet, and mobile 

Price: Free 

2. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg   

Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a popular plugin among hundreds of other WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. With more than 300,00 active installations, the plugin is driven up by advanced and powerful blocks. Also, the plugin has over 20 pre-built starter sites built using Gutenberg. 

Some of the blocks it includes are info box, multi buttons, advanced heading, post layout, social share icons, testimonials, and so on. Additionally, it covers up almost all the features that Gutenberg blocks miss out on, enough to build beautiful pages. Moreover, its easy-to-use click and customization options let you effortlessly design the website without requiring anything about coding. 

Key Features 

  • Page building blocks available 
  • Most compatible with Astra theme  
  • Compatible with major page builders 
  • Deeper integration with WordPress plugins 
  • Default Gutenberg blocks inherit the theme setting 

Price: Free 

3. CoBlocks    


CoBlocks is an innovative WordPress plugin that has addons for Gutenberg. It has the additional capacity to build rows and columns, providing an actual page builder experience. Similarly, the plugin is also powerful, lightweight, and has extra blocks for layout and design. 

Meanwhile, it also provides a padding setting and responsive margin for the content areas. Further, the Shape Divider has beautiful dividers that allow you to split up the content. Also, the plugin makes changing fonts, setting margins, and picking colors easier. 

Key Features 

  • Custom typography controls 
  • Free companion theme available 
  • Social Sharing block available 
  • Resizable row and columns block 
  • Extensible, adaptable, and open-source 

Price: Free 

4. Gutenberg Block by Kadence Blocks   

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks extend the editing capability of Gutenberg by adding custom blocks to create stunning websites. At the same time, each plugin block is built by taking care of performance, extensibility, and accessibility. 

Also, it has an advanced gallery that lets you create beautiful galleries, sliders, and carousels. Besides, you can also select the image size for ultimate performance. Likewise, the intelligent load of the plugin loads CSS or JavaScript only for the specific block and only when you need it.  

Key Features 

  • Responsive controls 
  • Over 900 Google fonts and design 
  • Color and background controls 
  • Option to hide block setting from specific user roles 
  • Allows to control paddings and margins in any units 

Price: Free or $199/year 

5. Orbit Fox by Themeisle    

Orbit Fox

Orbit Fox is one of the WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins developed by Themeisle. It has addons for Gutenberg like contact forms, pricing, post-type grid, and so on. Further, the plugin has a powerful and easy-to-use admin panel.  

Meanwhile, the plugin loads the modules only if they satisfy two conditions: if they’re compatible with the existing theme and plugin of the site. As a result, this cuts down the bloating of the website. It also has some free themes that work seamlessly with the plugin. 

Key Features 

  • Beaver builder widgets 
  • Elementor addons and widgets 
  • Free stock photos module 
  • Menu icons module available 
  • GDPR friendly privacy policy notice 

Price: Free 

6. Otter   


Otter is a collection of templates and page-building blocks for WordPress Gutenberg block editor. Since the plugin is lightweight, it doesn’t impact the speed of your site. You can use it to build any site, from a personal blog to e-commerce, without losing any personal touch. 

Further, the section block of the plugin allows you to develop creative layouts to improve the readability of your content and enhance the visual appeal. At the same time, you can create your custom layout or select the one from the pre-built templates.   

Key Features 

  • Google maps block available 
  • CSS extension on every block 
  • Advanced customization options 
  • Built-in responsive settings 
  • More than 50 different templates available 

Price: Free 

7. WooCommerce Blocks  

WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks are one of the easiest and most flexible WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. Its automatic installation saves time and effort as WordPress handles the file transfers. Additionally, the plugin follows the policy where it’s always compatible with the last two releases of WordPress and WooCommerce, excluding fix releases. 

As the name implies, the plugin is perfect for an e-commerce website. Likewise, it also has almost all the blocks, required for e-commerce. Its popular block includes features product, best-selling products, all reviews, reviews by-products, and so on. 

Key Features 

  • Includes shortcode block 
  • Translated into 12 locales 
  • Allows to build a custom shop page
  • Global styles available in reviews blocks 
  • Provides sample data to populate the products 

Price: Free 

8. Ultimate Blocks   

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is another Gutenberg plugin made to ease the process of creating the content with Gutenberg. It has 18 blocks so far and is constantly working on other new blocks. Some of the amazing blocks it has are content filter, review, how to schema, table of contents, count down, and so on. 

Also, the plugin has a block manager that lets you enable or disable the individual block. As a result of this, your site becomes lightweight. On the other hand, made with optimized code, the plugin is also optimized for speed.  

Key Features 

  • Schema-enabled review box  
  • Allows to add tweetable content 
  • Customization option for button block
  • Social share blocks with six social profile options 
  • Allows to customize colors for call-to-action block 

Price: Free 

9. Stackable    


Stackable is one of the most trusted addons for Gutenberg. It helps you build websites using powerful and lightweight custom blocks for Gutenberg. On top of that, it provides global settings, ready-made designs, and an effective option for customization.  

Meanwhile, the plugin has 35 custom blocks for Gutenberg that are rich in features and flexible with good looks. With the container block, you can control all the column’s margins and padding. 

Key Features 

  • Various built-in separator designs 
  • Offers dozens of UI kit designs 
  • Optimized web performance 
  • Page builder-like design options 
  • Advanced icon options available 

Price: Free or $49/year 

10. Genesis 

Genesis Block

Genesis Blocks is a WordPress Gutenberg plugin that helps you build better sites using page and content-building tools for the Gutenberg editor. It allows you to create any kind of website, including customizable buttons to page sections and full-page layout designs. 

Further, it’s an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin that enhances the performance of your website on mobile devices. Besides, you can also share your custom templates and provide permission to edit them. Along with this, it also has the premium version with more advanced blocks. 

Key Features 

  • Block available for author profile 
  • Advanced block-level user permissions 
  • More than 50 pre-built full-page layouts 
  • Access to Genesis framework for premium users 
  • Allows to save and reuse sections and layouts 

Price: Free or $360/year 

11. PublishPress Blocks   

PublishPress Blocks

PublishPress Blocks is one of the WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins, providing more control and power over the default WordPress block editor. It has everything you require to build a professional website. In addition, the blocks have more than 20 layout options, buttons, sliders, icons, maps, tabs, and much more. 

One of the powerful blocks of the plugin is Content Display. It has dozens of settings that let you show your posts, pages, and much more beautifully. Interestingly, it also allows you to enable or disable the blocks for some users. 

Key Features 

  • Reliable support forum 
  • Email and contact form block 
  • Blocks to display WooCommerce products 
  • Option to remove ads and branding of the plugin 
  • Allows to insert and update content summary in one click 

Price: Free or $79/Year For a Site

12. Qubely    


Next on the list, we have Qubely – one of the full-fledged WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. It has sufficient custom blocks with predefined sections and starter packs. Further, you can create multiple combinations of columns in a single row.  

Besides, the plugin creates a responsive design for the websites. Additionally, you can also hide the blocks according to the devices. The plugin provides 28 blocks, including post grid, button, Google map, infobox, video popup, and so on. Meanwhile, the pie progress lets you display the information in circular progress. 

Key Features 

  • Custom typography controls 
  • Advanced row-column setting available 
  • Allows to display the timeline of various events 
  • Three layouts available to showcase the team members 
  • Granular control over page elements 

Price: Free or $39/year 

13. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg   

Premium Blocks

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is one of the user-friendly addons for Gutenberg that assists you in creating a beautiful website using Gutenberg editor. It’s built with performance in mind and is also RTL-ready. Since it’s a modular plugin, you can disable the blocks that are not used in your website; this also helps for faster performance of your website.  

Further, you can add visual effects such as blur, brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue to the images in the banner using CSS filters. In addition, counter block lets you show the facts and figures with refreshing animation and customization. In addition, you can also use icons from font-awesome. 

Key Features 

  • Custom map styles for Google map available 
  • Pricing block available to display the price in a modern way 
  • Responsive control to show or hide block on specific devices 
  • Allows to add video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or upload yourself 
  • Dual heading block to split the heading into two parts and style individually 

Price: Free 

14. GutenBee     


GutenBee is a collection of WordPress Gutenberg blocks that enhances editing experience in Gutenberg editor. You can easily create collapsible accordions, create captivating banners, display colorful and flexible widgets, and so on. Similarly, you can also add multiple buttons and customize their shape, size, and colors. 

One of the popular blocks from the plugin is the container block; using the block, you can create a simple to the complex grid for your content. Also, it supports background images and videos. Moreover, the plugin also has a block for Google maps, allowing you to create beautiful maps and even customize them. 

 Key Features 

  • Slideshow blocks for flexible animation 
  • More than 100 custom icons are available  
  • Image comparison block to display side by side images 
  • Provides complete control over the spacing of elements 
  • Various content, color, and typography options for testimonial block 

Price: Free or $34.30/yearly 

Wrapping It Up! 

Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress provides almost all the elements you require to build your site if you choose the right plugin. And each of the addons, as mentioned above for Gutenberg, provides excellent functionality. However, if you’re still confused about selecting the one, we recommend you our top choice, which is Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt

That’s all from our side for the best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. We’ve you enjoyed thoroughly knowing about these plugins. You can also explore more about how to edit headers in WordPress. On top of that, you may also read about the best AMP plugins to help your website load faster on mobile devices. 

Lastly, visit our blog for more amazing articles about WordPress and make your site the best. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates and exciting news.

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