19 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants 2022 (Mostly Free) 

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Are you searching for the best WordPress plugins for restaurants to use on your website? Then, we must say that you’re in the right place. 

WordPress restaurant plugins help you with the different aspects of your restaurant operation like reservations, orders, deliveries, and more.  

There are plenty of restaurant plugins available in the market. So, choosing from all those plugins is quite a hectic job. Well, we’ve made this job easier for you. We’ve compiled a list of amazing WordPress plugins for restaurants. 

But before we head towards the list, let’s briefly discuss why to use restaurant plugins. 

Why Should You Install WordPress Restaurant Plugins? 

Let’s consider some points on why you should install restaurant plugins on your WordPress website. 

  1. Carry Out Repeating Tasks: Restaurant plugins help you by taking care of repeating tasks such as taking orders, delivering, etc. 
  2. Attract Customers: These plugins create an eye-catching and stylish menu to attract customers. Hence, increasing your customer base. 
  3. Retain Customers: You can retain your loyal customers by providing them with coupons and discounts, effectively and efficiently with the help of these plugins. 
  4. Track and Manage Sales: You’ll be able to track and manage your sales through the plugins with the help of the data that it collects. 

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list of the best WordPress plugins for restaurants. 

19 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants

1. Everest Forms   

Everest Forms Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants

Everest Forms is a popular form builder plugin for WordPress. It comes with several great-looking pre-built form templates for your ease including one, for restaurant table booking. Moreover, you can customize your form as per your preference. You can change backgrounds, play with the font, add an extra field, and do much more. 

Besides this, Everest Forms has a feature of email notification and autoresponder. Thus, you can respond automatically to the customer with a welcome email or confirmation email.  

And if your form becomes lengthy, you can take advantage of the multi-step feature. This breaks down your long-form into smaller sections so that your customers won’t feel overwhelmed. 

Key Features of Everest Forms: 

  • Unlimited form fields 
  • Anti-spam protection 
  • Import and export of forms 
  • Clean and beginner-friendly interface
  • Integration with entities like ConvertKit, Zapier, PayPal, etc. 

Price: Free or $69/Year for a Single Site (Up to 30% Off) 

2. WooCommerce Food

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Food is one of the best premium plugins used for creating restaurant menus and food ordering systems. This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-ready. On top of that, this plugin is updated on a regular basis. 

With it, you can create different categories for menus. Later on, you can filter them to show all the menus or show them by category. Also, it offers multiple layout and customization options without having to know any coding skills.  

Key Features of WooCommerce Food: 

  • Easy configuration 
  • Supports PDF invoice 
  • Availability of coupon code
  • Different food menus for different store locations
  • Multiple payment mode support (PayPal and Stripe) 

Price: $49 for a Regular License 

3. Booking Calendar  

Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin

Booking Calendar is a fabulous booking plugin that shows availability and receives bookings for restaurant services with a clean and smooth interface. Besides, this plugin maintains a local database of bookings so that there is no need to depend upon other third-party entities.  

Booking Calendar has an easy-to-use and responsive design for its user interface. This plugin can show you all the bookings in an overview mode or tabular format in the admin panel. Moreover, integration of the plugin with a booking manager enables you to import and export calendar and event files. 

Key Features of Booking Calendar: 

  • Supports CAPTCHA 
  • Multi-language support
  • Filtering and sorting of bookings
  • Option to redirect users to a specific page  
  • Administrators can approve or decline specific bookings

Price: Free or $79 (One-Time Payment) for a Single Site 

4. Restaurant Menu  

Gloria Food WordPress Plugin

 As the name suggests, with Restaurant Menu by Gloria, you’ll get a restaurant menu, food ordering, and restaurant booking system in one plugin. Having these three systems makes this plugin desirable and functional. Also, you don’t need any coding skills to set up or use as it’s simple and user-friendly.  

With the help of a follow-through wizard, you’ll be able to set up your restaurant and publish a food menu in simple steps. Along with that, this plugin has combined some features and is called a promotion engine. This engine consists of 11 templates you can choose from that deals with promotional events and supports coupons, customer segmentation, and targeting. 

Key Features of Restaurant Menu: 

  • Drag and drop menu editor 
  • A huge collection of food images  
  • Single page checkout 
  • Real-time confirmation of orders 
  • Integrated with different payment system 

Price: Free 

5. The Events Calendar  

The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

The Events Calendar is the plugin that can be used to create and manage the events on your WordPress site. With this, you can highlight your events to make them astonishing whether it’s in-person or virtual events. 

This plugin is customizable and is ready-to-use. So, you can use this to create events in a short amount of time. Moreover, it’s a responsive plugin so you can rest assured that your event calendar looks pixel-perfect even on mobile or tablet, or desktop. Plus, you’ll get detailed documentation and a library of free extensions to use with this plugin. 

Key Features of The Events Calendar: 

  • Block editor support 
  • Integrated with Google maps  
  • Caching support 
  • Debug mode for developers 
  • Smooth browsing with the help of AJAX

Price: Free or $99 for a Single Site 

6. WPPizza  

WPPizza WordPress Plugin

WPPizza is an awesome restaurant menu plugin that helps to maintain a food menu online and take orders. You can put multiple prices and descriptions on your menus as well as categorize them. With this, you can track your orders and sales to know how well your business is doing.  

Furthermore, it offers several payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Sisow, etc., as well as an option like cash on delivery. Also, you can use coupons and discounts to incentivize your loyal customers or to celebrate special occasions.

Key Features of WPPizza: 

  • PDF invoices
  • Several inbuilt layouts 
  • Allow tips/gratitude 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Shortcode enabled   

Price: Free 

7. Five Star Restaurant Menu  

Five Star Menu WordPress Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Menu is another one of the best WordPress plugins for restaurants that is used to create restaurant menus and restaurant menu ordering systems. This plugin includes several layouts and it’s highly customizable.  Hence, you can create amazing, stylish, and responsive menus easily and quickly. 

You’ll be able to put your menus to any pages you want with the help of Gutenberg block or shortcode. Further, with this plugin, you can add each food and drink menu with unique images and prices. Also, you can have multiple prices for one menu. Besides, you can have an unlimited number of menus with it. 

Key Features of Five Star Restaurant Menu: 

  • Mobile friendly 
  • Advanced styling options 
  • Display reviews for menu items 
  • Badges for item features, specials, and sales 
  • Comprehensive icons to indicate dietary and ethical requirements such as organic, gluten-free, kosher, halal, etc.

Price: Free or $77 for 1 Site 

8. Bookly

Bookly WordPress Plugin

Bookly is yet another best booking and scheduling plugins versions that is used in the restaurant business. This plugin is available both in the free and premium versions. You can create a fully customized booking form that is suitable for your restaurant. Plus, it has the option to attach a file to the booking form. 

Moreover, Bookly is integrated with Google Calendar. So, there is a two-way synchronization between the Bookly Calendar and Google Calendar. Also, the booking list obtained through this plugin can be printed out or can be exported so that you can use it anywhere else you prefer. 

Key Features of Bookly: 

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 
  • Multi-language supported 
  • Accept group bookings 
  • Import and export of customer base
  • Built-in analytics with booking statistics

Price: Free or $89 for a Regular License 

9. Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

MotoPress WordPress Plugin

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is the restaurant menu and food ordering system plugin which can be used for your restaurant-based website. It can provide different menus with different prices for your customer base. Plus, you can put your menus in posts, pages, and sidebars on your website. 

Furthermore, with add-ons, you can start delivery and pickup services as well for the orders you get. Also, you can add a shopping cart feature to your site. Apart from that, PayPal and cash-on-delivery payment options are also integrated with this plugin. 

Key Features of Restaurant Menu by MotoPress: 

  • Currency Settings 
  • Simplified or detailed view of menu items
  • Test payment system to check before going live 
  • Guest shopping as well as registered customers 
  • Order status to help track the status of the customer’s purchase 

Price: Free + Premium Add-ons Available 

10. Five Star Restaurant Reservations Plugin

Five Star Resevations WordPress Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is a restaurant plugin that helps to accept reservations and table bookings. It enables you to either confirm or reject the reservations. It can also send out a custom email notification for the booking. 

This plugin can create customized reservation forms with a responsive design. Therefore, the site can be accessed from all devices like mobiles, tablets, or PCs with ease. Moreover, it can be integrated with other Five Star Restaurant plugins like the Review plugin and the Menu plugin for a complete package. 

Key Features of Five Star Reservations: 

  • Customer notification through email 
  • Ability to ban customers for no-shows  
  • Integration with MailChimp 
  • Reservation reminders, and late-arrival notices 
  • Ability to print booking data via PDF or export them to CSV or Excel formats

Price: Free or $67 for 1 Site 

11. WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator WordPress Plugin

WP Store Locator is one of the most powerful location management system plugins for WordPress. Thus, it enables your users to locate your restaurant easily.  With this plugin, you can set up and manage unlimited stores. Plus, you can also change the style and appearance of the location map as per your liking.  

It makes use of Geolocation API and shows the nearby stores in a result that is based on the customer’s location. In addition, users can also filter the location results based on radius, maximum results, or category. Also, this plugin uses multilingual features to show Google Maps in various languages. 

Key Features of WP Store Locator: 

  • GDPR compliant
  • Show the driving distances 
  • Developer friendly code  
  • Compatible with plugins like WPML and qTranslate X
  • Bulk import, export, and update your location using a CSV file 

Price: Free + Premium Add-ons available 

12. Five Star Restaurant Reviews

Five Star Reviews WordPress Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reviews is yet another plugin developed by Five Star Plugins. In contrast to other plugins by the same team, this plugin works with reviews rather than menus or reservations. It has the ability to add and manage an unlimited number of reviews and testimonies. 

Furthermore, you can create different categories for your reviews and assign those reviews to the ones appropriate for your restaurant. Plus, this plugin can be set up in such a way that it is able to show a single review, all reviews, or a category of reviews. Also, you can add an image to the review. 

Key Features of Five Star Restaurant Review: 

  • Add numbered ratings to reviews 
  • Add reviews to any page, post, or sidebar  
  • Option to list the reviews or cycle through them using fader 
  • Clean, modern, and responsive layout for the better mobile experience
  • Integration with the Five Star Restaurant Reservation and Five Star Restaurant Menu plugins

Price: Free or $39 for a Single Site 

13. ReDi Restaurant Reservations 

ReDi Reservations WordPress Plugin

ReDi Restaurant Reservations is another popular restaurant reservation plugin that is fully automated. You don’t need to confirm reservations manually. Moreover, installation of this plugin is easy and it supports multiple languages. 

ReDi Restaurant Reservations is integrated with Facebook which means you can take full advantage of your Facebook presence. You can turn your Facebook followers into customers. This plugin provides you with the Facebook profile picture of the customer. Furthermore, it collects reviews from your clients. 

Key Features of ReDi Restaurant Reservations: 

  • MailChimp integration 
  • Feature to set working hours  
  • Collect prepayment for reservations
  • Customizable restaurant reservation form  
  • Reminder for customers about upcoming reservations via email or SMS

Price: Free or $48.92/Year  

14. EventON

EventON WordPress Plugin

EventON plugin is a calendar-based event management plugin that can be used to show your upcoming events happening in your restaurant. You can create an unlimited number of events with multiple event images using this plugin. You can also create different categories for events. 

You can colorize those events to make them stand out more. Also, there is a sorting and filtering feature through which visitors can search for the event they are looking for. In addition, it’s integrated with third-party entities such as Font Awesome, Google Maps API, WooCommerce, Elementor Widget, etc. 

Key Features of EventON: 

  • Optimized for search engines 
  • Minimal design interface 
  • Multi-day events creation 
  • Custom time format available 
  • Compatible with apps like Zoom and jitsi

Price: $25 for a Regular License 

15. Easy Notification Bar

Easy Notification Bar WordPress Plugin

Easy Notification Bar is the plugin that is used for displaying notification messages on your restaurant website. This plugin is used to inform your customers and visitors about any special occasions, sales promotions, discounts, etc. Also, you can choose whether to show the notification on the homepage only or to display it on the whole site. 

Apart from that, it has a sticky feature that sticks a notification message at the top. Hence, it’s not hidden when you scroll down. In addition, you can choose a custom background, color, text alignment, and font size setting for your content. 

Key Features of Easy Notification Bar: 

  • Responsive design 
  • Minimal code 
  • No conflict with well-coded modern themes
  • Provides message with the button on the side in the top bar
  • Notify visitors about the ongoing sale, hot products, warnings, or other important messages

Price: Free 

16. RestroPress 

RestroPress WordPress Plugin

The RestroPress plugin’s purpose is to cover a restaurant’s food ordering system. This plugin has a user-friendly front-end and back-end interface. Apart from this, RestroPress plugin comes with a pre-built user profile and order template. As a result, you don’t have to create everything from scratch. 

You can sort the category and food item either in ascending order or descending order based on your desire. Also, it has a shortcode feature so that you can put the content easily on any page. Besides, you don’t need any coding skills to use this plugin. 

Key Features of RestroPress: 

  • Ability to print receipt 
  • Online discounts and offers
  • Receive takeaway and delivery orders 
  • Reporting system to view sales, customers, etc. 
  • Payment options like PayPal, Amazon, and Cash on Delivery 

Price: Free or $300/Year for 1 Site 

17. Speed Contact Bar

Speed Contact Bar WordPress Plugin

Speed Contact Bar is one of the free plugins that is used to show permanent visible contact information on every page. You can choose to show the information at the top or bottom of the pages. Apart from that, it supports multilanguage and has a mobile responsive design. 

Furthermore, it supports different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Each icon for these social media is shown when you put the link on the setting. These icons can be triggered such that visitors can make a phone call after clicking on the phone number and so on. 

Key Features of Speed Contact Bar: 

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant 
  • Customizable with different colors and designs 
  • Icon selection option between light and dark 
  • Option to put shadows for 3D effect 
  • Changeable background color and transparency of the bar 

Price: Free 

18. Quick Restaurant Reservations  

Quick Restaurant Reservations WordPress Plugin

Quick Restaurant Reservation plugin deals with the reservation part of the restaurant. This plugin instantly sends notifications to your customers after the confirmation or rejection of the reservation. Moreover, you can define time intervals between each booking schedule as well as define the work days. 

With the help of this plugin, you can create unlimited restaurants as per your need. Besides, it’s super-easy to manage all your bookings from your admin area and you can also filter them based on the restaurant date and status. 

Key Features of Quick Restaurant Reservations: 

  • Manual confirmation is available 
  • Set custom message and redirection 
  • Monthly and daily calendar view 
  • Customize logo for email notifications 
  • Notify users about reservation status (pending, confirmed, rejected, or canceled)

Price: Free + Several Premium Add-ons available 

19. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor

Restaurant and Cafe Addon WordPress Plugin

Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor is the plugin that works with the Elementor page builder to create a restaurant website. In this plugin, you can get 50+ unique and basic Elementor widgets through which you can create an astonishing restaurant website. Also, this plugin is easily customizable. 

On top of that, if you ever encounter a problem regarding the usage of this plugin, there is detailed documentation available for this plugin. Besides, it supports different offers and gift cards to be used by customers. 

Key Features of Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor: 

  • Three sets of widgets are available
  • Shortcode feature 
  • Availability of bar chart and pie chart 
  • Video pop-up option 
  • Filtering of products using categories and titles 

Price: Free or $29.99/Year for 1 Site 

Wrapping It Up! 

With this, we conclude our list of the 19 best restaurant plugins for WordPress.  We believe that you’ll get the best restaurant plugin or a combination of plugins after reading this article. 

If you still have trouble selecting, we suggest you choose Everest Forms to create an instant reservation form for your restaurant. It’s fully customizable for your needs and easy to use. Another suggestion is WooCommerce Food, as this plugin has a restaurant menu and a delivery system. 

All these listed restaurant plugins work with different functionalities. Some plugins work exclusively to provide restaurant menu functions, while others work with reservation or booking functions. In contrast, several of them work for food delivery systems, and some even have combined functionality. 

So, you have the complete freedom to choose different WordPress restaurant plugins serving different functionality. We hope you’ll find the plugins that match your requirements.  

If you like this article, feel free to read other related articles such as the best form builder plugins for WordPress and the best lead generation plugins for WordPress

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19 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants 2022 (Mostly Free) 
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