10+ Best Free WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins for 2022

Best Free Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

Are you searching for the best free image optimizer WordPress plugins? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.  

In order to make a website appealing to a viewer, we add images. However, there’s a chance it can slow down your site. To solve such an inconvenience, we use WordPress image optimizer plugins. This way, you can speed up your site and attract visitors as well, which is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Hence, in this article, we’ve put together a list of feature-rich image optimizer plugins for you. So, without further ado, let’s start with a brief introduction to the image optimizer plugin. 

What is an Image Optimizer Plugin And Why Use It?  

A plugin is computer software that you can “plug into” your WordPress site. Its main function is to extend the functionality of an existing application and add new features to it. 

Similarly, WordPress image optimizer is a plugin that reduces your image size by applying lossless compression to an individual image or in bulk. This also helps load your site faster which increases user engagement. Some of the major advantages of image optimizer plugins are listed below: 

  1. Consumes less storage and bandwidth  
  2. Saves your and the user’s mobile data 
  3. Loads the site faster 
  4. Reduction of the page size 
  5. Boosts SEO due to the faster loading 
  6. Optimizes images without unnoticeable quality reduction

There are several fantastic free image compression plugins to enhance your website’s performance. Choosing the best alternative that suits your preferences can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we bring you the list of the 13 best free image optimizer plugins of 2022 for your convenience.  

13 Best Free Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress

1. Smush  

Smush WordPress Plugin

Smush is one of the best free image optimizer WordPress plugins of all time. This award-winning image compression plugin aims to compress, optimize, and resize your image. With smush, you can optimize your image up to 5 MB in size in JPEG, GIF, and PNG format. It saves your storage space as it’s a powerful plugin.  

This crowd favorite image optimizer plugin has been actively installed over 1 million times. It takes some load off your server and easily provides the best speed and quality for your page.  

Key Features of Smush:  

  • Lazy load to defer offscreen images 
  • Bulk optimizes up to 50 old images at a time  
  • Detects the incorrect images that are slowing down your website  
  • Optimizes images even when they’re not located in the media gallery 
  • Uses lossless compression to compress your image without any effect on its quality

2. WP-Optimize  

WPOptimize Best Free Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

WP-Optimize is an all-in-one plugin that clears your database, caches your website, and compresses large images. It converts large images from your site into compressed files. You can easily upload your entire image library with these files, which helps reduce loading time.  

It optimizes images without degrading their quality. Moreover, it encourages high page loading speeds. It is popular for creating your website faster. Best of all, WP-Optimize is appropriate for multiple sites.  

Key Features of WP-Optimize:  

  • Restores the original image, when needed   
  • It works with PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIF image files  
  • Optimizes images up to 5 MB and free compression up to 64 MB 
  • EXIF-Data helps you retrieve your original image even after optimization  
  • Automated compression feature for images to self-compress on your website 

3. SiteGround Optimizer  

SiteGround WordPress Plugin

The SiteGround Optimizer is an optimizer plugin developed by SiteGround to improve the performance of WordPress instances. You can use this plugin for any hosting platform. However, some of the features will only work on SiteGround’s hosting platform

This plugin links WordPress with SiteGround’s performance service. It has many compression techniques. Additionally, it has various services; image optimization is one of them. It can also optimize both existing and new images without changing the quality of the image.   

Key Features of SiteGround Optimizer: 

  • Optimization of old images in bulk  
  • Automated optimization for new images
  • Remove unnecessary images to perform lazy loads   
  • Old, new, or even existing images in WebP formats  
  • Easy to enable and disable lazy loads for images and even for other media 

4. Autoptimize 

Autoptimize WordPress Plugin

Autoptimize is a WordPress gallery optimizer plugin that is very easy to use. It gives an incredibly optimized performance service. It’s frequently updated to provide you with new and improved features and to fix bugs.   

Besides image optimization, it also compresses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It combines, minimizes fonts and styles, and includes CSS in the site’s heading. If you think performance is important then you should consider using this plugin for page caching.  

Key Features of Autoptimize:  

  • User-friendly 
  • Only works with free images  
  • Suitable for WebP and AVIF formats   
  • Auto optimization for superfast compression and upload
  • Automatically excludes unnecessary images and doesn’t require lazy load

5. EWWW Image Optimizer  

Ewww Best Free Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

Ever had to solve an issue of large images on your website that makes you go ‘EWWW’? You don’t have to worry anymore; EWWW Image Optimizer is there to solve such issues. It’s the only plugin that allows using tools from your own server for image compression.   

With EWWW Image Optimizer you can optimize all your existing images. This plugin doesn’t have speed limits and can easily optimize unlimited file size. Along with that, it provides smooth handling for pixel-perfect optimization.  

Key Features of EWWW Image Optimizer:  

  • SSL encryption for safety and security  
  • Works well with WordPress media libraries 
  • The format of the image remains unchanged
  • Stores original images for up to 30 days for free 
  • Directly adaptive steering consists of an intelligent conversion option 

6. FooGallery  

FooGallery WordPress Plugin

FooGallery is one of the best gallery plugins developed by FooPlugins. It has a simple interface for users, with six different layouts. Apart from that, its stunning gallery layouts focus on speed and SEO. It’s very easy to use, and the settings are automated and straightforward.  

It gives you enough features in order to create unique images and media galleries to make your site attractive. You easily create a gallery from scratch or use pre-made templates.  

Furthermore, you can arrange your image as per your needs with its effective reordering option. However, social sharing can’t be done. 

Key Features of FooGallery:  

  • Infinite scrolling options  
  • Options for customization  
  • Live previews of images before publishing 
  • Pagination option to add dots, page numbers, and many more
  • Supports videos, bulk images, CSS for developers, and many other features for business websites  

7. Imagify  

Imagify WordPress Plugin

Imagify is popular for its advanced features for compressing images in WordPress. It also allows you to add the WebP image format. That way, you can reduce the image size and increase the speed of your site. Each month, users can optimize up to 20 MB of images for free.  

Further, Imagify provides three compressions; normal, aggressive, and ultra, according to the intensity of image optimization. Normal comes up with lossless compression without degrading the image quality. Aggressive gives stronger optimization with mild quality reduction whereas ultra provides the most lossy optimization.  

Key Features of Imagify:  

  • Optimizes images on your site in bulk  
  • The original image can be retrieved  
  • Options for the level of compression  
  • Compatible with JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF image formats 
  • Well-suited with WooCommerce and NextGen media gallery tools  

8. ShortPixel Image Optimizer  

ShortPixel WordPress Plugin

The ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin helps enhance the website’s performance by compressing and resizing images, after choosing from different levels of compression. It’s a freemium (both free and premium) image optimizer that is updated frequently for better performance.  

To add more, it works with all kinds of media and galleries, with or without eCommerce or watermarking. It has automatic as well as advanced background optimization. ShortPixel has a local backup from which you can restore single or multiple images, which can be very beneficial. 

Key Features of ShortPixel Image Optimizer:  

  • Runs on multiple sites using an API key    
  • Easy optimization of existing images in bulk 
  • Works well with both HTTPS and HTTP websites  
  • Free credit optimization for non-profit users  
  • Local backup is available for restoring single or multiple images

9. Modula Image Gallery  

Modula WordPress Plugin

Modula Image Gallery does everything that a media gallery fails to do. It delivers all the features you could ever need. Additionally, it supports images, videos, creates a gallery, adds security to your work, resizes your images, and many more.  

Above all, it makes sure your gallery loads quickly on any device. It helps create unlimited galleries. Optimizing images with Modula is very easy. It’s just a matter of installing the plugin and you’re good to go.  

Key Features of Modula Image Gallery:  

  • Coding is required  
  • Provides work security  
  • Fast social sharing  
  • Supports hover and zoom effects
  • Supports images and even videos from YouTube or Vimeo  

10. Optimole  

Optimole WordPress Plugin

Optimole image optimizer plugin comes with a wide range of features, including full automation. This helps speed up your site and also provides quality images. You can restore your original images if need be. Apart from automatically optimizing your images, it serves the required image size according to your web browser.  

Moreover, it processes your images in real-time and also has its own dashboard. It doesn’t strain your server as it is completely cloud-based. However, it degrades the quality of an image if the connection is weak.  

Key Features of Optimole:  

  • Personalized watermarks 
  • Fully compatible with page builders  
  • A weak connection reduces image quality  
  • Supports all devices with any screen size
  • Works with 100 locations worldwide with an image CDN  

11. Optimus  

Optimus WordPress Plugin

The Optimus WordPress plugin was developed by KeyCDN. They optimize your static assets and compress images. When you upload your images to the WordPress library, Optimus automatically compresses the image size up to 70%. The most impressive part is that the quality of the image remains unchanged.  

This works for both PNG images and JPEGs. Above all, it’s quickly being adopted and supported by most browsers. Optimus makes the page load faster, which can be beneficial for site visitors.  

Key Features of Optimus:  

  • Creates progressive JPEGs as output  
  • Decreases file size during upload  
  • Doesn’t remove EXIF and IPTC files  
  • Conversion to WP retina 2X and WebP is available 
  • Supports WordPress multisite and WooCommerce 

12. Image Optimization for SEO  

Image Optimization for SEO

Image Optimization for SEO is a WordPress gallery plugin that optimizes images and makes them SEOfriendly. This plugin is also very user-friendly with its easy interface and dashboard, anyone without prior knowledge of coding can use it. 

Moreover, you can add titles and alt tags to make an image SEO-friendly. Everything will be done without affecting the code and database of your site. This plugin is user-friendly with a simple interface and includes a descriptive section design.  

Key Features of Image Optimization:  

  • Multi-site support    
  • Boosts site loading speed  
  • Responsive plugin setting panel 
  • Provides complete plugin documentation  
  • Supports all major browsers and most WordPress themes

13. WP Compress

WPCompress WordPress Plugin

WP Compress is a WordPress plugin that you can either use to compress your website images or, more importantly, use its content delivery network to optimize images on your website and deliver them to your visitors. You’re allowed to optimize 100 MB of images for free every month. 

It gives you a powerful yet easy way to compress images for your website. It is more than just your traditional image optimizer plugin, where you can use all the components as per your needs. 

Key Features of WP Compress:  

  • Preserves EXIF data
  • CDN speeds up the delivery of images
  • Local or live optimization of images  
  • Delivers a perfect image every time and provides retinal support  
  • Lossless, intelligence, and ultra-compression modes are available  

Which Might be the Best Image Optimizer Plugin Among the Ones Listed?  

Now that you’ve come across all the best plugins, it’s time to enjoy their features for free. 

If you’re still unsure about which plugin might suit you best, let us tell you that Smush is currently the most popular WordPress image optimizer, with over one million active installations and very high ratings. It brings you great features with each update.  

Other plugins, such as Optimole, are used for responsive images, Imagify for excellent compression, EWWW Image Optimizer for no size limit, and so on. 

If you’re looking for a plugin that works for multiple optimizations, Autoptimize, SG Optimizer, and WP Compress can be used.  

Wrapping It Up! 

Finally, it’s time to wrap it up. We’ve reached the end of our list of the 13 best free WordPress image optimizing plugins. We hope this article answers all of your questions related to the topic. And now, you can add as many images as you want using these plugins.  

If you’ve used or are currently using any of the above-mentioned plugins, you can simply share your experience with us in the comments below. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. 

If you want to find more ways to improve your WordPress site by increasing speed or more, we recommend you to check out our articles on how to speed up your WordPress site and how to improve SEO on WordPress

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