10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2021(Speed Up Your Site)

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Are you in search of the best WordPress cache plugins to speed up your site? If yes then we got you covered!

As we all know fast loading website brings more traffic, reduces bounce rates, and ranks better in search engines.

In this post, we’ve listed the best Cache Plugins in WordPress so that you can install one and improve SEO, content, and user experience on your website. Hence, if you want to know more, keep reading the article.

What is a Cache Plugin for WordPress?

Before we start with the list of the best cache plugins for WordPress, let’s be clear about what cache is and how these plugins work.

When you browse the Internet, what you’re doing is downloading information to your device from a computer (or server in this case). In WordPress, pages are generated through hundreds of PHP scripts, which means a lot of data movement is happening between the server and the client.

But in principle, this is not a problem, as long as your page does not receive a large number of visits. But if you start generating traffic (and you don’t use a quality server) you can saturate it.

What WordPress cache plugins do is save all the pages that are generated the first time someone enters. In addition, it stores them in HTML format in the cache to display them from there, which significantly reduces the loading time.

10 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress

Well, when it comes to speed improvement, most webmasters include caching plugins. Installing a quality and reputable plugin can dramatically improve your site’s page load time and save a lot of work (and money). Something we all want.

These are some of the best WordPress cache plugins which offer interesting results. Let’s see what they’ve to offer in detail.

1. WP Rocket (Premium)

best wordpress cache plugins

WP-Rocket is considered as one of the best caching plugins, not just by us but many experts claim that as well. This premium plugin has all the possible caching technologies that must be included in a cache plugin.

Page caching, browser caching, GZIP compression, file minification/merging, CDN integration, cache preloading, and so on. In addition to these, there are several functions – database optimization, Google fonts optimization, lazy load technology, and so on.

The plugin has a friendly interface with simple configuration and detailed documentation. Since this is a premium plugin, it has a full support service with a ticket system. You can also find the plugin documentation and FAQ section.

Key Features of WP Rocket:

  • They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Integrates quite well with CloudFlare as a CDN
  • 24/7 Premium Quality Support
  • Optimize the loading of Google Fonts
  • Includes a system to clean the WordPress database of traces and junk information.

Price: $49 for a Single Site License

2. W3 Total Cache (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

If we talk about the best cache plugins for WordPress, we just cannot ignore W3 Total Cache. You can take advantage of this plugin without any cost because this plugin is completely free.

W3 Total Cache is not just a plugin, it is a whole set of tools to speed up the loading of your website, which has a cache for objects, pages, fragments, and many more. You can also configure other factors such as compression, combination, and minification of files (both CSS and Javascript).

Therefore, if your site has a very high number of visits or for some reason, you cannot correct how long it takes to load, this option is a safe bet. Saying that this plugin is heavy and somewhat complicated to configure and requires more technical knowledge to take full advantage of it.

Key Features of W3 Total Cache:

  • Allows CDN Integration
  • Reduces the weight of the files and combines several into one
  • Support for shared, virtual private, and dedicated hosting
  • Seamless integration into the content delivery network (CDN)
  • Reverse proxy integration via Varnish or Nginx

Price: Free or $8.25/mo.

3. WP Super Cache (Free)

best wordpress cache plugin

In this list of best cache plugins for WordPress, we cannot forget about WP Super Cache either. The plugin is run by Automattic, the same team behind WordPress.com.

Among all the other plugins in this list, WP Super Cache is the simplest plugin that perfectly fulfills its mission. Just install this plugin for your site and see the improved performance by yourself.

The installation and configuration process is very simple. You don’t need more than a couple of minutes to get it up and running. This plugin is perfect for those who aren’t very comfortable with advanced technology. And also this plugin is completely free.

Key Features of WP Super Cache:

  • Supports CDN
  • Hooks available for custom caching
  • Includes a full setup section with a separate tab for easy setup
  • Includes gzip compression, page caching, cache preloading
  • Advanced configuration module: Mod Rewrite rules, rejected URLs or integration with OSSDL CDN Off Linker

Price: Free

4. Swift Performance Lite (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

Swift Performance allows you to noticeably speed up the work of the site in one click. Creators of this plugin claim that their software can reduce the load time of individual pages with the help of an advanced intelligent caching system.

To make the site even faster, Swift Performance has a built-in compressor that compresses every image. And this not only has a positive effect on performance but also reduces the server’s hard disk space. This plugin allows you to cache AJAX requests, dynamic pages, etc.

But the main feature of Swift Performance is Plugin Organizer, which allows you to disable some extensions for individual pages so that they do not waste resources when not in use.

Key Features of Swift Performance Lite:

  • This plugin provides CDN support
  • Built-in unlimited image optimizer
  • Cache AJAX requests and dynamic requests
  • Unlimited image & database optimizer
  • Minify and combine the CSS and javascript files

Price: Free or $39.99/Year for a Single Site License

5. WP Fastest Cache (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

We’ve saved one of the best WordPress cache plugins for last. This plugin has a whooping number of active installations. In terms of pricing, WP Fastest Cache has a Premium version and a free version with capped functionalities.

WP Fastest Cache is as easy to install as any other plugin. You just have to access the plugin section of your WordPress control panel. It has a lot of options to achieve the result you are looking for.

What makes it different from other cache plugins? Besides being effective it’s simple and easy to configure, ideal for beginner users, and much easier to implement than other more popular plugins.

Key Features of WP Fastest Cache:

  • Includes a simple system to partially implement a CDN service
  • Its configuration is very simple and easy to understand
  • Cache Page, browser as well as preload
  • Includes a simple system for minifying and combining HTML, JS, and CSS files
  • WP Fastest Cache creates static files from your dynamic WordPress content

Price: Free or $49.99 for a Single Site License

6. Cache Enabler (Free)

best wordpress cache plugin

Cache Enabler is an open-source WordPress cache plugin that comes with a fast and reliable disk cache engine. It’s also one of the easiest WordPress cache plugins to use which contains an automated cache flush feature.

It works with multi-site WordPress, serves WebP images without the need for JavaScript, and is easy to set up with very few settings, making it a great solution for those of all skill levels.

Additionally, Cache Enabler displays your cache size in your site’s dashboard so you can see exactly how much space your cache is taking up. Also this plugin support Autoptimize, a WordPress plugin that makes optimizing your website a piece of cake.

Key Features of Cache Enabler:

  • Minify HTML and JavaScript
  • CPT And Multisite Compatible
  • Includes fast disk cache engine
  • Automatic or manual cache purge
  • Gzip pre-compression support

Price: Free

7. Comet Cache (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

Comet Cache is one of the best cache plugins for beginners due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. If your goal is to find a quick fix, here is what to do. You just have to click the yellow button to activate the plugin after installation. This simply enables caching on your site.

But that’s not it, for people who may be looking for something more, this plugin provides advanced features too. Comet Cache acts intelligently as it does not cache pages for registered users or people who have recently left comments, it is very simple but still offers 8 configuration sections.

Each of those 8 sections has a configuration explanation, something that perhaps we don’t usually see on other plugins.

Key Features of Comet Cache:

  • Automatic & Intelligent cache clearing (Premium Version)
  • Translation Compatibility
  • Able to set an automatic expiration time for cache files
  • Apache Optimizations to enable GZIP Compression
  • JS/CSS Concatenation and Minification

Price: Free or $39USD for a Single Site License

8. Hummingbird (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

Hummingbird is somehow similar to WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache. It has server caching, browser caching, gzip compression, pretty advanced minification and merging, copying files to CDN, and other features.

But what makes it different than another Cache plugin is that it scans the site, finds files that slow it down, and gives recommendations on how to fix the problems it finds.

This plugin has both a free and paid version. The paid version of the plugin has a function of stronger minification of files, copying the cached version of the site to a branded CDN, and a function for monitoring the site.

Key Features of Hummingbird Plugin:

  • Supports CDN
  • Easy setup Scan site
  • Enable page caching and gravatar caching with default settings
  • Automatically runs a speed/performance test
  • Change the storage period for JS, CSS, media files, and images in the visitor’s browser

Price: Free or $5/month

9. LiteSpeed Cache (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

With more than 2 million+ active installations, this plugin is only slightly inferior in functionality to W3 Total Cache but has several additional functions that W3TC does not have: database optimization and image optimization.

In addition to a fairly large functionality, the plugin has a connection to its own CDN QUIC.cloud network, consisting of 13 servers on 4 continents.

So far, QUIC.cloud is completely free and works in beta mode, but the site says that it is planned to add paid plans. That might affect the free connection that is available for free now might be affected in the coming future.

Key Features of LiteSpeed Cache Plugin:

  • Free QUIC.cloud CDN Cache
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Content Delivery Network Support
  • Database Optimization
  • CSS/JavaScript Combination

Price: Free or $10/month

10. Autoptimize (Free + Premium)

best wordpress cache plugin

Autoptimize makes site caching as easy as possible. It collects, minifies, and caches a bunch of data. These include JavaScript documents, CSS styles, and other elements that need to be quickly delivered to visitors.

This plugin has a built-in image compressor to reduce the time it takes to load images and the space used in hosting storage.

Furthermore, the plugin also optimizes the used Google fonts and removes unnecessary elements in the spirit of the built-in WordPress emoji.

Key Features of Autoptimize:

  • Combined minification and cache scripts and styles
  • Optimize and lazy-load images
  • Compatible with all the web hosts
  • Image optimization configuration
  • Optimal Autoptimize configuration, tailored to your website

Price: Free or €299


And there you have it! The best WordPress cache plugins. If you’re looking for the best free WordPress cache plugin, you’ll definitely want to take a look at W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache. Both are constantly updated and used by more than a million websites.

If you’ve got a bit of room in your budget and need a WordPress caching solution that offers a bit more power, incredible support, and requires minimal setup, you can choose WP Rocket.

We hope this article has helped you find the WordPress caching plugin to speed up your website. And if you did, take a moment to share it with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for more ways to speed up WordPress, besides using a caching plugin, check out our article on Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins. You can also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more future updates.

10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2021(Speed Up Your Site)
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