11 Best High Commission Affiliate Programs to Join in 2022

Are you looking for the best high commission affiliate programs to join in 2022? If yes you’ve come to the right place.

There are many different types of affiliate programs, ranging from online courses to website builders to affiliate marketing and business automation.

Here, we’re going to explore the 11 affiliate programs with the highest earning potential to make sure you can make money from the content you offer. But first what exactly is an affiliate program?

What is Affiliate Program?

Simply put, an affiliate program is an arrangement in which a business pays another business or influencer (“the affiliate”) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales.

This can be accomplished through web content, social media, or web product integration. The affiliate gets a unique link (an ‘affiliate link’) from which clicks can be tracked, usually via cookies.

You’ll generally come across the terms “cookie duration” or “cookie life“, which simply define how long the cookie will remain on the end user’s device.

Affiliate Marketing

For example, if a cookie has a 30-day lifetime, your referral needs to make a purchase within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link to get paid, otherwise, the lead will no longer be traceable.

Every day, thousands of publishers benefit from a recurring revenue stream by partnering with other companies through affiliate marketing campaigns and programs.

Especially when you don’t sell your own products or services. Joining an affiliate program can give you exclusive access to new content and special offers for your audience while making more money.

Of course, there are different types of affiliate programs, and you want to make sure you choose the right one for your business. Let’s dive into the types of affiliate programs.

Top 11 High Commission Affiliate Programs

1. Zakra

Zakra Affiliate Program

Zakra is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes in the market. It has over 65K happy customers and proudly empowers 100+ new websites on daily basis.

Further, it offers 65+ ready-to-import demos for every kind of niche site such as blogging, business, eCommerce, and more. Also, the demos are built using different page builders such as Elementor, Brizy Builder, etc.

Taking about the affiliate program, it’s super easy to join it. All you need to do is fill out the form and the team will get back to you. The great news is it’s completely free to join our program. Also, after you join the program, you get a 30% referral commission and earn up to $136.2 per sale.

Comission: 30% referral commission

Cookie life: 365 Days

2. Bluehost

Bluehost Hosting Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a web hosting platform that supports more than 2 million websites. Not only Bluehost is great at hosting services, but it also offers a phenomenal affiliate program. Which is suitable for any business or entrepreneur looking to monetize their blog or website.

If you promote Bluehost’s products or services on your own blog or website (either through custom banners or links). You can earn anywhere from $65 to $130 per sale generated from your website — an incredibly high fee.

Best of all, it’s free to join their affiliate program, and Bluehost offers reliable tracking to ensure you get credit for each lead you provide them. Plus, Bluehost offers affiliate managers who can offer support or personalized advice.

Commission: $65 to $130 per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

3. SiteGround

SiteGround Affiliate Program

Siteground is one of the best hosting providers in the world. It is preferred by those who are dedicated to Online Marketing and WordPress development.

Its referral payment system is different from other affiliate programs. They offer a single payment of $50 for each client who contracts with them whatever type of plan they have. If you get more than 5 clients then they pay you a fixed $70 for each one.

The payment is scalable according to the number of clients you get. Here are some points to remember when you are affiliated with Siteground:

  • If you don’t have recurring customers every month, SiteGround’s affiliate program may be a better fit for you. You charge your $50 and you forget.
  • If you have more than 5 clients per month, SiteGround may still compensate you because the commission is higher.

Commission: According to the number of referral

Cookie Life: 30 Days

4. Semrush

Semrush Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate program of Semrush, a SaaS company that specializes in SEO and competitor analysis tools for digital businesses. Their affiliate program offers $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for new trial activation, and $0.01 for new signup. Plus, they offer a very generous 120 days cookie shelf life.

Also, as Semrush works under a first cookie attribution model, if a referral cancels their subscription and registers again in the future (within 120 days), you’ll still receive a commission for that second subscription.

Semrush’s exclusive promotional material is available in five different languages and applicants are automatically pre-approved, so the registration process is only a few minutes, allowing you to get started right away.

Commission: $0.01 to $200

Cookie life: 120 Days

5. Fiverr

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr has a few products that you can promote on your own website or blog, including Fiverr (the independent marketplace with digital services for everything from marketing to tech), Fiverr Pro (access to trusted manual talent from major brands), and Fiverr Learn (courses for freelancers and companies looking to expand their skills).

If you work with clients who might need to hire a freelancer for marketing, design, or technical skills, or if you blog for entrepreneurs and want to promote Fiverr Learn, you might consider partnering with Fiverr.

The popular site, with more than 5.5 million users, offers affiliates a dashboard to manage and monitor campaigns, and creative assets to help promote their services. Of course, the commission varies depending on the service you want to promote.

Commission: $15-$150 per Fiverr CPA

Cookie life: 30 Days

6. ShareASale

Shareasale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is one of the largest platforms where you can find programs with an infinite number of themes from all sectors. The configuration panel is in English, but if you’re going to dedicate yourself seriously to promoting other people’s products through your websites, we recommend it.

Furthermore, they’ve many and very good plans in all the services and products related to online marketing. It has affiliate programs for example solutions for online stores, b2b advertising, domain registration, hosting, tools for social networks, templates for WordPress, and tools for monitoring link clicks.

In our opinion, it’s a fundamental platform for any marketing blogger who wants to monetize their website.

Commission:  20% of the commission amount (set by you)

Cookie life: 12 Months

7. BigCommerce

high commission affiliate programs

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is an online store builder powering thousands of eCommerce stores in more than 150 countries. It serves a wide variety of industries, including fashion, automotive, manufacturing, food, and healthcare.

When you refer visitors to BigCommerce, you earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment (up to $500 per referral!) OR $1,500 per business customer.

Commission: 200% or $1,500 per Enterprise referral

Cookie life: 90 Days

8. Shopify

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program

With over 500,000 Shopify stores worldwide, Shopify has truly proven itself as a market leader in the drop shipping industry. Shopify has everything you need to start your online store, including website builders, shopping carts, web hosting, store management tools, analytics features, payment processing, and much more.

If you own an e-commerce site and you need to earn passive income, the Shopify affiliate program might be for you. Affiliates get a 200% commission on the cost of a monthly subscription (up to $2,400!). Additionally, when a referral signs up for a Shopify Plus account, they’re paid a $2,000 reward payment.

In addition to the money, as a Shopify Affiliate, you get priority support for your own Shopify store, as well as free Shopify content to promote to your audience. Moreover, joining the program is absolutely free.

Commission: 200% for each reference

Cookie life: 30 Days

9. WP Engine

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is one of the hosting providers which offer super-fast web hosting for thousands of WordPress websites around the world.

The WP Engine affiliate program runs on the ShareASale network. By promoting WP Engine plans, you can earn $200 per subscription or 100% of the customer’s first monthly payment, whichever is greater. You get access to exclusive affiliate discounts that you can offer to your audience.

It is important to note that the WP Engine affiliate program offers bonus commission as well. Even if you send as few as 5 referrals, you can earn extra bonus commission depending upon the monthly sale.

While it may not be easy to find an audience looking to build a new WordPress website, when you find those users, the payoff can be huge.

Commission: $200 + extra bonus commission

Cookie life: 180 Days

10. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Hosting Affiliate Program

GreenGeeks, a safe and environmentally friendly web hosting platform, allows you to earn up to $100 per sale. They offer a tiered program that pays handsomely, including $50 for a single sale, and $100 for 6+ sales.

In addition, the company offers a selection of creatives, content, and banners to ensure that you are proud of the link or banner that you include on your website or blog.

If you think your blog readers or website visitors are interested in exploring web hosting platforms (for example, if you write content for freelancers), this might be a good option to explore.

Commission: $50 per sale; up to $100 for 6+ sales

Cookie life: 30 Days

11. Kinsta

Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta was founded in 2013 by veteran WordPress developers “with a desire to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world.” They strive to offer WordPress hosting that is fast, secure, and reliable.

The Kinsta affiliate program pays an initial commission, followed by a recurring monthly payment of 10%. Affiliates can earn up to $500 initially, depending on the type of plan the referral purchased:

  • Starter: $30
  • Pro: $100
  • Business: $150
  • Company: $500

While 10% may not sound like a lot, your referrals are likely to have a high lifetime value, thanks to Kinsta’s high customer retention rate of 95%.

Commission: Up to $ 500 per referral + 10% recurring

Cookie life: 60 Days

Wrapping It Up!

Ultimately, when deciding which program to choose, there are many key elements to consider, including how established your online tracking is and how much you want to earn. And, most important who is your audience and what are they interested in?

Think about what your website visitors or your social media followers need and could benefit from, and choose an affiliate marketing program that allows you to promote products in support of that. There are no limits to the number of affiliate programs you can join. Also, don’t be guided exclusively by the one that pays the best.

Thank you for sticking with us till the end. We hope you’ve found a suitable program for you in the above list and liked our effort. If not, join the Zakra affiliate program today and earn a 30% referral commission.

Before you go, here’s an interesting article on how to create a custom homepage in WordPress. Lastly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get more updates and exciting news.

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