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How to Create Multi-Step Form with Progress Bar in WordPress?  

Do you want to learn how to create multi-step form with progress bar in WordPress? We got you!    A multi-part form divides long forms into multiple steps. So, the form fields are more organized and easier for users to fill.  Similarly, the progress bar shows the quantity of work that’s completed and tracks users’ progress[…]

Create Multi Step Form with Progress Bar

How to Create a Portfolio Website in WordPress? (Beginner’s Guide)

Want to know how to create a portfolio website in WordPress? If yes, you’re in the right place.  Creating a portfolio site is important for showcasing your work and services. It’s simply a way of providing a professional introduction to future clients or agencies you’ll be working with. Hence, if you’re a freelancer or a[…]

Create Portfolio Site in WordPress Easily

How to Create a Real Estate Website Using WordPress?

Do you want to create a real estate website using WordPress? Then, this article is just the thing for you. Creating a stylish and fully functional real estate website can help take your real estate business to the next level. As a result, it can promote your business and help you attract new customers. Building[…]

How to Create a Real Estate Website Using WordPress

How to Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content?

Wondering how to change WordPress theme without losing content? Then, this article is exactly what you need.   Changing a WordPress theme is not a difficult job. However, without precautions, there’s a huge chance that you might break your live site while changing the theme. Hence, it’s wise to pick the right methods to change a theme.[…]

How to Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content

How to Uninstall & Delete Themes from WordPress? (Full Guide) 

Do you want to learn how to delete themes from WordPress websites? If so, you’re at the right place.  WordPress offers many themes to help you beautifully design your website. And it’s common to have more than one WordPress theme installed on your site.   But you don’t have to keep all those installed WordPress themes[…]

How to Delete Themes from WordPress Websites

How to Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer? 

Wondering how to remove theme name from WordPress footer? If so, you’ve landed on the right page, as in this article, we’ll talk about different methods to do so.  While you use a WordPress theme to build a WordPress site, it usually comes with a copyright footer that includes the theme’s name. And there might[…]

Remove Theme Name from WordPress Footer

How to Remove Page Title in WordPress? (Beginner’s Guide 2023)  

Want to know how to remove page title in WordPress? If you answered yes, this article is for you.    A page title is an important part of the page. However, not every page needs a title. Other than that, removing and placing titles on different sections might give your page a more aesthetic vibe.   So,[…]

How to Remove Page Title in WordPress

How to Change Link Color in WordPress? (With No Code)

Wondering how to change link color in WordPress? If yes, this article is just the thing you’ve been searching for.   You can change the link text color using various methods that we’ve mentioned below. Hence, keep reading to easily change the color of the links on your WordPress website.   But first, let’s learn[…]

How To Change Link Color In WordPress

How to Add Search to WordPress Menu? (+ How to Remove) 

Want to know how to add search to WordPress menu? Then, this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for.   WordPress, by default, grants you the chance to add search to your sidebar, footer, and widget area. However, adding a search bar to navigation menu is more equitable. The main reason is, it’s more convenient and[…]

Adding Search To WordPress Menu
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