10 Best Medical Appointment Form Plugins for WordPress 2022 

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Are you looking for the best medical appointment form WordPress plugins for your WordPress site to manage and prevent overlapping appointments? If yes, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Many businesses require an appointment booking for the convenience of their customers. Whether you run a spa, beauty center, barbershop, and most important of all health care services.   

Doctors are always very busy and so are you. Therefore, it’s important to plan your schedule ahead. With the help of hospital appointment form WordPress plugins, your customers can easily book an appointment directly from your WordPress website.

Choosing the best booking form from a vast lineup can be difficult thus, we’ve made a list of the 10 Best medical appointment form plugins for WordPress to aid you in your medical center. 

But wait before we move forward, let’s discuss some of the benefits of WordPress plugins for the online medical booking system. 

Benefits of Doctor Appointment Form WordPress Plugins

As mentioned above, WordPress medical appointment plugins help your patients make an appointment directly from your site. They can fix a schedule from anywhere at any time. Along with that, medical appointment form WordPress plugins hold more benefits which are: 

  1. Online billing and payment
  2. Information is kept safe and secure
  3. Convenient for both doctors and patients
  4. Helps staff and resource management teams as well
  5. Great alternative for those who have trouble explaining nuances over the phone or in person 

Now that you know about the benefits of medical appointment form WordPress plugin, we can finally move on to the list of the 10 best WordPress plugins for medical appointment forms. 

10 Best Medical Appointment Form WordPress Plugins

1. Everest Forms 

Everest Forms Doctor Appointment Form WordPress

Everest Forms is hands down one of the best WordPress medical form plugins developed by WPEverest. It’s a lightweight, fast, and extensible plugin. Including that, it comes with a simple and intuitive interface especially, created for non-tech-savvy users. Frequently updated, this plugin has over 100000 installations

Additionally, it has all the crucial form field elements to attract your visitors. You can even get full advantage of all the styles and customization options with the in-built Elementor widget.  

Key Features of Everest Forms: 

  • Multiple spam protection 
  • Payments with PayPal or Stripe 
  • Medical history section 
  • Select preferred department 
  • Pre-configure the appointment booking wizard 

Price: Free or $69/Year (30% off on all plans) 

2. On-Demand 

On Demand Booking Plugin

On-Demand booking plugin is another amazing plugin strictly made for clinics and hospitals. It has a special feature where patients can add medicines to the cart and purchase it. The admin panel in this plugin is fully customizable. Moreover, service recipients can apply for new service requests. 

Designed for the comfort of doctors and patients, it provides quick consultations to patients and extra income to doctors. Overall, with the customizable admin panel, you can add new expertise, new patients and doctors, and even edit profiles. 

Key Features of On-Demand: 

  • Multiple languages 
  • Blog system 
  • Subscription history 
  • View available offers 
  • Notification templates 

Price:  $59 for a Regular License 

3. KiviCare 

KiviCare Booking Plugin

KiviCare is a wonderful doctor appointment form WordPress plugin developed for the ease of patients, doctors, and clinics. This beginner-friendly plugin is specially designed for physicians to adequately handle appointments and emergencies. Additionally, it also reminds you about your engagements. 

KiviCare allows you to track and manage online bookings of patients for doctors. Not only that, it allows keeping privacy at the forefront. Hence, each appointment can be kept private from others. 

Key Features of KiviCare: 

  • Multi-language option  
  • Super admin module 
  • Manage doctor’s professional background
  • Dashboard that enables you to see useful hospital modules 
  • Shortcodes to add new appointment widgets in your theme 

Pricing: Free or $49 for a Regular License 

4. ARB 

ARB Booking Hospital Appointment Form WordPress

ARB plugin is a flexible booking platform based on WooCommerce. This extension plugin lets your customer make reservations on almost every business that requires an appointment booking. Nevertheless, this plugin suits hospital appointment forms as well. 

This easy-to-use plugin also has a request for quote feature. Thus, users can negotiate and as per admins, you can set custom pricing for those who request a quote. 

Key Features of ARB: 

  • Custom bookings 
  • Avoids double booking  
  • Set limitations on reservations 
  • iCalender features to notify clients
  • Customizable reminder and notification email

Price:  $55 for a Regular License 

5. Webba Booking 

Webba Booking Form Plugin

Webba Booking is one of the most functional and flexible WordPress Booking plugins for physicians and hospitals. This plugin comes with a simple interface for service providers to optimize their time and for customers’ comfort. On top of that, it also has a mass control for phone input. 

Intriguingly, you can also set the time you want for the engagement to take place. Webba Booking provides the best customer service, they’ll also notify you when the request is pending, accepted, or declined. 

Key Features of Webba Booking: 

  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • WooCommerce integration
  • One or more bookings per time slot 
  • Fully compatible with the popular SMTP plugins 
  • Sharing access to services with other WordPress users

Price: Free or $89/Year for a Single Site. 

6. Easy Appointments 

Easy Appointment Plugin

Easy Appointments is a wonderful booking system plugin for online doctors, hairdressers, and other stylists who require appointments. You see its options are not limited to a single sector, but it’s a perfect choice for medical centers. With this plugin you can also add custom currency, you can set the price before or after. 

Simply add Easy Appointments to your site and manage appointments without any difficulty. In addition, it also comes with an addon which you can buy for more features. 

Key Features of Easy Appointments: 

  • Responsive design  
  • Multiple select slots 
  • Support for translations  
  • Export to CSV (for Cal, Excel…)
  • Google calendar to sync appointments 

Price: Free or the extension starts at $39/Year 

7. Booking Press 

BookingPress Hospital Appointment Plugin WordPress

Booking Press is an all-in-one appointment booking plugin for WordPress. If you’re looking for a plugin to manage your online appointment, this is it. Be it small or large businesses, this can be used by anyone. Though this plugin is multi-dimensional it’s best suited for medical centers. 

Booking Press comes with a super easy interface therefore, prior knowledge of coding is not necessary. Not only that, this is the only plugin in the market that provides PayPal integration for free. 

Key Features of Booking Press: 

  • Great UI and UX 
  • Anti-spam facility 
  • Support of Gutenberg and Elementor 
  • Quick and easy configuration option 
  • Calendar view to manage appointments 

Price: Free 

8. Book appointment online 

Book Appointment Online

Book appointment online plugin developed by oz-plugin has all you need to jumpstart your service business site. It’s open-source software; therefore, it’s fully customizable. This plugin is perfect for clinics and health workers.  

Furthermore, with a modern and responsive design, you can avoid double bookings. With years and years of expertise, Book appointment online has become the intelligent and forward-thinking plugin for scheduling businesses.  

Key Features : 

  • Captcha enabled 
  • Sync with Google calendar 
  • Automated appointment email reminders 
  • +5 languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch, Lithuanian) 
  • 3 different schedules for staff (custom, regular working, shift work) 

Price: Free or $79/Year 

9. DevSteed 

Dev Steed Booking Plugin

DevSteed plugin is one of the best appointment booking applications in the market. It’s a complete medical solution for users. Clients can easily find the best doctor available with the help of this app. What’s more, users can configure the application and website from the admin panel without codes after installation. 

For clinics and health workers at large, it allows you to manage your online booking. Not just that, they’ll also send you notification emails to let customers know if their engagement request is accepted or declined. 

Key Features of DevSteed: 

  • Possible to set FAQ 
  • New booking and calendar 
  • Choose a service and set a time slot 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard 
  • Modify photo gallery from admin panel 

Price: $39 for a Regular License 

10. Halo Doctor 

Halo Doctor Booking Plugin

Halo Doctor is an appointment booking with a time slot with the firebase app. With the help of this plugin, clients can find specialists based on ratings and reviews of the doctor. For doctors, they’ll be facilitated with scheduling using the timeslot. In spite of being multi-functional, this plugin is very easy to set up and use.  

This system will run smoothly on any gadget like a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.  Moreover, halo doctor provides email notifications where you can confirm or decline requests and you also get notified of the pending or completed requests. 

Key Features of Halo Doctor: 

  • Real-time video call 
  • Option for cash on board 
  • Search for nearby doctors 
  • Choose a convenient time slot
  • Fully working chat support between doctors and patients  

Price: $69 for a Regular License 

Wrapping It Up! 

Finally, it’s about time we wrap up our article on the best WordPress medical appointment form plugins. 

We really hope, with the help of this article, you find the best appointment booking plugin that suits you. We’ve mentioned Everest Forms as the #1 plugin so for the review you can simply visit the link Everest Forms review

Similarly, if you want to make your plugin simple eye candy for your users, you can check out our article best free pharmacy WordPress themes and templates.  

Lastly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for future updates and if you like our blog share it on social sites. 

10 Best Medical Appointment Form Plugins for WordPress 2022 
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