10 Best Free Blog Name Generators for 2022


Are you starting a blog and searching for free blog name generators because you are having a hard time choosing a suitable name for your blog?

Whether you want to start a new blog or rebrand and revitalize an old blog, you’ll need a blog name generator to guide you through the naming process. However, it is actually quite difficult to find a good one.

A blog can be anything these days. Since media channels are so diverse, you may need to find a YouTube name generator, a blog name generator, a Twitter name generator, or just a screen name generator for your online front.

How to Choose a Blog Name?

Coming up with good blog titles can be quite daunting if you don’t use a dedicated blogging tool. Good blog titles should be short, catchy, and engaging. When someone comes across your blog name, they should immediately understand what’s going on.

You can think very hard to come up with the best blog name, or you can ask for the services of a professional blog name generator.

There are many blog name generators out there, some of which are free while others require payment.

Depending on the service you want, you should use any of them, but rest assured that if you need a blog name, you’ll get it quickly with an excellent blog name generator.

Best Free Blog Name Generators (Handpicked)

Not all blog titles are created equal, and some are much better than others. For example, if you search for furniture.com, you’ll immediately know what the website is about. You should base your blog or website title on its content.

To further simplify the process of creating blog names, you should use an appropriate tool. Whether you’re looking for a fashion blog title, catchy titles, smart blog titles, or even creative blog titles, you should find a tool that has the following features:

  • Cover a wide variety of blogs and niches
  • Help with blog creation in general
  • Have a geographic location
  • Several blog title ideas
  • Fast service
  • Fun play on words
  • Word hints
  • Word substitutes

All of these features come in handy when you are wondering how to come up with a name for your blog. If you are wondering how to create a blog name like this, you’ll be glad to know that we have listed excellent top ten tools for generating blog names. Let’s get started.

1. Domain Wheel

blog name generators

Coming up with the best domain names for blogs is not the easiest thing in the world, but using the Domain Wheel and all of its tools makes it much easier. This tool is perfect for any budding blog owner’s business establishment and is an essential part of the blog creation process.

Whether you are looking for a nickname generator, blog name generator, Twitter name generator, catchy blog names, or just an idea for a website name, using the Domain Wheel will make your job much easier. Its simplicity makes it ideal for people who are just getting into the blogging niche.

Highlighted Features:

  • Blog name generator with simplistic design
  • AI Randomization Tool – Get AI name suggestions to help you find the best one for your new blog
  • Auto Domain Availability Check – Check the availability of your desired domain name as you type it
  • Suggested Premium Name Options – Premium Names are available at the bottom of the screen

2. Panabee

free blog name generators

Panabee is also a great-looking blog name generator that allows you to validate available domain names and offers viable options. The tool itself is very easy to use and very easy to navigate. It makes it easy to come up with a creative name for your blog, as every aspect is polished to perfection.

It comes with all the features you need and a couple that is completely unrelated to domains like social media name search. Similar to the other tools above, this gives you a search box where you can describe your idea in a nutshell. Enter your chosen words and click the Search button.

Highlighted Features:

  • International Domain Options – offers popular .co extension, which is great for local websites, blogs, and brands
  • App Store Search – You can search by app names to make sure your app name is as unique as the app itself
  • Social Media Username Search – Do you want to check if your desired name is taken on Facebook or Twitter? Well, with Panabee you can do it
  • Search & Generator Tool – While Panabee is most popular due to domain searches, it is also useful for brands, blogs, social media, and usernames

3. Business Name Generator

best blog name generators

A small, completely free site with a lot of different generators. Here you can choose a name for a business, a brand name, a domain, a startup, and even create a unique nickname automatically. To create a business name, just enter a keyword that reflects the direction.

The results display an array of different names, there are filters right there, you can sort the name of the business depending on the direction of work, choose options consisting of only one or two words, choose the location of the keyword.

Highlighted Features:

  • View More Premium Names from Domainify
  • Resourceful blogs to help you start off in creating a blog name 
  • Homepage can be accessed with various of other languages
  • You can generate username, product name, podcast name, start up name and many more

4. Domain.com

best free domain name generators

Domain.com is one of the best blog name generators. It comes with a powerful blog and company name generator that shows dozens of blog names with corresponding registration costs.

When searching for a keyword, it will first check for the presence of the word in the .com domain. If not available, it will show other related names for you. It features both new and premium domain names.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can register domain name instantly
  • Offers you other suggestions with various extensions besides .com
  • Blog name generation tool shows premium domains names too
  • Includes blog name generation tool. – This tool also bundles the cost of each domain that appears in the results

blog name generators

Instant Domain Search is the best blog name creation tool that comes with a wide catalog of other tools to help you create your blog. Whether you need to quickly create a name for your brand, blog or register a domain name at a reasonable cost, you can do it with Instant Domain Search.

By using this tool, you don’t have to worry about your blog’s domain names being hijacked. The Instant Domain Search will automatically find the blog name that is not taken, so you can be sure you can be the first to buy it.

Highlighted features:

  • Generate completely random names – combine keywords with many popular prefixes
  • Multiple Naming Options – Get thousands of results with every effort
  • Auto-generate name as you type – with every character you get auto-generated so you can build as you go
  • Domain Name Registration Options Available – Register your domain through GoDaddy, one of the most popular domain platforms in the world

6. Nameboy

blog name generators

Nameboy is the oldest and most popular blog generator available on the market. This free name finder is easy to use, fast, and very efficient. All you have to do is enter your keywords and click the Submit button. It will then generate tons of creative blog titles based on your keywords.

Now you can choose the best name from hundreds of results. If you can’t find the perfect name, you can search again using various combinations of keywords, synonyms, and more. Once you’ve chosen a title for your blog, you can click the View Details button next to your chosen blog title.

Highlighted Features:

  • Selected Keywords: You can find domain names based on selected keywords
  • Expedited Registration: This tool is extremely fast, allowing you to find more domain names rather quickly
  • Classic User Interface: It offers a classic user interface that is very intuitive to use and offers a great user experience
  • Color-coded list: Nameboy provides a color-coded list of domain name ideas to help you distinguish between available and unavailable

7. NameBounce

NameBounce Blog Name Generator

Yet another free blog generator on this list is NameBounce. With NameBounce, you can easily create a unique and memorable name for your blog. Some of the most popular TLDs it provides are .com, .net, .org, .co, .in, .io, .us, and more. Additionally, it also suggests a second name if you’re facing difficulty finding one.

To get started, type a name of your choice on the search box with the TLD you want for your site. Next, hit the Go button. All the available names will appear on the next page. The good news is you can also filter the domain names according to the Maximum Lengths and Maximum Syllables.

Highlighted Features:

  • Different TLDs are available
  • You can pick domain registrar of your choice
  • Results can be filtered by length and syllables
  • You can search for rhyming words and quotes as well

8. Wordoid

This free and smart naming tool is one of the more creative name generators as they basically create new words in different languages. They do this with their dedicated naming tool that follows phonetic rules to create names that are rolling out of the tongue.

Wordoid is one of the few domain name generators that allows you to set the language, word length, and patterns. Put in a couple of keywords and you will get results. Not only that you can also get to choose whether to include domain extensions or not. You can even save previous searches in case you need any future references.

Highlighted Features:

  • Check domain extension availability
  • You can also see your recent searches
  • Wordoid has a smart interface that is easy for users to explore
  • Wordoid website supports five different languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian)
  • You can set the length of a word to a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 5 characters

9. NameStation

Another blog name generator option that helps you come up with a unique, catchy blog name. The instructions for using the service are the same as for analogues – keywords are indicated and the algorithm makes up unique combinations. In the results, you can switch from business names to domain names.

Also, the results are grouped according to different criteria (the number of words, suffixes, and other parameters). The service differs from analogues by the ability to order naming from experts. In this case, the name of the business will be chosen by real people.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free plan as well as advanced plans are included
  • Available in 28 different languages including German, French, Japanese, Afrikaans, Swedish, and Latin
  • Offers lower first-year prices when you purchase a domain name from their web host partner, GoDaddy
  • Name Station features “reading the name loud” for you in case you weren’t sure how to pronounce it

10. IsItWp

IsItWP comes with a smart name generator. It creates tons of clever name suggestions and helps you choose the best name for your blog. Just enter your keywords or brand name and then click the Generate Names button. This will bring up a list of names based on your keywords.

For example, if you are looking for the titles of lifestyle blogs, a possible keyword might be “happy life.” If you search the IsItWP name generator with the keyword, you can see lots of other options on the display.

Highlighted Features:

  • Generate more descriptive or suitable domain name ideas
  • You get a wide array of blog name ideas that include your desired keyword(s)
  •  Check the domain name availability for your blog instantly with Bluehost
  • It allows you to refine Your search, start a new search, or click on show more results to view even more ideas


Naming a blog that is great and memorable is not easy. Especially if you have to keep it within your business brand. Hopefully, with the best free blog name generators we’ve listed above, you can find a blog name that is available and describes your business and brand well.

Once you have chosen your domain name, the next thing you have to think about is suitable hosting, in order to keep your site online. Check out all the web hosting plans we have for you!

Also, check out this article on how to start a blog once you have decided on a cool name for your blog. Also, you can check out these free WordPress themes which are suitable for blogging.

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