9 Best Free LMS WordPress Plugins for Online Course

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Are you searching for the best free LMS WordPress plugins to create & run online courses on your site? If yes then, this is the article for you. 

Today, online courses have become a popular medium to share as well as learn the preferred skills & knowledge. Hence, if you’re interested in creating & delivering your knowledge online, the WordPress LMS plugin is a great choice. 

And to help you choose the best one, we’re here with the best free online course plugins or simply LMS plugins. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin!

What are LMS Plugins?

Learning Management System or LMS plugin for WordPress is an extension designed to manage educational content on your site. It helps to create & distribute the delivery of such content and run online courses. 

They are the best way to create a powerful virtual learning environment. Along with the online courses, they also help to supervise the academic material. 

With a good LMS plugin, your educational site will be fully functional. There, the students can choose from available courses, submit assignments, handle subscriptions, and even do quizzes.    

Hence, in one way or another, the LMS plugins make your virtual learning site more effective. Additionally, they are simple to operate and easy to use. Using an LMS plugin, you can turn your WordPress into a leading online platform like Udemy or Coursera

What to Look for in a WordPress LMS Plugin?

Now, you should have a clear idea of what a WordPress LMS plugin is. Even in its introduction, you get some idea of its basic requirement. 

So, to be precise, here are the features that you must look for in a WordPress plugin to transform your sie into a well-equipped online learning platform: 

  • Intuitive Course Builder: The plugin should support types of videos, PDFs, links, and other educational content. Hence, this way, it gets easier to create & sell the online videos as you planned. 
  • User-friendly managerial interface: This feature makes the platform easy-to-use for teachers as well as students. Along with this, the plugin must allow assigning roles and set their access likewise.
  • Content dripping:  Content dripping simply is the delivery of content over time. It’s an important feature as the learners would prefer slow reveals of the courses as they progress. 
  • Quizzes & tests: They make your online tutorial site more interactive. Also, it helps the students evaluate their understanding grasped so far. 
  • Supports payment gateways: Excellent payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe adds flexibility to your site. This would also allow for new & dynamic business models related to the tutorial videos. 
  • Automated emails and notifications: It would help you notify the students about their progress and inform them about important notices. This also helps to keep track of registered students and new ones opting to sign up. 
  • Integration with all the major plugins: Without this, the use of an LMS plugin will be pointless. Hence, make sure the plugin works with all WordPress themes, Page Builders, and other plugins you’ll need to extend the functionality of your website.

9 Best Free LMS WordPress Plugins for Online Course

Here are the 8 best free LMS WordPress plugins for online courses. Let’s get to know them in detail now:         

1. Masteriyo – WordPress LMS and Online Course Builder

Powered by React js, Masteriyo is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use WordPress LMS and course builder plugins. You can create new courses, add lessons, and quizzes from a single interface with the help of Course Builder

Masteriyo WordPress LMS Plugin

Besides, once you create your course, Masteriyo LMS allows you to sell them as well. Whether you want to charge for your course or sell them free is totally up to you. Other than that, you can decide if you want your free course to be available to only registered users or all users (including non-registered). 

Furthermore, accepting payments is easy and secure with this WordPress learning management system plugin. You can accept payment via PayPal. And, an offline payment option is also available. 

Moreover, interacting with instructors and fellow peers has never been this easy. That’s because Masteriyo enables you to add questions at the sidebar while taking courses. Not only the admin but any registered student can answer the questions. Further, you can also search for previous Q&As. 

Key Features of Masteriyo:

  • Distraction-free mode
  • Course progress bar
  • In-built order system
  • Responsive design
  • Compatible with any theme

2. LearnPress LMS

LearnPress free LMS WordPress Plugins

LearnPress LMS is one of the best free LMS WordPress plugins. It lets you easily create & sell courses online. Alongside that, you can add interactive features like quizzes & instructions to every course curriculum. 

Moreover, LearnPress provides an excellent user interface to create a course with the required options. You can easily create a full curriculum layout as well as customize & manage it. 

Similarly, it also provides statistics of the courses you share. You can find out the number of students enrolled, the trending course, and more. Likewise, LearnPress has multiple add-ons that help to make your site better & more interactive. 

Key Features of LearnPress: 

  • Lightweight LMS plugin with over 100k active installs 
  • Supports offline payments via Paypal, Stripe, etc 
  • Integrated with BuddyPress for creating an interactive WP forum 
  • Easy import & export of online courses 
  • Frequently updates with 24/7 live support

Note: Along with these mentioned features, LearnPress also supports all WordPress themes including Zakra. Hence, you can integrate it into the Zakra Online Course theme and add eLearning to your website in no time. 

3. MasterStudy LMS 

MasterStudy WordPress Online Course Plugin Free

MasterStudy LMS is another powerful free WordPress eLearning theme. It comes with an intuitive course builder that helps your website be an effective LMS. 

Along with building & managing, you can create unique lessons for your online education site. MasterStudy lets you add videos, slides, and other interesting tools to your courses. 

Further, it had many more exciting add-on features like a strong admin panel, spaces for quizzes & messages. Also, all the key elements of MasterStudy are built with Vue.js. Due to this, your page will load faster and even follow smoother transitions.

Key Features of MasterStudy LMS:

  • Hassle-free management of educational content 
  • Use of shortcodes to enable search box, course carousel & more
  • One-click demo import 
  • Clean design and user-friendly interface 
  • Greater range of customization options  

4. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS WordPress Plugin Free

A complete, feature-packed plugin, Tutor LMS is one of the recently created WordPress LMS plugins. In a short time, it has been a popular LMS choice in the market. Today, it has over 20k active installations and the stats are still growing up. 

All thanks to its unique yet easy-to-operate features that create a simple user experience. Some of them are drag-and-drop quiz creator, teacher registration form, styling options, and more.

Also, Tutor LMS highlights a secure platform with high content security and coding practices. Moreover, its integration with eCommerce plugins and page builder plugins makes it more flexible and beneficial. 

Key Features of Tutor LMS: 

  • Smart Course and Lesson Manager 
  • One-click migration tools 
  • Easy withdrawal of predefined amount via bank transfer, PayPal
  • Distraction-free lesson with Spotlight Mode
  • Easy digital downloads integration 

5. Namaste! LMS 

Namaste WordPress LMS Plugin

Simple & minimal, Namaste is another free LMS WordPress plugin. It helps to create unlimited high-quality courses, classes, lessons, and assignments.

Along with this, Namaste! LMS makes it easy to work and manage the LMS. You can simply assign different user roles based on your requirement. This way, it enhances the creation of a simplified yet effective online educational platform. 

Similarly, it gives access to enforce rules for courses & lessons and controls their access. It also lets you track the completion of any course via manual admin approval. 

Key Features of Namaste! LMS: 

  • Certificates & badges upon course completion 
  • Grade & point system to mark student performance 
  • Integrated with WatuPRO for handling quizzes & tests 
  • Supports gateways like Stripe & Paypal 
  • Premium version available with extra features 

6. WP Courseware for WooCommerce

WP Courseware for WooCommerce

Thinking of selling an online course with WooCommerce? Then, there’s no better option than WP Courseware for WooCommerce!

WP Courseware LMS is a leading learning management system for WordPress. And this plugin is like a WooCommerce add-on for WP Courseware. Hence, you can simply assign WP Courseware courses to your WooCommerce product. 

Moreover, this plugin is the only integration between WP Courseware and WooCommerce. So, if you wish to create WooCommerce online courses, it’s the best you’ve got. 

Key Features of WP Courseware for WooCommerce:

  • Fully integrated with WP Courseware 
  • Basic configuration process 
  • Drag and drop course creation 
  • Full flexible customization options 
  • Automated notifications and emails  

7. Sensei LMS

Sensei Free LMS WordPress Plugins

Sensei LMS, by Automattic, is not a separate WordPress LMS plugin. Rather, it’s a powerful extension of WooCommerce that enables you to launch online courses on your business site. 

You can seamlessly create online courses & videos related to your products. Further, you can add lessons, user registration, and even run quizzes. Also, based on quizzes, this plugin sets the grading automatically or manually.  

Moreover, using Sensei LMS, you can track the analytics of available courses. It clearly shows the information on grading, course completion, and the number of students registered.

Key Features of Sensei LMS:

  • Beginner-friendly LMS platform 
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce 
  • Powerful add-ons with extra features 
  • Support BuddyPress for Sensei 
  • Reliable technical support & documentation 

8. LMS by LifterLMS

LMS by LifterLMS WordPress Online Course Plugin Free

One of the popular free LMS plugins, LMS by LifterLMS is a versatile WordPress plugin. It helps to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses & training-based membership websites. 

This plugin is well-coded to work with every WordPress theme and popular page builder. Likewise, it’s integrated with the best technologies relevant to course creation and membership owners. 

Hence, the LifterLMS plugin strikes a perfect balance in being an all-in-one solution. All of its integration and add-on features make it one of the growing WordPress LMS plugins today! 

Key Features of LifterLMS: 

  • Connect with 1500+ other apps via Zapier 
  • Well supported user community 
  • Secures & protects your content 
  • Boosted user experience
  • Direct WooCommerce integration to sell courses  


CLUEVO LMS WordPress Plugin Free

Relatively new in the field, CLUEVO LMS can be the ultimate LMS choice for your site. Even though it’s new, there are a lot of useful features. 

Firstly, it helps to add SCORM e-learning modules, video tutorials, podcasts, and other media to your site. Similarly, you can organize the educational content efficiently into chapters and modules. 

Moreover, effective site management allows the assignment of different users and groups. This way, you can set the access to its settings & visibility and build a secured online informative website.

Key Features of CLUEVO LMS: 

  • Supports the latest edition of SCORM
  • Work with file formats like mp3, wav, mp4, and WebM
  • Allows setting permissions for user management 
  • Easy to customize setting options 
  • Frequently updated and great support 


With the whole world going digital, incorporating tutorial videos and podcasts in your WordPress website is significant. Especially when you’re planning on developing an educational site. Hence, the WordPress LMS plugins are the perfect solution for this. 

The task gets even easier and better when you have the LMS WordPress plugin free. You can easily download them without any hassle of payment. And in the list, we presented you with the 9 best free LMS WordPress plugins. All of them have their unique features and stand out on their own. 

But, if we’ve to choose, then it will be Masteriyo. It’s the simplest WordPress LMS plugin with an easy-to-use user interface.

So, what are you waiting for? There are a lot of benefits you’ll get using LMS WordPress plugins. Choose the appropriate one from the list and start your online course today! 

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9 Best Free LMS WordPress Plugins for Online Course
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