Zakra Free WooCommerce Theme for Boosting Sales

Expand your business with dedicated eCommerce features and seamless WooCommerce integration. Zakra is the best free WooCommerce theme, perfect for any online store niche including, gadgets, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, books, accessories, and more.

Impress Your Customers with Stunning WooCommerce Templates

Kick-start your online store with clean and elegant ready-to-import designs of this free WooCommerce theme to showcase your products effectively.

Smooth WooCommerce Integration

The design is spot on, whether classic WooCommerce widgets, Gutenberg blocks, or a single product, shop, account, craft, or checkout page. Further, if you’re a fan of Elementor, custom Elementor widgets for WooCommerce would open many possibilities.

Supported by experienced developers, we ensure Zakra works smoothly on WooCommerce updates.

Smooth WooCommerce Integration - Free WooCommerce Theme Zakra

Features That Improve Sales
Conversion Rate

Create better conversing stores with the incredible features of our free WooCommerce theme.

Checkout Panel After Add to Cart - Zakra Theme WooCommerce Feature

Checkout Panel After Add to Cart

Launch a checkout panel after adding products to the shopping cart. Encourages customers to proceed to checkout fast.

Add to Cart Panel on Scrolling - Zakra WooCommerce Feature

Add to Cart Panel on Scrolling

Show the Add-to-Cart panel on the product page while scrolling. Encourages customers to add products to the basket.

Related Products - Zakra WooCommerce Feature

Related Products

Encourage your customers to explore the shop by suggesting related or up-sell products

Distraction-free Checkouts - Zakra WooCommerce Feature

Distraction-Free Checkouts

Focuses your customers on the checkout process removing all the possible distractions like header, sidebar, and footers.

Customize WooCommerce Extensively

Tailor your online store as per your need. Take control of color, typography, layout, and other aspects of the products.

Show/Hide Product Element - Zakra WooCommerce Feature

Show/Hide Product Elements

Show/hide various product elements, such as Title, Rating, Price, Add to Cart button, etc.

Control How to Showcase Your Products - Zakra Theme WooCommerce Feature

Give the Look to the Store You Dream of

Control how to showcase your products by customizing colors, typography, layout, and spacings.

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