All-In-One LMS and eLearning Plugin

Masteriyo is a complete LMS solution. It not only allows you to create but also sell online courses with ease.

Features That Makes Masteriyo LMS
Distinctive From Others

Powered by React JS

Masteriyo LMS is based on React JS hence, you can create courses from a single page. The plugin provides a clean, unique, and easy-to-use interface. With the simple yet powerful features, you can experience the course-building process like never before.

Easy Drag and Drop Course Builder

The plugin comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop course builder. Add unlimited lessons and quizzes to your course. Our course builder has a clean and simple user interface and a lightning–fast back-end.

Interactive Learning Page

Course Navigation

A left sidebar navigation is included so that users can easily scan the page.

Course Progressive bar

The plugin offers a dynamic course progressive bar at the top to give users a clear idea of how much they have progressed. 

Distraction-Free Learning Page

The learning page is independent of your site design. Additionally, learners have full authority to hide the header and navigation section.

Question and Answer System

With the in-built Question and Answer system, students can interact with the instructor as well as with their fellow students.

Built-in Order System

Not only creating courses but also selling them is a piece of cake with the Masteriyo LMS plugin. That’s because it comes with integrated eCommerce and payment options such as PayPal. Offline payment is also available

Students Account Page

Masteriyo LMS provides students account page from where they can examine the courses they have enrolled in or purchased. To add more, they can also edit the information of their account.

Fully Compatible with Zakra Theme

Masteriyo has been developed following the best coding practices. Therefore, you can rest assured that the Zakra theme works perfectly with Masteriyo. With this dynamic duo, you can create a perfect WordPress LMS website.

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