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Beautiful theme, excellent support, Awesome theme with tons of flexibility.


Would recommend Zakra Theme for your website.

Light, Clean and Fast Super Theme

After several years of using the free ZAKRA theme with Elementor I have had a speed for high traffic (more than 1M visits per year) After short testing, we decided to go to the clean Zakra. Of course, there are moderate limitations but the speed is fully compensated. Code is now much cleaner and faster, less css less javas less useless effects. We just start with PRO and I believe that support will be also quick and helpful. 🙂

@peterertl (peterertl)

Outstanding WP Theme

After looking through dozens of WP themes for months for my site, I found Zakra and knew right away this was the one.
It’s fast, user-friendly and has dozens of cool features…just what I needed. Thanks!

@joecustomer (joecustomer)

Simple and friendly 🙂

It’s good for municipal organizations responsible for social projects

@swwweetlana13 (swwweetlana13)

Excellent assistance

I started using a Zakra Pro theme during festivities, so I was quite impatient to publish my website for the New Year.
Despite the period (full of requests for sure) I found a simply great assistance by one of their developer, Ashesh. Kind, available and skilled he really helped me in each of the issues I exposed to him.
The theme in the future could be surely improved under some details but 5 stars are deserved for the impeccable customer service!

@areeguitars (areeguitars)

Really impressed with Zakra to get my website up and running

Chose the Zakra theme after struggling to get the functionality I wanted with the default scheme. Free version is really easy to use even for a beginner.

@sharonkk (sharonkk)

Zakra is goooood!

Zakra template is the best WordPress template! I have worked with many templates such as Woodmart, etc., but none of them become Zakra.

@salehattari (salehattari)


Tried this theme for the first time and it’s fabulous. Loads fast and fairly simple to work out what goes where even though I didn’t import a Demo store.
I needed a Menu fix and Support team were fast and helpful. Highly recommend this theme if you want a professional looking result.

@rospapergirl (rospapergirl)

Fully Recommended

It will help to set your site in a matter of minutes, the customization are pretty good to work with.

@lsxgfx (lsxgfx)

Faster than my Genesis $360 theme

I made a mobile-optimized subdomain for my website. Originally it had a $360 genesis theme on it.
I must have tried, activated, and tested 25 different themes before finding one that made the mobile page faster and that was Zakra. And it is AMP capable, which is my next step. But for now, a speed index of 2.5 seconds for my mobile insight page speed is definitely good enough. Each theme does different things on different sites, but for this one, Zakra was by far the best. I never tested Zakra on my other two sites, generate press got me great speed and I stopped testing after that one. But I did test generate press on this one and unlike Zakra, it did NOT make it faster.
I'm super impressed that even the free version of Zakra was faster than my $360 theme. I did end up paying for Zakra pro though. $49 for 1 site. $69 for 3. Worth it.

@saralee1583 (saralee1583)

A really great theme.

I love this theme. The free version is absolutely fantastic to work with. Awesome features to build just about any website.

@benso (benso)

The Zakra theme is easy to use and fast

I have enjoyed it very much. I got high marks 88 on Google Lighthouse speed test and all the other marks were 100. So good to go thanks for the theme!

@maggenti (CADMan)

Great Theme

This theme was great to work with and I love the Elementor plugin that comes with it to help build the site. Very user friendly!

@arumore (arumore)

Absolutely Unbelievable!

I can’t believe this theme has so much features especially for a free theme. It’s really unbelievable.
I can’t believe how much I struggled so much in the past with wordpress development because I used themes that offered no features whatsoever.
Thanks so much to the Zakra deveolper!

@codyrap95 (codyrap95)

Beautiful premium-like theme 🙂

With lots of features. Love it alot!

@ghanaking (God is thinking about you.)

Great value for free

This is one of the best free WooCommere themes in my opinion.

@shihabmridha (shihabmridha)

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