Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins 2020

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Are you looking for some of the best WordPress lead generation plugins to skyrocket your potential leads?

Today we have come up with this article to help you turn your potential prospect into a subscriber to your newsletter. Read till the end cause we have mentioned why it is important to generate leads for your business and mentioned the best of the best plugins for your WordPress website.

Why Generating Leads is Important?

Lead generation is one of the marketing strategies companies use to increase interest in their products and services and to win potential customers. In the real sense, it is not just about selling goods or services, but about maintaining constant business and customer numbers for the company.

The goal of lead generation is to capture people’s attention and get them interested in your brand or business, to convert them into customers. There are various strategies to do so like build an email list, online PR, social media marketing, and landing pages.

How to Generate Leads with WordPress Lead Generation Plugins?

But it isn’t easy as said, turning your website into a successful lead generation tool is a challenging task.

However, once you crack the code, the journey turns into smooth sailing.

There are few innovative solutions to gets as many leads in the conversion funnel. Among all the solutions, the WordPress plugin is the golden tool that has the potential to give your sales a makeover.

Today we would like to introduce best WordPress Lead generation plugins that can revolutionize your sales process:

1. Everest Forms

best wordpress lead generation plugin

A completely free opt-in plug-in for your email marketing is Everest Forms. Despite the fact that the plugin only has five different form designs doesn’t seem like much at first, but these are all completely customizable. Similarly, you can customize elements like fonts, size, texts, and colors.

The plugin is widget-friendly and can be placed in the desired area, such as sidebar or footer, using a widget plugin and a shortcode. Undoubtedly, Everest Form is simple and does what it’s supposed to do: create forms so that visitors leave their data behind and become leads.

Highlighted Features of Everest Forms:

  • Create unlimited forms without any restrictions.
  • Responsive form templates
  • Translation Ready
  • Editable Email Settings
  • View Form entries from your dashboard

2. OptimMonster

best wordpress lead generation plugin

OptinMonster is a form builder tool that helps you create multiple types of forms such as pop-ups, floating bars, drop-down forms, and sidebars for your website. Another key point is that, this is one of the most popular lead generation programs that integrates your forms with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, and more.

This plugin has an Exit-Intent technology that appears when the visitor closes the session or leaves. Other features include A / B testing, page-level targeting, and built-in analytics that webmasters find very useful and practical. Apart from that, OptinMonster works on all websites, like WordPress, Shopify, HTML, and others.

Highlighted Features of OptimMonster:

  • Provides Real-Time Insights of Audience
  • Floating Header and Footer Bars 
  • Floating Banners for Onsite Retargeting
  • Sounds effects for promotions and offers
  • A wide range of templates to choose

3. Thrive Leads

best wordpress lead generation plugin

Thrive Leads boasts of helping you build your mailing list quickly, right from your website. It comes with a simple editor for creating subscription forms, and it allows you to choose what kind of forms you want to create: lightbox, two-step subscription forms, fixed horizontal forms, just to name a few.

A / B test can be done to your forms however, it has fewer targeting options than Optin Monster and can cause web slowdowns if it is not supported by your hosting. Last but not the least, with this tool you can use a drag-and-drop generator to change the forms as you like and adapt them to your style.

Highlighted Features of Thrive Leads:

  • Template can be customized using the powerful Thrive Architect page builder
  • Detailed Insights with Reports and Analytics
  • Have a wide range of different form types 
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop form editor
  • PopUp Lighbox

4. Mailchimp

MailChimp for WordPress has been created by a WordPress plugin company called IberiCode, which allows you to add more subscribers to your email list beyond 2000 direct subscribers from your WordPress website.

Basic subscription forms can be created or you can integrate them in comments, contacts, or purchase forms. Furthermore, Mailchimp offers additional features both paid and free, such as the MailChimp top bar, MailChimp user syncing, Captcha, and MailChimp activity.

Highlighted Features of MailChimp:

  • Free of cost until you reach 2,000 email subscribers
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • User Activity Monitoring
  • eCommerce Integrated

5. LiveChat

Adding a chatbox to your website is easy with LiveChat. LiveChat plugin allows you to be “there” for your visitors immediately, assist them immediately, and drive more successful conversions. It works well for visitors because problems can be solved in a short time.

This plugin can also be easily integrated with email marketing tools, making it easy to get insights from your leads for quick follow-up. Similarly, you get the opportunity to build strong customer relationships with this fully functional WordPress live chat plugin.

Highlighted Features of LiveChat Plugin:

  • Greetings can be personalized
  • Detailed statistics and a real-time dashboard overview
  • Live chat support apps (chat without login in WordPress dashboard)
  • Survey forms can be added before or after chat
  • Integrated with various CRM Softwares

6. Yoast

Yoast SEO is a platform that helps you drive traffic to your website by optimizing your site for search engines. SEO experts love Yoast because they don’t have to think through all the backend requirements to optimize the site.

In Addition, Yoast simply shows how your content can be optimized to have a reasonable chance of ranking for a keyword and showing up in front of your target audience. From which you can focus more on the front-end aspects of the website, such as the right keywords to get the right visitors and convert them to leads.

Highlighted Features of Yoast SEO:

  • Delivers real-time content analysis
  • Custom page title and description to improve your search results and appearance
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Snippet Preview
  • Beginners Friendly

7. JotForm

JotForm is another tool for making contact forms that can be fully integrated with email marketing tools. It’s easy to use to create a newsletter sign-up form and to continue building the newsletter email list.

You can boost your email list by creating sign-up forms to join your mailing list, or via an email sign-up checkbox to your regular contact forms for a more automated system of adding contacts to your list. Therefore, you can also embed your own contact list on any page of your WordPress site.

Highlighted Features of JotForm:

  • E-Signature widget can be added to any form
  • Integrates with all of the top payment processor ( PayPal, Stripe, Square)
  • Users can save and continue later with the survey
  • Editable, pre-made Templates and Themes
  • Responsive Design which works great on all the devices


To summarize, as much aesthetics of your website is important so is generating leads. What good is a well-designed kitchen if no one is going to cook in it, and no food is served through it? What good is a mall with the best stores in the world, if no one stops by to buy? It is the same with your website.

You need people who find your site, people who consume the content of your website, and people who convert from mere observers to active buyers. Build your website with the right tools to reach the right people and get the most conversions in your target industry. To sum up, make lead generation a priority today.

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