How to Earn Money by Teaching Online Courses? (Beginner’s Guide 2022)


How to Earn Money by Teaching Online Courses? (Beginner’s Guide 2022)

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One of the popular ways these days has to be earning money by teaching online. And why not? It’s not as difficult as you might be thinking. It’s super-easy and convenient; both for the instructors as well as learners.

If you’ve passion and skill, you can teach anything online and make it a source of income. Hence, in this article, we’ve mentioned a step-by-step process to earn money by teaching online courses. Therefore, if that’s your goal, make sure you stick with us till the end. 

Beginner’s Guide to Earn Money by Teaching Online Course

And now, here’s a complete process. Below, we’ve written what profession you can teach, how to create online courses, and different ideas on monetizing your course. Let’s begin! 

Step 1: Choose What to Teach Online

To be honest, you can practically teach almost anything you want to your audience. One thing to consider, of course, is that you should be absolutely confident about what you want to teach. Here are a few different types/niches of the most popular online courses. 

i) Technology:

We all know technology has taken over most of the market today. However, there are still many people who are struggling to use them. You can be the bridge between those people and the technology. 

Artificial Intelligence

Many courses fall under this umbrella term technology. For example, Artificial Intelligence, various Programming Languages, Data Science, Cyber Security, and much more. 

The target audience for these subjects would be IT students or anyone who is interested to learn new technologies. 

ii) Foreign Language: 

Do you happen to know Spanish, Chinese, or Italian? Well, then there’s a good chance you can create your own online course to teach these languages.

Teaching Online

Even English is a foreign language for many students. Especially, for those who want to take the IELTS exam, English learning is an important subject matter. Not only that, to get a visa for some countries like Japan and Germany, you need to know the native language. 

Hence, if you’ve skill and interest, being a foreign language teacher is a great way to earn money. 

iii) Arts and Music:

Teaching how to paint or play musical instruments is another excellent source of income. There’s no one definitive way of painting. There’s oil painting, sketching, watercolor, and so on. Thus, if you’ve knowledge of any one of these, you’re good to go. 

Playing Music

The same goes for musical instruments. You can teach how to play guitar, piano, drum, violin, etc. Either share blog posts or make videos, it’s totally up to you. 

iv) Cooking and Pottery:

Another useful course you can teach online is cooking and making clay pottery. You can teach both or one that you’re most passionate about and depending upon your expertise on the particular subject. 

Cooking Lessons

On your online course, you can share different unique recipes and the whole process to prepare them. As for clay pottery, various techniques can be shared. 

The target users for this course would evidently be the one who has an interest in cooking or pottery. 

The above courses are some of the common courses you can teach students online. There are a plethora of courses out there with earning potential. 

Step 2: Create an Online Course

After you’ve decided on what you want to teach online. Let’s create a suitable course. The easiest and most affordable way to create an online course has to be using the popular Content Management SystemWordPress.


Further, you’ll need a WordPress plugin. However, if you sit down to search for a user-friendly, easy-to-use plugin then, it might take you an hour or so. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got a suggestion for you. We recommend you use the Masteriyo LMS plugin. It’s a free WordPress LMS plugin.

Furthermore, it has many awesome features; however, what makes this plugin stand out is that it is powered by React JS. This feature makes your course creating process smooth like butter. 


Other than that, Masteriyo comes with a course builder to help you create your course within minutes. Further, you can add as many lessons and quizzes as you want. 

There are many other features of this plugin. We’ll unveil them while creating courses using Masteriyo.

i) Create Courses Using Masteriyo LMS

Before anything, you should install and activate the Masteriyo LMS plugin. After the activation of the plugin, the setup wizard page will appear. 

You can choose the course per page and per row. Further, select how many questions per page you want. You can also choose the currency and the currency position. With that, now you’re ready to create the course. 

Masteriyo Setup Wizard

Then, select the Create a new course button as shown in the above image.

This takes you to the editor page. Start the course creation process by adding a Course Name and the Course Description. Along with that, you can also add Course Highlight, Categories, and Featured Image. If you’re satisfied, hit the Next button at the top. 

Add New Course

ii) Add New Lessons and Quizzes

Next, it takes you to the Course Builder page. From here, you can add lessons as well as quizzes to your course. Simply, click on the Add New Section button. 

Add New Section

Type Your Section Name and select the Add button. When you click on the Add New Content, you can choose to Add New Lesson or Add New Quiz. Or, you can choose to Add New Section as well. 

Add New Content

iii) Configure Settings

After the course-creating process, it’s time to configure the Masteriyo Settings option. It’s right next to the Builder tab at the top. Below are a brief explanation of the settings. 

  1. General: Choose the Difficulty level of your course. Along with that, you can decide the course Duration and the Maximum Students you want to enroll in. 
  2. Display; Here, you can choose your Curriculum in a Single Page to be Always Visible or Only Visible to Enrollers
  3. Pricing: From here you can either make your course completely Free or decide to get Paid. Also, you can easily add the amount you want. 

At the end of the process, hit the Publish button at the top right. You can also Preview your course before publishing. 

Here’s a full guide on how to create an online course using the WordPress LMS plugin.

Now, it’s time to monetize your site and start earning money by teaching online. 

Step 3: Monetize Your Online Course and Start Making Money Online (8 Ways)

The third step on how to earn money by teaching online is monetizing your course. Here are 8 ways you can do that. 

i) Sell Your Courses

There are two possible ways you can put your course on the web. You can either distribute it for free or monetize it. This article is about earning money; hence, go ahead and make some money from your online courses. 


Luckily, Masteriyo allows you to easily add any currency and track all the payment orders. Furthermore, Offline and PayPal payment gateways are also available for your ease. 

ii) Take Charge for Course Certification

Let’s say, you want to do a good deed and make your courses free. Nevertheless, you also want some passive income. There’s a great way to do that by taking charges for a course completion certificate. 

Course Completion Certificate

A course completion certificate is like proof that students finished the course. This could be a chance to charge your students for course certification. 

iii) Course Membership Subscriptions

Using the subscription model, you can create an online membership site. Students have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription plan. You can decide to only teach students who purchase these plans. 


Later, students need to renew these plans when the subscription plan is about to end. There are many plugins that will help you add a membership plan to your online course. Plugins such as User Registration and even Masteriyo LMS have this feature. 

iv) Implement Tier Payment System

A tier payment system is a middle ground between making your course completely free or premium. In this system, at first, you can offer your students free courses. However, to continue the further course, they need to pay a certain amount. 

Online Payment

Make sure to create a valuable and interesting course so that, students will willingly pay for the rest of the premium course. 

Plugins like Everest Forms allow you to easily add different payment gateways to your site. It offers add-ons like PayPal and Stripe.

v) Offer Premium Consulting

Premium Consulting

We bet everybody comes across some sort of problem while studying. This is another great chance to earn that extra cash. 

You can offer premium consulting to the students who want to personally ask you queries. A live video session is a way to go here. 

vi) Hosting Ads on Your Site

Another easy way to monetize your website is by adding ads. You can make it compulsory for students to watch a few seconds of video before they can access course materials. 


Installing a theme that supports Google Adsense is the key point here. That’s because not all themes will allow adding Google Adsense.

Zakra is a great theme for this purpose. It’s multipurpose and offers 65+ demos you can easily import

However, make sure to build enough audience that is willing to click on the ads.  

vii) Earn from Extra Downable Course Materials

Earn Money

There’s no such thing as ‘too much education’. It’s always an asset to get more information and knowledge. So, even if you make your course free of cost, you can monetize the extra downable course materials. We’re pretty sure the students will happily pay for those materials. 

viii) Affiliate Links

Lastly, you can also add affiliate links. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a process where a marketer promotes the producers’ product to the consumers. In this cycle, you can act as the promoter and add affiliate links to your courses or blog post. 

Affiliate Marketing

There are different ways you can get paid via these links. For example, you get money per click, per action, per view, etc. Therefore, it’s another awesome source of passive income. 

Wrapping It UP!

And that’s it about how you earn money from online teaching. We’ve mentioned the different courses you can teach online. Choose a course of your choice. Also, we listed the steps to create an online course using Masteriyo LMS with ease. 

Further, for your convenience, there’s a list of 8 different ways to monetize your online course. Apply the one that suits your course the best. 

Finally, it’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. You did? Then, why not share it on your social media.

Before you go, here’s an interesting article on how to speed up your WordPress website. Lastly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates about our future posts and exciting news. 

How to Earn Money by Teaching Online Courses? (Beginner’s Guide 2022)

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