7 Best Free CDN Services for WordPress 2022 (Compared)

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Are you looking for the best free CDN services for WordPress websites? Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

If your website loads slowly, you may lose a lot of visitors as many people are not patient enough to wait for the website to load and they might switch to another website. So you need to make sure that your website loads faster so that nobody leaves your website because of its speed.

One of the best solutions to improve speed is CDN. Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) dramatically improves the speed of your WordPress website and you can easily make all of the content available to your visitors.

What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

When you create a blog or website, you need to properly maintain it for user experience and also for the reputation of your online image. Among many factors, we believe that loading speed is the major thing to work on any website. Especially when search engines like Google use load time as a ranking factor.

As mentioned above, a CDN will help you deliver your content to your audience as fast as possible. But, what exactly is a CDN?

Simply put, a CDN is a network of multiple servers located in different places around the world. It caches all the static content of your websites like the images and CSS JavaScript files and stores it on its servers.

Content Delivery Network Example

When someone visits your website, the static content is served through the server that is closest to them. Loading data remotely certainly takes longer. However, if the same is done through a server nearby, the site loads very quickly.

Why Do We Need CDN Service for WordPress?

The main benefit of using a CDN is to speed up your WordPress website. Faster loading times not only help improve the overall user experience but can also increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

Since Google uses page speed to determine where a page is ranked in search results, there are SEO benefits that can improve the loading times of your website with a CDN.

The static files that are housed in a CDN are multiplied and stored in multiple data centers around the world, an extra level of security is also required. If a server or even an entire data center becomes inaccessible, there are numerous others in the network that guarantee service without interruptions.

In short, if you want more site visitors, happier users, and better conversion rates, you should seriously consider speeding up your WordPress site with a CDN.

Now that you know what is CDN and its advantages, let’s take a look at some of the best free CDN services for WordPress.

7 Best Free CDN Services for WordPress

Here are the 7 free CDN services for WordPress you should take a closer look at if you want to improve the performance of your WordPress site. Most of these options allow for easy integration with WordPress, are free of cost, and have a large network of servers.

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare Free CDN Services

Cloudflare is without any doubt one of the best free CDN services for WordPress. The data centers are located all over the world to deliver the content to you at lightning-fast speeds.

It’s extremely easy to implement, all you need to do is create a free account, then add your blog URL. Once Cloudflare checks your websites, it provides you with custom name servers and all you’ve to do is point your domains to those name servers and that’s it!

See, that was easy! The reason Cloudflare is so popular is that your site loads extremely quickly and on average, the site sees 65% fewer requests and saves about 60% bandwidth.

2. Jetpack

Jetpack CDN Services

Jetpack is a must-have plugin for WordPress as it offers many options to make your website user-friendly. One of the services that Jetpack provides is Site Acceleration (formerly known as Photon)!

This plugin isn’t like the other free CDN services for WordPress, but if your blog has lots of images then you can enable the features available in this plugin. Site Acceleration is a content delivery network that uploads images to your blog via the powerful servers.

To enable this feature, all you need to do is install the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress website and then enable the “Site Acceleration” option from your site dashboard.

3. Sucuri

Sucuri CDN Service

Sucuri is a fairly popular security plugin but it has a great WordPress Firewall and CDN that is in charge of protecting your website from any DDOS attacks, threats, and malware that could compromise WordPress security.

The firewall of this application on your website will be scanning all requests from users that go to your site long before they reach the hosting server. This will be blocking any malware or spam and DDoS attacks.

In addition to this, it has an unlimited broadcast network that basically extends throughout the world so that users are never far from the most powerful servers. The Firewall has two benefits: security and speed.

4. StackPath

StackPath CDN Services

StackPath offers a pretty solid CDN built on a foundation that is constantly growing. They’ve at your disposal one of the largest networks of servers that are distributed throughout the world.

Like other free CDN services for WordPress, Stackpath protects your website from DDoS attacks based on blocking and load balancing functions. All plans include Website Firewalls that are responsible for reducing the server load on your website, thus increasing the loading time of your page.

It’s very easy to configure for any website owner and to this is added a set of tools and APIs that are friendly for all developers. This offers you the possibility to integrate all your applications or website into the StackPath API and take advantage of its powerful interface.

5. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is another amazing CDN service provider for WordPress content delivery networks that can be used to deliver data from websites, videos, applications, and more. The service delivers video content to Amazon Prime Video customers and is also used by large companies such as Canon, Dow Jones, and Bandai Namco.

Unsurprisingly, CloudFront integrates with other Amazon Web Services (AWS), such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon Route 53.

The infrastructure that Amazon Web Services uses is incredible. It’s one of the fastest and most secure platforms available to website owners, and developers will love the number of advanced settings and customization options available.

6. CDN77

CDN77 Free CDN Service

CDN77 is a premium content delivery network with a global network of 35 data centers around the world. But you get a generous trial period that’s why we mentioned CDN77 on our list.

CDN77 focuses on delivering static files, however, the company also has a video content delivery network called Streamflow for those who need video hosting. This CDN provider has a nice customer control panel that is easy to navigate.

There are options to pre-process all files and save them to the network cache, clear the cache with one click, and customize the files to be cached. Detailed analytics show traffic, access logs, performance, and more.

7. CacheFly

CacheFly CDN Service

Launched in 2002, CacheFly is one of the oldest content delivery networks in existence, and currently has 43 points of presence (data centers) around the world. Similar, to CN77 this is a premium service provider but comes you can try free trial services beforehand. You can also consider this as a provider of free CDN services for WordPress.

The company offers a host of content delivery network solutions. This includes ultra-low latency video streaming, multi-CDN, smart edge applications, podcast delivery, website security, and acceleration in China.

CacheFly also features token-based authentication, real-time traffic reporting, and multi-origin support. It also provides a mobile CDN.

Moreover, Cachefly includes a multi-CDN feature that allows you to send visitors to the CDN with the shortest route, the best performance, or the lowest price. This configuration allows your website to handle tens of millions of visitors at a time.

Final Thoughts

With so much focus on beautiful designs and crafting great content, it’s easy to overlook the importance of page speed.

Remember that Google has no interest in ranking slow and lazy websites. More than this, your visitors are not interested in a slow website either. There have been numerous studies confirming that conversion rates are significantly affected by load times.

Using a CDN is a worthy step in the right direction to solve this problem, managing the issue of geographic distance between user and server by storing your website on strategically located servers around the world. By connecting your users to the server closest to them, precious seconds of their load times are reduced.

Wrapping It Up!

If you’re interested in installing a CDN for your website, today’s list offers some of the best free CDN services for WordPress. A free CDN service can be a good setting to start with. However, as soon as your data traffic increases, you’ve to look around for paid CDN services.

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7 Best Free CDN Services for WordPress 2022 (Compared)
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