Elementor vs Brizy – Which is a Better WordPress Page Builder?


Are you confused about Elementor vs Brizy which might be the right page builder to build your WordPress website.

If you want to create custom content layouts and page layouts for WordPress, the best option for most website owners is to install a page builder plugin. When choosing one of these plugins, Elementor and Brizy are two very popular options.

Not only are Elementor and Brizy are two of the most famous and widely used page builders, but they also share lists with similar features, making it difficult to decide which one to choose. They both are powerful website building platforms with lots of benefits, but as so often, the small details and differences determine which one is best for you.

To help you choose the right tool, this article compares the Elementor and Brizy features and user experiences so you can make an informed decision about which tool to use for your project.

Elementor vs Brizy : Overview

What is Elementor?

Elementor is one of the best pagebuilder plugins available for WordPress. The plugin is now used on around half a million websites.

There is a free version and the paid Elementor Pro version. The freeware may be sufficient for simple websites and layout variants. For more complex applications and in order to be able to use all the great features, you should, however, consider using the Pro version.

Elementor is relatively easy to use and has a particularly intuitive concept. Analogous to the modular principle, you can click together the required elements for each page. Knowledge of programming or website design will help but is not required because of its easy drag and drop features.

You can easily activate and install Elementor via the WordPress backend.

Elementor offers common elements such as videos, images or texts and further features such as accordion modules, tabs, carousels, integration of various media or slider elements.

If you want to use the plugin for eCommerce applications, you can also find features for WooCommerce.

What is Brizy?

Brizy is another plugin that does not require any prior design or development knowledge. It was only launched in April 2018, making it the youngest of the page builder plugins.

In fact, this page builder plugin is developed by experienced developers and is user friendly. You have the option of implementing all changes using the intuitive drag & drop function. The plugin also contains limited (but excellent) features. They also give you a cloud-hosted version that is just amazing.

Brizy is available both as free freeware and as a pro version. The Brizy Pro variant costs $249 once.

Brizy is incredibly easy to use, it just takes a few minutes of dragging and dropping items to build a beautiful website. and you’re good to go.

Brizy’s simplicity will blow your mind. Nothing stands in the way of you and nothing is hidden from you when you create your website. Whenever you work on an item, Brizy only launches the settings that you need.

User Interface

The user interface is a very important part of any page builder. It should be easy to use, intuitive, fast, and user-friendly. however, both Elementor and Brizy use visual front-end editors, but they’re still a bit different. Let’s take a look:

User Interface of Elementor

Elementor divides the screen into two main sections. The left section contains all of the various widgets and elements of Elementor, which also allows you to create options and their settings.

The right area represents the visual part of your website and you can see the changes in real time. To be able to add an item from the left section to the right where your page is located, you simply drag and drop the item you want as shown in the image below.

The Elementor Builder supports inline text editing, here you can edit any element by clicking on it. This is a very handy feature that greatly improves the page creation process. The sidebar options give you access to responsive previews, various redo / undo buttons, you also have access to all of your saved revisions and many other settings.

User Interface of Brizy

Unlike Elementor, Brizy gives you a preview expanded to full width, here you can see the user interface by clicking the plus icon:

Similar to Elementor, you can drag and drop various elements onto your page again and then edit their settings.

The Brizy builder also recently added inline text editing, so it’s now as easy to work with as it is with Elementor.

Elementor vs Brizy Sections and Modules

Modules, widgets, sections, or lines are the building blocks of every builder. Both Elementor and Brizy support them, so let’s compare them and see how they work.

Elementor Modules

Elementor grants access to three different types of Element Name Sections – The Sections are the largest containers that contain various columns and widgets.

Columns – The columns are located within sections and define your layout positioning – horizontally or vertically.

Widgets – The widgets are the elements that contain the content of your website. There are many different types of widgets, and you can choose a different widget for a different part of your page, such as: Text Widgets, Carousels, Images, Counters, Social, and many others.

The free version of Elementor offers 28 widgets, while the PRO version grants access to 30 more widgets and a total of 58 widgets with which you can change and improve your design.

Brizy Builder Modules

Similar to Elementor, the Brizy builder uses three main types of elements, called rows, columns, and modules.

The rows are the largest containers, as are Elementor’s sections.

The columns are located in the rows and contain various modules that contain the information on your page – such as text, images, buttons, etc.

With the free version of the brizy builder, you can use 6 modules, while the premium version grants access to 30 modules.

Styling Options for Elementor

Elementor applies some of its styles to your content globally, but of course, you can configure them to your liking.

To do that, just go to Elementor’s General Options and turn off the default fonts and colors.

Of course, creating your design doesn’t just depend on editing the global styles. You can edit the styles of any part and element of your website – columns, sections, widgets, and customize how it looks and works.

For each section, widget, or column, you can use the settings from three tabs named Content, Styles, and Advanced.

As the name suggests, you can edit the content on the Contents tab, The Styles tab has options for visual customization. The “Advanced” tab allows you to add advanced features to any of your elements, such as padding, z-index, margins, and others.

In addition to the standard customization options, Elementor also lets you apply different styles to your pages depending on the device they’re open on.
If you choose the PRO version, you can also write custom texts, CSS code and style your website even more.

Styling options for Brizy Builder

By default, the Brizy builder follows your standard design settings. It doesn’t apply an Elementor does.

However, you can still edit any of your items by clicking on them.
On the right side of your screen, you will see the customization options for the specified item.

You can use them to change the style, typography, and advanced settings including responsive controls, margin, line of sight, and others.
Again, similar to Elementor you can write down your Javascript and CSS and get visual or functional results as you want.

Elementor Templates vs Brizy Builder Templates

Templates are preferred by many WordPress developers because they are pre-built, ready to use, and editable, and they save days of working on drafts.

Elementor Templates

Elementor templates are divided into two different categories – Pages and Blocks.
The pages are fully pre-made page designs that you can use. All you have to do is change the demo content.

The blocks are block designs of specified smaller elements such as sections. You can use different pre-made blocks in different places on your pages to achieve the end result you want for your site.

In its free version, Elementor grants access to 40 page templates, and more than 40 different blocks. however, if you choose the Pro version of Elementor, you get access to hundreds of different templates and blocks.

One great thing about Elementor is that once you have your designs you want, you can save them and use them wherever you want later.

Brizy Builder Templates

A bit of a scam about the Brizy builder is that it doesn’t come with any templates in its free version, however, the premium version has a variety of options that you can use.

There are 30+ landing page templates and 30+ page templates. Similar to Elementor, you can save your templates and reuse them later if necessary.

If you want to use additional templates that Beaver Builder allows you to use third-party templates, this allows you to use hundreds of line sections and page templates.

Which is a Cost-Effective Page Builder; Elementor or Brizy Builder

Both builders offer free versions for you to try, but we highly recommend that you go for the premium if you want to develop a decent website.

Cost of Elementor

The free version of Elementor can be installed via the official WordPress plugin library.

The Elementor Pro plans cost $49 for 1 page, $99 for 3 websites, and $199 for unlimited websites. However, these plans are for 1 year and there is also no lifetime license.

Cost of Brizy Builder

The free version of Brizy also can be installed via the official WordPress plugin library. Pricing Plans for the Brizy Pro version:

Personal – $ 49 / year for three (3) websites This gives you free access to Brizy Cloud with three (3) hosted domains for one year until you cancel.

Studio – $ 99 per year for unlimited websites with free access to Brizy Cloud for one year and unlimited domains hosted until you cancel.

For Life – One-time $ 299 for unlimited websites, white labeling, unlimited access to Brizy Cloud, and two (2) years of unlimited domains hosted.

Note: Personal and Studio plans include updates and support for one year. The Lifetime Plan includes lifetime updates and support. You have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pros and Cons of Elementor and Brizy

Elementor Pros

  • Layouts can be set flexibly and precisely.
  • Fast, fluid editing mode including front-end editing in real time.
  • Lots of high quality elements that can be set up and used quickly.
  • Deactivation doesn’t leave any shortcode junk behind.
  • The Pro version comes with a pop-up builder, a visual form generator, animations and special effects for appealing content.

Elementor Cons

  • When editing, there is no view without the Elementor panels.
  • Making sure that your website is mobile and tablet friendly is hard if your site is highly custom.
  • Conflicted with themes and other plugins.

Brizy Builder Pros

  • Tons of content blocks and features
  • Brizy Cloud is an added plus
  • Unique and innovative features that cannot be found in any other page builder
  • Global blocks for cross-website content distribution
  • Extended user administration with role assignment

Brizy Builder Cons

  • When entering the Brizy template, a blank screen appears which can be distracting to the user.
  • Brizy contains fewer elements than the free version of other page builders.
  • You can’t add an empty block with one click.
  • Contains no theme builder

Elementor vs Brizy Builder – Our final conclusion

Both Elementor and Brizy Builder are great page builders, and you won’t go wrong choosing one of them. Judging and concluding, both of these two have a fair share of drawbacks and a fair share of advantages. Rather than one being superior to another, Elementor and Brizy both can be the best/ most appropriate page builder plugins for you depending on your need and resourcefulness.

So the decision is up to you? What are you looking for and what are your needs? We have outlined all the pros and cons of both the page builder plugins so that it is easier for you to now make your decision.

To make the best out of it you can use the themes that is compatible with Elementor and themes that is compatible with Brizy.

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