7 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2021 (Cheap Survey Makers)

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Are you searching for the best WordPress survey plugin for your site? If yes, then you’re in the correct place.

Running surveys is an effective way to collect genuine insights & feedback from your visitors. This way, you can use the gathered information to improve your business. Likewise, the surveys greatly increase user engagement and help to drive traffic. 

Thus, if you plan on growing your business faster, you must think about creating surveys & polls. To help you with it, we’ve presented the 7 best WordPress survey plugins in this article.

Bur before directly jumping on to the lists, let’s get started with their necessary features at first.

Features to Look for in A WordPress Survey Plugin 

A survey plugin is meant to make your site more functional and interactive. So, it must have the required features to do so. Hence, we recommend you to consider the following aspects while choosing one: 

  • Survey Design: A good survey plugin should have a cool design and advanced options for survey fields like Likert, Conditional Logic, file uploads, star ratings, etc. 
  • Reports: The plugin must have the option for real-time survey results and detailed reports. Hereby, you can view the responses and analyze the reports right after people submit the form. 
  • Pre-built Templates: It would be a great aid for the ones wanting to launch survey forms straight away. 
  • Ease of Use: To be user-friendly, a WordPress survey widget must have a visual drag and drop interface with lesser use of codes.
  • Mobile Responsive Forms: The forms you add to your WordPress website must work on all screens i.e. mobile, tablets, desktop. 
  • Integrations & Protection: It’s yet another important feature if you want to take surveying to the next level. Along with this, the plugin must ensure spam protection too. 
  • Cost: The pricing of the plugins is a considerable factor as well. You don’t want to pay big bucks if it’s not worth it towards your site’s progress 

7 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2021 (Cheap Survey Makers)

Now, you have a clear idea about a WordPress survey plugin and its important features. So, we’ll be heading into our list of the best WordPress survey plugins for 2021 (cheap survey makers)

Just so you know, all of these plugins are well tested and have the features we’ve mentioned above. Thus, you won’t have any complaints upon using them on your respective websites. Let’s begin! 

1. Everest Forms 

Everest Form as a WordPress Survey Plugin

Everest Forms is the best free drag and drop WordPress forms plugins. It’s a simple yet intuitive builder that comes with tons of powerful features. Upon using those features, you can create any kind of form within a few minutes. 

Currently, it powers more than 100k active sites and the user base is growing every day. That’s why we acclaim Everest Forms to be the best WordPress Survey Plugin. You can quickly start making polls and survey using its pre-designed form templates.

Other than that, this plugin also allows building the survey form from scratch. There, you’ll also get advanced field options like Survey Rating, Likert, and Scale Rating. Likewise, Everest Forms ensures clean form entries, so that any form submission won’t get misplaced.

Key Features of Everest Forms: 

  • Unlimited form fields with simple drag and drop interface
  • A bunch of integration options & module 
  • Email marketing tools, Payment gateways, and more
  • Fully featured & functional Form Designer 
  • Multiple spam protection via Smart Google reCaptcha, Honeypot

Price: Free or starts at $49 per year

2. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Survey Widget

Quiz and Survey Master is one of the best free WordPress survey plugins. It provides the simplest methods to create sample surveys, popup quizzes, flashcards, and similar stuff. 

Thus, you can build these engaging content and target to drive traffic & better user engagement. So, this plugin can be an effective marketing tool for your WordPress website. Other than that, the plugin provides flexible options for building and customizing the forms too. 

For instance, the plugin supports the cool customized text feature. There, you can use everything from the text blocks throughout the survey to the submit button. Also, it allows using ‘template variables’ to design contrasting text for your users. 

Key Features of Quiz and Survey Master: 

  • Comes with relatable pre-installed questionnaires 
  • Full flexibility to customize the order of the survey forms 
  • Highlights countdown timer to track the survey time 
  • Integrated with MailChimp, Active Campaign, Zapier, etc 
  • Allows limiting amount of total entries to survey

Price: Free or starts at $79 per year

3. Crowdsignal 

Crowdsignal Plugin for WordPress Survey

Crowdsignal, formerly known as Polldaddy, is amongst the top WordPress survey widgets. Created by Automattic, it helps to create surveys and multiple polls. Thanks to its easy-to-use drag and drop interface, the whole process gets incredibly simpler. 

To make your survey forms stand out, the plugin comes with 20 different styling options. Additionally, it provides full control to further customize and manage the reports & ratings. 

Along with this, it flaunts effective ways to analyze the survey results. The colorful charts & graphs are not only useful but also eye-catching. This way, the analysis part gets interesting and you won’t leave a signal detail to study. 

Key features of Crowdsignal:

  • Allows scheduling close date for multiple-choice polls 
  • Create your own custom style for polls and surveys
  • Collects an unlimited number of responses & entries   
  • Highlights new ratings menu to embed content 
  • ‘Top Rated’ widget to showcase top posts, pages, comments

Price: Free or starts at $15 per month

4. YOP Poll

YOP Poll Free Survey Maker to easily create surveys and polls

YOP Poll plugin is another wonderful WordPress survey widget. This plugin helps to easily create surveys and polls. Since it’s a free survey maker, we can also take it as a cheaper alternative to Survey Monkey

This incredible plugin works by integrating the survey into your blog posts and pages. Thereby, you can further manage the polls right from within your WordPress dashboard. These functions might sound similar to other products but this plugin has a lot more to offer. 

For example, the YOP poll allows creating polls with both single or multiple answers. Likewise, it lets you work with a range of options and settings. This way, you get to sort the poll information and decide what details to keep private or what to show your visitors. 

Key Features of YOP Poll: 

  • Easy scheduling of unlimited polls
  • Gives access to older versions of polls & survey 
  • Supports shortcodes and includes a functioning widget 
  • User logs and bans in the admin section 
  • Limits the voting access to guests, registered users 

Price: Free or starts at $12 for single site

5. Formidable Form Builder

Formidable Form Builder Top Free Survey Tools

Formidable Form Builder is indeed the most advanced WordPress form plugin. Besides contact forms, you can use the form builder for surveys, quizzes, and more. Featuring flexible options, Formidable is the most extendable online form builder plugin

In addition to that, the plugin is 100% mobile responsive and speed optimized. Thus, along with creating beautiful survey forms, you can expect maximum server performance. That’s why Formidable is one of the fastest WordPress plugins for online surveys and tools.  

Moreover, it’s a drag & drop form builder approving unlimited surveys, user registration forms, etc. You can either start with the pre-built templates or create custom from scratch.

Key Features of Formidable Form Builder: 

  • Powerful survey fields for a functional form
  • Configure unlimited email notifications & auto-responding
  • Customize the looks of form via built-in styler 
  • Integrated with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe 
  • Anti-spam features with HoneyPot, Google reCaptcha

Price: Free or starts at $49.50 per year

6. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms for online surveys and tools and WordPress customer feedback

Gravity Forms is another popular WordPress survey plugin. It’s a premium form builder, trusted by thousands of active user base. The plugin works with an intuitive drag & drop interface, so it’s extremely user-friendly. 

Out of all, a major advantage of Gravity Forms is its powerful form fields. It comes with over 30 different options that you can use in your polls and surveys. Along with this, it highlights elements like survey results and market research tools. 

In every way, Gravity Forms make it easy for everyone to create survey forms. Also, once they are ready, it automatically displays the results of multiple polls, surveys, and quizzes. 

Key Features of Gravity Forms: 

  • Standard survey fields like Likert, Multiple Choice Answers
  • Organized way of viewing the survey results
  • Options for using conditional logic in the fields 
  • Email notifications for survey question research
  • Select to limit, schedule survey form & reveal its details

Price: Starts with $59 per year

7. WP Polls

WP Polls WordPress Survey Plugin cheaper alternative to Survey Monkey

WP Polls is an easy-to-go & free WordPress survey plugin. It’s an instant solution if you are looking to create polls and increase engagement on your WordPress site. 

To begin with, it’s a convenient tool. You can simply install it from the WordPress plugins repository and start working. The best thing about WP polls is their minimalism. Unlike other mentioned plugins, it doesn’t have a form builder so you don’t have to go through that hassle. 

In contrast, it used radio buttons & checkboxes in its form to gather responses. The options might be limited. However, it ensures enough options that help to run the polls as you wanted.

Key Features of WP Polls: 

  • Supports multiple selections of answers 
  • Easy customization via templates & CSS styles
  • Automatically showcase the result after casting vote
  • Saves users replies and verify their registration 
  • Fully responsive plugin with ability to add images

Price: Free or $29 for the add-on


Lastly, we again remind you that a survey form is undoubtedly a great way to enhance user interaction and drive traffic. The main purpose is to collect reviews, data, and feedback related to various agendas. 

It’s an important aspect as you can further utilize that information to draw smart conclusions. This way, you can make decisions to further improve your sales and overall grow your business.

To help you with creating such surveys and polls, a WordPress survey plugin is the best option. It’s easy to use and offers a visual drag and drop interface to build the forms. Likewise, the plugin comes with numerous advanced options to customize the colors, design, logo, and more. 

Therefore, we recommend you select from the above list of the 7 best WordPress survey plugins and get going! However, if you’re still in dilemma, choose Everest Forms. It has everything you need in a survey form.

Now that we have come to the end, we hope this article was helpful. If it was helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. The social media handles are right in front of you. 

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7 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2021 (Cheap Survey Makers)
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