13 Best WordPress Donation Plugins for Fundraising

Best WordPress Donation Plugins

Do you want to use the best WordPress donation plugins for fundraising? Are you confused about choosing the one among the list of hundreds? Well, let’s congratulate you on landing on the right article.  

Dealing with fundraising is always a hectic job, but thankfully, WordPress donation plugins make the task effortless. And to simplify the process of choosing, we’ve shortlisted the 13 best WordPress donation plugins for fundraising.  

But before we get into the list, let us share some tips with you on choosing the best WordPress donation plugins for fundraising. 

How to Select the Best WordPress Donation Plugins for Fundraising? 

While there are thousands of WordPress fundraising plugins, not every plugin is qualitative. Also, everybody advertises their plugin as the best and the most convenient. But, when you understand the criteria that make the plugin the best, nobody can influence you to choose the best product. 

You may have also been wondering on what basis did we shortlist the WordPress fundraising plugin. So, here are the few things to consider in good WordPress donation plugins: 

  • Integrates Payment Gateway: A great WordPress plugin for fundraising should be compatible with major payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. It ensures safety while you receive the funds. It’s even better if the plugin supports multiple payment gateways. 
  • Customizable Donate Buttons: A highly customizable WordPress plugin is a must for every plugin you choose. And to be more precise, WordPress fundraising plugin must have flexible donate button for you to personalize the button. 
  • Supports Donation Forms: While you allow your users to donate, you may also want them to fill the forms to take various information. Hence, the best plugin should be able to integrate donation forms on any page or post. 
  • Budget-Friendly: After having the above features, a plugin should also be budget-friendly. A fixed amount of payment yearly or a completely free plugin would be a great choice. 

So based on the above aspects and other criteria, here is our list of the 13 best WordPress donation plugins for fundraising. 

13 Best WordPress Donation Plugins for Fundraising 

1. Everest Forms   

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is on the top of the list as it’s the best WordPress plugin for creating varieties of forms such as contact forms, and forms for fundraising. Its drag and drop interface makes it easier to create the forms. Along with this, you can even use the pre-built templates to save time. Besides, it has all the features required in fundraising, such as form fields for credit card details, donation buttons, multiple-choice options, and so on.  

Since the plugin is available in both free and premium versions, the premium version has different add-ons essential for fundraising. It’s also easy to integrate Stripe and PayPal payment gateways into form. As a result, the plugin is the perfect fit for both beginners and experts. 

Key Features 

  • Email marketing tools are available 
  • Google sheets integration  
  • Hide or show form fields using smart conditional logic 
  • Option to send email notification and autoresponders 
  • Spam protection with reCAPTCHA, Math Captcha and Honeypot 

Price: Free or $49/Year 

2. Woo Donations   

Woo Donations

Woo Donations is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides you with the functionality of fundraising. It’s easy for you to customize the plugin and add the fixed, minimum, or maximum donation amounts. The users can also specify the amount they want to denote as per their wishes.  

Meanwhile, it’s easy to set up the donation field on the cart, specific post, pages, checkout page, and even on the widget as an admin. Likewise, it also has the option for changing any placeholder, button text, title, and label. Additionally, it supports multi-currency and lets you download the donation details as a CSV file. 

Key Features 

  • Set donation pop-up on users’ first visit 
  • Allows to add a short note on the donation page 
  • Allow admin to set a sticky donation button  
  • Donation order page on the backend with sorting functionality 
  • Supports multiple donation campaigns  

Price: Free or $29 for Lifetime Access 

3. Charitable   


Charitable is an easy and affordable WordPress donation plugin for collecting online donations or fundraising. With the plugin, you can effortlessly create the fundraising campaign within 5 minutes. And you can also be secure using it as it never stores sensitive details regarding the payment on your website. 

At the same time, it’s also easy to create and edit the donation in the dashboard without installing the addon. While you can create unlimited campaigns, you can also customize them as per your needs. Moreover, it supports various payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayFast, Authorize.Net, etc.  

Key Features 

  • Supports recurring donations 
  • Peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding 
  • Newsletter connect to add donors to the mailing list 
  • No transaction fees 
  • Works well with most of the WordPress theme 

Price: Free 

4. WPForms   


WPForms is a user-friendly drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin. You can use the plugin to create high-performing donation forms for fundraising on your WordPress website. It has 100% responsiveness and has numerous pre-built donation form templates; you can get started with your donation form within a few minutes. 

The plugin supports PayPal and Stripe payments; they are available as addons, which you can install effortlessly. Meanwhile, users willing to donate can choose the amount as well as enter the custom amount. When the user finishes filling the form, you can prompt them to enter the required credit card details and proceed further with the transaction.  

Key Features 

  • Conditional logic available to process the donation 
  • Automatically prevents spam submissions 
  • Easy to integrate forms with email marketing service 
  • Trace the user journey through the addon 
  • Easy to embed the form into the post, page, sidebar widgets, etc. 

Price: Free or $39.50/Year 

5. GiveWP    


GiveWP is another fundraising WordPress plugin with an intuitive way to accept funds through your website. You can customize the option for recurring donations and provide more opportunities to the donors. Further, it lets you keep track of the donors and generate tax receipts for the donation. 

Similarly, the payment gateways it supports are Apple Pay and Google Pay through Stripe. Interestingly, you can get the in-depth performance of your donation form through your dashboard.  On top of that, you can also set the fundraising goals to display them as a competition or urgency and increase the online donations. 

Key Features 

  • Currency switching for donors 
  • Send custom PDF receipt to donors for each donation 
  • Filter reports by forms, date, and payment method 
  • Integrate form performance with Google Analytics 
  • Option to provide complete payment history to donors 

Price: Free or $149/ Year 

6. Donorbox   


Donorbox creates conversion-optimized, simple, and multi-step donation forms with easy customizations. It’s fully responsive and works across all the devices uniformly. Besides, you can copy and paste the form to embed it into your website. If you concern more about security, it tokenizes all card and bank details without storing any data. 

You can also add custom recurring donation intervals and ask custom queries to collect the donor’s information. Moreover, it also offers multiple currencies, payment options and supports 11 different languages. As a result, you can collect donations globally. 

Key Features 

  • Goal meter to showcase the fundraising progress 
  • An advanced fraud detection system 
  • Robust and reliable with uptime of 99.96% 
  • Advanced filters to sort donors 
  • Notifies of important donor activities  

Price: Free to start and deducts 1.5% from monthly donations 

7. Donation Thermometer   

Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer is an exciting WordPress plugin for fundraising that uses a classic tracking thermometer. . Using the plugin, you can create thermometers to measure different target amounts with currency symbols, alternate text, and amounts raised on the same page.  And, you can also control the thermometer’s other parameters: width, height, tick alignment, etc., using the shortcode. 

Also, the plugin’s page load time is much faster as it doesn’t require any remote image. On the other hand, the thermometers automatically track the funds raised using shortcodes from the other plugins like WooCommerce. Additionally, you can also set the orientation of the thermometer from the setting for the whole site or individually.  

Key Features 

  • Thermometers rendered as vector-based images to produce sharp graphics 
  • Shadow effects, colors fill options are available 
  • Customizable CSS rules to blend the thermometer with any theme 
  • Support forum available to solve the queries promptly 
  • Completely free 

Price: Free 

8. Donation For WooCommerce   

Donation For Woocommerce

Donation For WooCommerce is an extension of the WooCommerce plugin that lets you create campaigns for fundraising through the WordPress website. It provides features to customize your donation form with recurring donation payments, round-up donations and shows goals for the funds. You can also add multiple donation amount options and accept the amounts in decimal values.  

Further, you can configure amount type, pre-defined value, custom value and set minimum and maximum amount limits. Besides, it also has the option for filtering donation orders by the name of the campaign. Additionally, you can also charge the donors with a credit card processing fee. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to export the donation reports through PDF or CSV. 
  • View campaign statistics 
  • Send donors their receipt through email 
  • Option to define and display numbers of days left for in the campaign 
  • Generates thank you note automatically after reaching the goal 

Price: $99/ Year 

9. PayPal Donations   

PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations is a plugin that adds a donation shortcode to the WordPress website to let you raise funds.  It has the menu option to let you set up PayPal ID and other settings. At the same time, you can also choose from the three default donation buttons or even use your custom button.  

Meanwhile, you can redirect automatically to the “Thank You” page after the visitors donate. Further, the plugin is also available in various languages. Moreover, it also has options for currency, custom payment pages, and localization of buttons.  

Key Features 

  • Shortcode to add donation widgets to post or page 
  • Filters and hooks are available 
  • Disable or enable PayPal statistics 
  • Allows to add purpose and reference for the donation button 
  • Donation goes directly to your associated PayPal account 

Price: Free 

10. WP Crowdfunding   

WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a WordPress plugin based on WooCommerce that allows you to create a crowdfunding website for fundraising. It’s one of the user-friendly plugins and is convenient to manage. While most of its features are free, the premium features include Stripe connect, email notifications, analytical reports, etc.  

Additionally, it also has the feature to add a reward system with an estimated delivery date. You can set the featured image and video for the campaign as well. Moreover, it also has a native wallet system to accept local payments and track the funds raised. The plugin also supports other payment methods like Skrill, PayPal, cards, etc. 

Key Features 

  • Option for visitors to share the campaign to social media 
  • Admin can set commission amount 
  • Donate anonymously or visibly 
  • Versatile money management 
  • Track campaign status 

Price: Free or $149/Year 

11. WooCommerce Donations   

WooCommerce Donation

WooCommerce Donations is a premium plugin using which you can accept donations in WooCommerce. It allows you to show donation campaigns on the cart or as a usual WooCommerce product. Additionally, when the user skips the cart page without donating, the checkout page can show the link to the donation. 

You can simply add the option for donation with the pre-defined amount and let the user donate by setting the number of donations. Again, you can also create the donation form on the cart and allow the user to enter the amount to contribute as per their wish. Meanwhile, the users can also donate even if the cart has free products.  

Key Features 

  • Great support for the campaign 
  • Generates reports about donation  
  • Seamless integration with your template design 
  • Calculates cart subtotal including donation amount 
  • Creates order number for every individual campaign 

Price: $19 for a Regular License 

12. Seamless Donations   

Seamless Donations

Seamless Donation is the WordPress donation plugin to create the platform for global fundraising. It integrates Stripe and PayPal as the payment gateways; so, you can accept the donation through your Stripe or PayPal account. On top of that, it doesn’t charge any commission or percentage fees for Stripe transactions unless you buy an expensive addon.  

Further, you get the option for enabling or disabling the automatic recurring donation to the donors; it’s accessible with a click. Additionally, it also provides the opportunity of “Tributes,” through which you can designate the donation as “in memory of” and specify both honoree and person. 

Key Features 

  • Appreciate donors through customized email 
  • Track donors and their donations 
  • Compelling and responsive forms 
  • Gift aid is available  for a UK resident 
  • Works together with GoodBye Captcha for spam protection 

Price: Free 

13. Green Donations   

Green Donations

Green Donations is a premium WordPress donation plugin that allows you to manage and accept the donation on your website. Using the plugin, you can generate as many campaigns as you want and receive the funds through PayPal or Stripe. Also, you don’t require to pay the commission fee to any third-party donation service as the plugin works directly with the donors. 

Additionally, you can also display the progress bar of the campaign and list the top donors for each campaign. After the successful donation, you can send customized email notifications to both the donor and the admin. Meanwhile, you can also seamlessly embed the donation form, progress bar, and top donors into third-party sites.  

Key Features 

  • Embed the campaigns into any area of your site 
  • No effect on your website’s speed 
  • Ready for a multisite installation 
  • Supports both automatic and manual update 
  • Compatible with WordPress version 4.2 or higher 

Price: $19 for a Regular License 

Wrapping Up 

That was it, for the best WordPress donation plugins for fundraising. Now that you’ve known the crucial features a WordPress donation plugin should have, we’re confident that you can easily choose one of the plugins from the above list.  

Also, if you’re in a hurry and want us to choose the finest plugin from the list, you can go with Everest Forms. It lets you make the fundraising process more manageable and allows you to customize the donation forms. 

Thank you for making it up to the end of the article. We’re hopeful that our article was helpful to you. You can also check our other articles on best WordPress membership plugins and charity WordPress themes if you’ve got some time.  

Lastly, do share the article in your circle using the social media widgets below. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more future updates.   

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