8 Best Free WordPress Plugins for User Registration & Login 2021

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Looking for the best WordPress registration plugins for your website? If yes, stick with us to the end! In this article, we’ll reveal the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login. 

Needless to say, creating users/customer registration forms & login for a site is important. It helps to make your website more user-friendly via an active engagement.

With that said, there are many WordPress registration plugins available in the market today. Most of them are available for free. And they help you create a registration form and login pages without any difficulty.  

We’ll get to know the best of them. But before, let’s learn why the WordPress user registration plugin is necessary for every website.  

Why Use a WordPress Registration Plugin? 

A WordPress registration plugin is simply an extension, which helps to create registration forms and login fields for your website visitors. It’s a simple yet powerful tool for your WordPress sites. With them, you can build stunning registration pages in real-time without any coding skills.

Furthermore, a WordPress registration plugin provides you full flexibility to customize your forms. There are custom form fields that let you modify the forms as per your requirement. 

To help beginners, the plugin even comes with pre-built login and registration form templates. Likewise, they offer a simple drag and drop interface with unlimited registration & login options. This way, you can learn to make one for your site with ease.

Moreover, you get to assign various roles to users using the registration plugins. As per their assigned roles, the users can edit and use login profiles on the front-end. Similarly, the plugin also offers content restrictions. This feature gives you full control to manage the access provided to your users or visitors.

Besides these, a WordPress registration plugin has social login buttons, payment tools like PayPal, privacy protection, and many more. So, it’s best not to miss them out and start using one today! 

Best Free WordPress Plugins for User Registration and Login 2021

Out of many, we have tested and listed the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login below. They offer all the features we mentioned above and most of all they are free. Hence, don’t waste any time and get the best one for yourself amongst these amazing options. 

1. User Registration 

User Registration Plugin

User registration is undoubtedly the best free WordPress plugin for user registration and login forms. It’s super user-friendly as it allows you to create WordPress forms with its drag-and-drop form builder. With a few clicks, you can improve their design and add multiple rows & columns as required. 

Moreover, User Registration comes with various customization options for your site’s registration page. You can set up email notifications, enable strong password, form duplicate option, and auto-login option. 

Also, this plugin gives you full flexibility through the use of shortcodes. Besides, it supports the fronted profile account page with which you can edit profiles, change passwords, log out, and more. All these amazing features make User Registration a simple yet powerful WordPress registration plugin. 

Key Features of User Registration:

  • Unlimited Registration Forms 
  • Multiple form template design 
  • Inbuilt Login Form 
  • 100% mobile responsive and fully optimized 
  • Google reCaptcha Support (v2 and v3)

If you want more information on User Registration, do check this video out!

2. Ultimate Member 

Ultimate Member the best WordPress plugins for user registration and login

Ultimate Member is another great WordPress registration plugin, available for free. It makes it easy for users to sign-up and become members of your site. Also, the plugin has a range of extensions that extends its power and functions.

Besides this, Ultimate Member is the popular user profile & membership plugin for WordPress. Thus, it allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your site. Moreover, you can use the plugin to create advanced online communities and membership sites too.

In addition, it’s a lightweight and flexible plugin. So, you can use it for creating registration and login pages on any type of site. You can also freely customize them using the custom form fields as required.

Key Features of Ultimate Member:

  • Flexible drag and drop form builder 
  • Features member directories
  • Conditional logic for the form fields
  • Natural user interface 
  • Frequently updated

3. WP User Frontend 

WP User Frontend WordPress Registration Plugin

WP User Frontend is one of the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login. You can create multiple registration forms and easily display them on your site. It lets users fill out forms, upload files, and others with multiple-choice menus.

Among all, WP User Frontend is one of the best frontend builder plugins too. It comes with a frontend dashboard, editor, and uploader. Thus, with these tools, you can easily manage WordPress user profiles, posts, and memberships.

Furthermore, the plugin supports custom post types and unique shortcodes. You can fully utilize them to make the whole process much easier. All you need to do is copy & paste the shortcodes on any page you want. This way, the plugin won’t affect the style of your site’s theme too.

Key Features of WP User Frontend: 

  • Build customized registration forms with custom post types
  • Custom Redirection after login & submission
  • Schedule forms & restrict entries 
  • Role-based support 
  • Integrated with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) 

4. Profile Builder 

Profile Builder one of the best free WordPress Plugins for User Registration and Login

Profile Builder is an all-in-one WordPress user registration plugin for WordPress. In no time, you can create a front-end login and user registration. Besides this, this plugin can also work as an effective profile manager. 

Likewise, managing user roles is pretty simple with Profile Builder. It features the built-in Role Editor so the task doesn’t need any extra effort. Similarly, you can enable content restrictions based on user role or logged-in status.

Moreover, the plugin also offers feasible customization options. Supporting a bunch of shortcodes use, it helps you to display or modify forms & profiles on the front-end.

Key Features of Profile Builder: 

  • Enforce WordPress password requirement 
  • Enable email confirmation 
  • reCaptcha Support 
  • Admin Bar Settings for selecting user roles 
  • Drag & drop to reorder user profile fields 

5. RegistrationMagic 

RegistrationMagic WordPress User Registration Plugin

RegistrationMagic is a powerful registration tool for every WordPress site. It enables you to create multiple custom login pages and user WordPress registration forms.

Along with tons of customization options, it gives you total control of registrations on your site. It’s all possible because of its powerful build and configuration. You can not only create one but also easily replace the default registration page.

Furthermore, the plugins help to track form submissions and analyze available stats. You can also assign several user roles using its in-built manager. All the versatile features make it one of the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login.

Key Features of RegistrationMagic:

6. ProfilePress 

Profile Press the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login

With improved tools for custom user registration and login, ProfilePress comes with beautiful form templates. Using them, you can easily create a front-end login form and custom user registration form for your site. 

Likewise, you can also build a password reset form that goes perfectly with any WordPress theme. Also, it supports an unlimited number of forms and password fields with its free version. Along with this, you can use the plugin to redirect the users to different pages after their logins, registration, or password resets. 

By all means, you can create appealing forms using this WordPress user registration plugin. Having said that, you can also extend the functionality of ProfilePress with knowledge of just HTML & CSS.  

Key Features of ProfilePress:

  • Built-in theme installer 
  • Clean & modern WordPress form themes
  • Live preview of form design 
  • Unlimited frontend login forms/user login 
  • Custom redirects 

7. Pie Register

Pie Register WordPress Registration Plugin

Pie Register is the modern WordPress user registration plugin. With its drag and drop form builder, you can easily build fully functional and 100% responsive forms for your site.

This plugin comes with invitation-only registration and role-based redirection. This way, you can get full control and create limitless custom login pages and profiles. Similarly, you get multiple email templates with which you can choose the one you like, place your brand logo, and start operating. 

Moreover, Pie Register offers conditional logic, data import & export, and payment gateways like PayPal. Furthermore, the plugin highlights ReCaptcha. This feature helps to protect the created forms against spam and other malicious activities on your website. 

Key Features of Pie Register: 

  • Auto-login after registration 
  • Content restriction based on user roles 
  • Customizable login security 
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Custom notification emails 

8. Easy Registration Forms 

Easy Registration Form WordPress User Registration Plugin

As the name suggests, Easy Registration is a simple and easy-to-use registration plugin. You can create any number of forms with all the required fields and that too without using any codes.

What’s great is that this plugin also allows you to create contact forms. Even with the same plugin, you can build a simple contact form to complete multi-page registration forms in WordPress. Later, you can view all submissions under the manager area in the WordPress dashboard. 

Moreover, you get a ton of other features while creating unlimited user registration forms. There is a built-in login form widget, predefined fields, user registration notifications, reCaptcha configuration, and more.

Key Features of Easy Registration Forms: 

  • User role-based form access
  • Allow file attachment 
  • Predefined conditional logics 
  • Custom user meta field integration 
  • Unique ID per user registration 

Wrapping Up, 

Creating a registration form and login field has become important for every website. Be it an eCommerce site or blog page where you want a good user engagement, a good WordPress registration plugin will help you in every way. 

They are the best options for registering and logging in users. Not only that but they also come with tones of other features. From having eye-catching form templates with advanced payment support, they’ve all covered. Some of them are even multipurpose as they even help to build user profiles, contact forms, and several custom fields. 

Hence, having a WordPress registration plugin is super beneficial. And you can get those benefits today by simply installing the plugins mentioned above. They are the best available in the market and are free. 

With that said, we conclude our article for the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login. Hope it was helpful!

If you want to know more, do check out our articles on ‘How to Add Social Share Buttons?’ and ‘Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress’. The forms by themselves might not bring in additional traffic. In that case, you can use tools like social sharing to promote your website and drive more traffic. 

Lastly, don’t forget to share the article in your friend circle, our social media handles are right in front of you! Till then, keep supporting and sharing! 

8 Best Free WordPress Plugins for User Registration & Login 2021
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